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SF Cops Get Outrageous Pay, Pensions

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Retiring S.F. police brass cash in on way out

Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross
Monday, February 7, 2011

New city records show that former Police Chief Heather Fong – who retired in 2009 – received a grand total of $528,595 in her final year. The goodbye check included her final year base pay of $187,875, plus $303,653 for unused vacation, sick and comp time, plus $37,067 in other pay.

Now that she’s gone, she’s pulling down an annual pension of $229,500 for life.

Former Deputy Chief Charles Keohane, who exited in 2009, received $516,118 in his final year – $325,503 from accrued vacation, sick time and premium pay.

Another retiree, Commander Morris Tabak, clocked out with $425,558 – $173,703 in unused sick, comp and vacation time. Of course, both Keohane and Tabak get six-figure annual pensions as well.

"We have no discretion on vacation payouts. They are mandatory under state law," said city human resources spokesperson Jennifer Johnson. A portion of the sick-time payouts are also guaranteed under the current police and fire contracts, which run until 2013.

State laws rammed through by the public sector unions, of course.

The public safety gravy train doesn’t stop just at San Francisco.

Three BART cops who left the transit agency’s force in 2009 were among the highest-paid employees in California’s so-called special districts, state records show.

At the top of the BART pile was former Commander Travis Gibson, who earned $355,000 in his final year on the job by selling back his unused sick, comp and vacation time. That’s twice what the governor of California makes a year.

Another final-year winner was Commander Maria White, whose total pay was $282,453. After White retired in May 2010, she returned as a contract employee until December.

BART police Sgt. Mark Macaulay – who is still working – pulled in $286,152 in 2009, $140,908 of that in overtime.

Down the street, Battalion Chief Michael Brown at the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District cashed out with $289,349….

Among the Bay Area’s top government earners:

Alameda County Administrator Susan Muranishi earns $454,062 a year, making her the state’s highest-paid county administrator.

SamTrans and Caltrain head Michael Scanlon got a $407,642 pay package last year, including a no-interest home loan that is partially paid down by the district, a $24,000 annual housing allowance and $24,765 for unused time off.

BART General Manager Dorothy Dugger was paid $354,010.

— And outgoing East Bay Municipal Utility District General Manager Dennis Diemer’s last year on the job was worth $420,400.

Notice how many of these outrageous salaries are being pulled down by ‘public transportation’ workers. Which helps explain why public transportation is so important to Mr. Obama and the rest of Democrats.

Also notice the conspicuous absence in this article of the word ‘union.’ These preposterous public service union deals are what are destroying state budgets all across the country.

But don’t worry. We, the taxpayers, will bail them out.

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One Response to “SF Cops Get Outrageous Pay, Pensions”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    It’s the pay-to-play politics that will ruin America. You vote for them, they kick back something to you.

    The gov’t just takes advantage of us. They don’t exist to serve us, we are SLAVES working more and more to feed the ever-growing monster. –I think everyone truly understands this, whether they care or not, is clear.

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