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Senate Rejects Obama’s Budget – 97 To 0

From a highly selective Reuters:

House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis), author of the Republican House budget proposal.

Democrats press advantage on benefit cuts

By Andy Sullivan And Thomas Ferraro Wed May 25, 2011

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Democrats on Wednesday defeated a Republican plan to scale back health benefits for future retirees and forced their opponents to take a stand on the unpopular proposal.

How do we know the Ryan Plan is so unpopular? It polls very well. Especially when compared to any other plan. Since there isn’t any other plan being offered. (By the way, note the photograph that Reuters chose to run with this article.)

Pressing their advantage after winning an election to fill an open congressional seat in New York state, Democrats in the Senate staged a vote on the Republican budget plan, which would save trillions of dollars in coming decades by privatizing the Medicare health program for the elderly.

What exactly is the Democrats "advantage" here? That they haven’t offered a plan? Unless you count stripping Medicare by $500 billion dollars to be a plan.

The measure failed, as expected, by a vote of 40 to 57 as five Republicans broke ranks to oppose it

Thank goodness. Now the Medicare crises has been solved, thanks to the courageous Senate Democrats and those five Republicans. (The usual suspects, plus Rand Paul, who wants the Ryan Plan to go further.)

Now we can all go back to sleep.

The Senate defeated several other budget proposals along with the Ryan plan, including President Barack Obama’s February budget request

Funny how we don’t get the vote count for that, or the party break down. For the record, not one single solitary Senators voted for the Obama budget. It failed 97 to 0. But Reuters didn’t want to burden us with those petty details.

Still, isn’t it peculiar that this unanimous rejection of the Obama budget isn’t described as an embarrassment for the Democrats. In fact, it’s not even considered newsworthy.

Why is that?

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One Response to “Senate Rejects Obama’s Budget – 97 To 0”

  1. Right of the People says:

    The can just got kicked further down the road.

    If there is still a country called the United States of America when our grandkids are old enough to be in charge, they’re going to be paying for this year’s deficit.

    Time for these RINOs to go in 2012. We need to clean house.

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