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Shahzad Fan Of Muslim Cleric – Not Rush

From a deeply chagrined New York Times:

Times Sq. Bomb Suspect Is Linked to Militant Cleric


May 6, 2010

WASHINGTON — The Pakistani-American man accused of trying to detonate a car bomb in Times Square has told investigators that he drew inspiration from Anwar al-Awlaki, a Yemeni-American cleric whose militant online lectures have been a catalyst for several recent attacks and plots, an American official said Thursday.

The would-be bomber, Faisal Shahzad, was inspired by the violent rhetoric of Mr. Awlaki, said the official, who would speak of the investigation only on condition of anonymity

Probably because Mr. Awlaki fulminates against injustice of mortgage foreclosures, and the hardships of life in Connecticut, in general.

Counterterrorism officials want to know how Mr. Shahzad, a naturalized American citizen who had earned an M.B.A., married and had children and worked in several corporate jobs, came to embrace violence.

It is no surprise to counterterrorism officials to find that an accused terrorist had been influenced by Mr. Awlaki, 39, now hiding in Yemen, who has emerged as perhaps the most prominent English-speaking advocate of violent jihad against the United States.

Really? When no less an authority than the Department of Homeland Security has pronounced that the greatest ‘domestic’ terror threat facing the United States is "right-wing extremism"?

Not to mention the recent insights from Mr. Clinton.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration took the extraordinary step of authorizing the killing of Mr. Awlaki, making him the first American citizen on the Central Intelligence Agency’s hit list.

But only after they have read him his Miranda rights. 

Besides, where is the outrage? What has Mr. Awlaki ever said about the United States that hasn’t been said by many an Obama supporter?

Mr. Awlaki’s English-language online lectures and writings have turned up in more than a dozen terrorism investigations in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, counterterrorism experts have said. And in two recent United States cases, Mr. Awlaki communicated directly with the accused perpetrator

It is unclear whether Mr. Shahzad ever directly communicated with Mr. Awlaki…

Still, what a blow this must be to our media watchdogs, and the rest of the Obama camp.

All their dreams that this ‘domestic terrorist’ would turn out to be a Tea Party supporting Limbaugh fan have been dashed.

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