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Senate Gallery Erupted In ‘Yes We Can!’ Chants

From a cheering Washington Post:

Senate immigration vote: ‘Yes, we can,’ supporters chant after roll call

By David A. Fahrenthold | June 27, 2013

After the last senator had cast his vote on the major immigration overhaul bill that passed the Senate Thursday, there was a long pause in the ornate chamber.

It was unusually packed: almost all senators were at their desks, and the public galleries were full. One section was full of young people wearing blue T-shirts supporting immigration reform: their shirts said “11 Million Dreams.”

And never mind that such T-shirts are not supposed to be allowed in the Congressional galleries.

They shushed each other, knowing what was coming… “Expressions of approval or disapproval are not permitted,” said Vice President Biden, presiding as Senate president. “The yeas on this bill are 68. The nays are 32. The bill as amended is passed.”

There were claps. Then shushing. Then, briefly, silence. After all, the point of this legislation is that immigrants will become Americans by scrupulously following America’s rules.

The Washington Post actually wrote that. "The point of this legislation is that immigrants will become Americans by scrupulously following America’s rules."

The silence did not last. “Yes, we can! Yes, we can!” the group in blue chanted… “The Sergeant at Arms will restore order in the gallery,” Biden said.

Lest we forget, ‘Yes We Can!’ is the campaign slogan that Obama lifted from Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers: ‘Si Se Puede.’ So it’s a wonder they didn’t chant this in Spanish.

Ironically, as we have noted in the past, Cesar Chavez and the UFW were for the longest while adamantly opposed to illegal immigration. For some odd reason they were worried that illegal aliens would take work away from US citizens, especially Hispanics.

But, actually, a more accurate chant would have been, ‘Mi Country Es Su Country.’ (Off ‘Mi Casa Es Su Casa.’) Or maybe they could have sung, ‘We Have Overcome.’ Which is certainly true. We have been overcome.

Meanwhile, we are supposed to believe this spin from the Politico:

Obama doesn’t get all he wanted on immigration


The Gang of Eight and the White House clashed repeatedly in the final week of the immigration reform debate, as a fundamental disagreement over running up the Senate vote led the administration to resist key changes.

The White House grudgingly accepted the border security deal with Republicans, and pushed back at efforts this week to make additional concessions that might have secured more GOP support for the overall bill, according to senators and congressional aides involved in the talks.

The conflict underscored the extent to which President Barack Obama didn’t get all of what he wanted in the Senate bill, as negotiators agreed to a series of compromises aimed at keeping his top domestic priority advancing through Congress.

The biggest tradeoffs involved border security and the pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants.

The Gang of Eight agreed to “militarize” [sic] the Southern border, including spending $30 billion on 19,000 additional border control agents — even though the administration said for months that it didn’t need more manpower on a border that it already considered secure.

Why doesn’t Obama want border security? (Rhetorical question.)

The negotiators also bucked the White House by linking the legalization program to enforcement benchmarks, hiking the fines on undocumented immigrants, lengthening their wait for a green card, tightening their access to government benefits, and shifting to a point system for legal immigration.

Oh, our sides.

In a statement Thursday, Obama conceded the bill wasn’t perfect.

“The bipartisan bill that passed today was a compromise. By definition, nobody got everything they wanted. Not Democrats. Not Republicans. Not me,” Obama said. “But the Senate bill is consistent with the key principles for commonsense reform that I — and many others — have repeatedly laid out.” …

As is so often the case, what Mr. Obama said is entirely untrue. The Democrats got all they ever wanted — which is legalization. Everything else is just window-dressing, which will be quietly removed when no one is looking. (Cf. ‘welfare reform.’)

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One Response to “Senate Gallery Erupted In ‘Yes We Can!’ Chants”

  1. Astravogel says:

    I would be more concerned if we had an effective government.
    That they are inept is more than likely a blessing. Since they
    became ‘balkanized’ it could be more of a problem to those of
    us who are actually doing something useful for them to get some
    of their feel-good garbage enacted. Thankfully, there’s still a lot
    of ocean between us and the hostiles, desert and armed citizens
    to the south, and mostly friendly Canucks to the north.

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