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Senate Democrats To Bring Back Furloughed Staff

First we have this from a dejected Politico:

The government’s shrinking shutdown

By DARREN SAMUELSOHN | October 10, 2013

The longer the government shutdown goes on, the smaller it seems to get. Tainted raw chicken prompted the CDC this week to bring back about 30 furloughed employees.

Who, if they are important to disease control, should have never been furloughed in the first place, according to the government’s own guidelines. Which requires that anyone who protects life or property is ‘essential.’

The CIA has started restaffing its covert and counterintelligence operations.

If this is true, it has got to be entirely unprecedented. In any case, none of these people should have been furloughed in the first place, since they support the military, and therefore ‘The Law Of The Land’ requires they not be furloughed. (Because Congress passed and Obama signed into law protections for the military and everyone who supports them.)

Most of the Pentagon’s 350,000 furloughed civilians got marching orders to return to their posts this week to keep the Defense Department humming.

Once again, their furloughs were completely illegal in the first place, since civilian Defense Department workers obvoiusly support the military, and therefore they are essential under ‘The Law Of The Land.’

Make no mistake: The shutdown lives on. Nearly a half million federal workers remain furloughed — although the White House would not give precise numbers — national parks are closed and veterans may soon be without their benefits.

Why are there any workers still staying home, since they will be given their back pay? Why don’t they go to work to earn their pay? And, of course, the House has passed a bill that would fund the VA, even though should not even be necessary given the aforemention ‘Law Of The Land.’

But there’s another reality emerging from a steadily shrinking shutdown, one that has scrambled Washington’s political calculus in the name of good government.

Emergencies involving food, weather and transportation have prompted government lawyers over the last two weeks to constantly redefine an “essential” employee, leading to more and more recalled workers whose mission involves protecting public safety or government property.

Because it’s very confusing whether CDC workers protect the public safety.

Even the insult of being told to work without pay is on the verge of disappearing. The Senate is expected to pass a House-approved bill promising back pay to all federal employees, including the “non-essential” workers stuck at home since Oct. 1. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki said Wednesday that with that bill near the finish line, he sees no reason why he shouldn’t call back his thousands of furloughed workers — even as the shutdown remains unresolved.

Once again, why aren’t they working?

It’s a Catch-22 that also confounds President Barack Obama…  "That’s no way of doing business,” Obama said…

Huh? This is what Obama wanted. And what he and his DOJ lawyers have fought to bring about, even if they had to defy ‘The Law Of The Land.’

Meanwhile, we have this, also via a delighted Politico:

Senate Democrats to bring staffers back


Rather than force a “paid vacation” for those who do not want it, Senate Democrats are preparing to staff back up as the government shutdown drags on.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office is bringing back some furloughed employees to deal with the “accumulating workload” that a cessation in government funding has brought, according to an email sent by Reid deputy chief of staff David McCallum to top aides for rank-and-file Senate Democrats.

What work load? All Harry Reid does is ignore whatever bills the House sends over. How much staff do you need to do that? How much staff do you need to not answer your phones?

Reid (D-Nev.) said last week that during the shutdown he’d decided to reduce his staff “more than makes it easy for me.” Most of the additional staff coming back to work for the Democratic leader are based in Nevada…

We certainly don’t want Harry Reid to suffer.

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One Response to “Senate Democrats To Bring Back Furloughed Staff”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Cronies gots to be paid.

    “How does this work,” cried a distraught Senator from New York, “bring back the staffers! I can’t get this damn thing to work properly!”

    It was a doorknob. They can’t even use doorknobs.

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