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SF Chronicle To Stop Using The Name ‘Redskins’

From the Politico:

S.F. Chronicle to stop using ‘Redskins’

By HADAS GOLD | October 30, 2013

The San Francisco Chronicle will stop using the name "Redskins" for the Washington, D.C., NFL team, managing editor Audrey Cooper confirmed to POLITICO.

"Words are powerful, and so is how we choose to use them," Cooper said in an email. "Our long-standing policy is to not use racial slurs — and make no mistake, ‘redskin’ is a slur — except in cases where it would be confusing to the reader to write around it. For example, we will use the team name when referring to the controversy surrounding its use."

Cooper said she doubts any regular reader of the Chronicle or website SFGate.com would have noticed the choice to use "Washington" instead of the team name, and that they are choosing to use another word that "accurately describes what we are writing about."

Weird. To our mind, ‘Washington’ is the most offensive part of the ‘Washington Redskins,’ anyway.

According to reports, the change was announced internally on Oct. 25. "We are not the first media outlet to make this change, and I know we will not be the last," Cooper said.

The Kansas City Star and Slate.com have also stopped using the term Redskins to describe the team. NBC sportscaster Bob Costas, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer and even President Barack Obama have all suggested the team change its name.

Which offends us greatly. Which means they will be forced to shut up about it, right?

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5 Responses to “SF Chronicle To Stop Using The Name ‘Redskins’”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    I suppose it’s only fair that since the SF Chronicle will no longer use terms that offend them such as Redskins, I will no longer use the offensive term San Francisco. From now on, it’s Sodom. Hopefully, they’ll repent before they meet with the same end.

  2. canary says:

    Washington Post writes a cute punned [redskins] article on Indians protesting and holding African Americans hostage on buses at Denver Bronchos game.

    Washington team meets ‘Change the mascot’ protest in Denver
    BY Mark Maske – Oct 27 2013

    DENVER — So we believe that we accomplished our goal of drawing attention to the Washington organization.”

    The protesters encountered the Redskins’ team buses before Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos, according to Morris.

    “We caused those players on the buses to have to stop. … Those players had to stop and take notice that there are Native people in Denver, Colorado, who are opposed to what they’re doing,” Morris said.

    “And we were saying to them as predominantly African American players, you should understand the history of this team…

    And we hope that we piqued their conscience and got them to think a little bit about that, and their own personal role in this national debate.”

    “They didn’t open the windows and they were surrounded by police cars with their lights and sirens,” he said.

    One of the main organizers, Jolynne Locust-Woodcock, a member of Oglala Lakota Nation from Pine Ridge, S.D., and a Cherokee citizen, said her family has had Broncos season tickets since the team’s inception. But she has not attended a game inside the stadium in 10 years.

    Tessa McLean, another organizer from the Ojibwe Nation in Canada,
    said that she and many of the protesters were subject to verbal abuse by fans.

    “A lot of the passers-by supportive of the Washington team name were swearing and cussing and booing at us,” she said. “We heard, ‘Get over it. Go home. We’re honoring you.’ When you hear that it feels hurtful, right where your heart is.


    In part, Cherokee Mission – “Culturally and historically, our intent is to collect, preserve, archive, and share all things pertaining to Cherokee language, history, and culture.”

    Further Jolynn Locust-Woodcock Oglala Lakota [Souix Nation of Pine Ridge SD] should mind her own tribe and burn that portrait of Chief Bone Necklace in feathers, holding bones, bows, and arrows from their dam history. Locust should check out her protest buddy Tessa McLean from the Ojibwe Nation in Canada who ran North Dakota Souix to the South Dakota In 1745 with guns they got from the British. Dam hypocrites and racists.

    . In 1745 they adopted guns from the British to defeat and push the Dakota nation of the Sioux to the south.


  3. canary says:

    “And we were saying to them as predominantly African American players, you should understand the history of this team…

    These Indians are racial profiling “dark skinned people as all being African Americans”. And they are proud of “Black”. Black Pride, Black Beauty Pageants, Black Panthers and they never
    grow old at portraying themselves as slaves, poor, violent, etc…

    Let the locust woodcock be proud.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    I think it was one of the wonderful Commenters here who said, “Change the name! Washington offends me ..”

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