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Serbians Attack US Embassy Over Kosovo

From a delighted Associated Press:

The U.S. embassy in Belgrade burns after masked attackers broke ...

The U.S. embassy in Belgrade burns after masked attackers broke into the building and set an office on fire at the end of a massive protest against Western-backed Kosovo independence, in the Serbian capital, Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008.

Protesters torch U.S. Embassy

By Slobodan Lekic

BELGRADE, SERBIA — Serb rioters broke into the U.S. Embassy Thursday and set fire to an office after a massive protest against Kosovo’s independence that drew an estimated 150,000 people.

Masked attackers broke into the building, which has been closed this week, and tried to throw furniture from an office. A blaze broke out inside one of the offices and parts of the facade also caught fire.

Authorities drove armored jeeps down the street and fired tear gas to clear the crowd. The protesters dispersed into side streets where they continued clashing with authorities.

The neighboring Croatian Embassy also was attacked by the same group of protesters…

Kosovo, which is 90 percent ethnic Albanian, has not been under Belgrade’s control since 1999, when NATO launched airstrikes to halt a Serbian crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatists. A U.N. mission has governed Kosovo since, with more than 16,000 NATO troops and KFOR, a multiethnic force, policing the province

Earlier Thursday, police estimated that about 150,000 people had attended a rally in the Serbian capital. The crowd waved Serbian flags and carried signs reading “Stop USA terror.” One group set fire to a red-and-black Albanian flag.

Wait a moment. Wasn’t Kosovo a Bill Clinton foreign policy triumph?

Wasn’t the US beloved by the entire world, thanks to Mr. Clinton’s even handed and fair treatment of other nations around the globe?

Aren’t we told this constantly by Mrs. Clinton and her lickspittle minions in the media?

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