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Sharpton, Black Leaders Back Paterson

From a color-blind Associated Press:

Black leaders’ support may buy time for Paterson

By Adam Goldman And Michael Gormley, Associated Press Writers Fri Mar 5

NEW YORK – Embattled New York Gov. David Paterson might have won some time when he received what has become rare support from influential black leaders as he tries to ride out allegations in two scandals that threaten his job and prompted the resignation of three top staffers.

Paterson and his administration seek to regroup Friday in what one official described as pep talks. Late Thursday night, black leaders in New York City said he deserves his right to due process and should stay in office.

Did they comment at the time about whether Mr. Eliot Spitzer got due process? Or are these leaders only concerned about due process for people of their same racial persuasion?

Paterson is facing allegations that he and his staff interfered in a domestic violence case involving a top governor’s aide. Also, a state ethics panel has accused him of seeking and accepting World Series tickets from the New York last year despite a gift ban, then lying to the panel about it.

Paterson lost a third top deputy Thursday when communications director Peter Kauffmann abruptly resigned after weeks of serving as the defending voice of the governor…

Paterson’s public safety deputy security, a Cabinet position, and his state police superintendent resigned days before.

Later Thursday, the group of black leaders — many of the state senators and Assembly members representing New York City — argued it is critical for Paterson to function in the month before a state budget is due. They said stability is needed as the state faces a deficit of more than $8 billion.

Was stability not important to them when Mr. Spitzer was being hounded from office?

Group members led by the Rev. Al Sharpton said they want to meet with the governor to discuss his ability to continue to govern.

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn said in an interview afterward that there was overwhelming support for the idea that Paterson is entitled to the presumption of innocence until the investigation is finished

Somehow we seem to recall demonstrations led by black leaders that seemed to presume their targets were guilty. Such as in the Tawana Brawley case and the more recent Duke Lacrosse case.

Outside the restaurant, Sharpton was asked explicitly if supported the governor.

"I’m the convener," he said. "There were people on both sides," he said, adding that "the overwhelming majority" backed Paterson.

Former Mayor David Dinkins said Paterson absolutely should remain in office

Paterson hasn’t been charged with any crimes and has said his side of the story will clear him. But he said he can’t divulge elements of his side of the story because he said it would interfere with the investigation he asked Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to take on…

Still, we have to admit that it is pretty courageous of the Reverend Sharpton to stand up to the Obama administration and the rest of the Democrat party machine this way.

Considering the millions of dollars he owes in back taxes.

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6 Responses to “Sharpton, Black Leaders Back Paterson”

  1. proreason says:

    When will Al Sharpton get that cabinet position?

    Or is he better suited to transform the country as a Czar.

    He’d getting really close with the Moron, you know. He’s already a key advisor.

    And why not? Their world views are identical.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      It’s been said that dingleBarry has been shopping around for a Neo Spiritual leader since cutting the umbilical cord with Hate Monger Wright.

      Oh, how the pigs love to play in filth.

  2. conant says:

    No doubt from the perspective of a group of influential black leaders Paterson is relatively honest

  3. pamypo says:

    He is much more honest than Jackson and Sharpton.

  4. Dupree says:

    Paterson has been battling the NYS legislature to try to keep NYS solvent. By going against the machine, he earned my respect. With characters like this now backing him, well, I just don’t know what to think anymore!?

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    What’s the big deal?! It’s not like Paterson was caught giving oral favors at a truck stop like NJ’s own McGreevy!

    AKA – Gov. McSleazy

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