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Sharpton Brings ‘Jena 6’ Circus To Capitol Hill

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank does a credible (albeit, unintentional) job of describing the ludicrous state of the civil rights movement in this country, and of course any John Conyers hearing:

Justice Denied, Sharpton Delayed

By Dana Milbank
Wednesday, October 17, 2007; A02

Twenty-two members of the House Judiciary Committee took their seats for yesterday’s hearing into the Jena, La., racial conflagration. Cameras and a standing-room-only crowd jammed the hearing room. But where was the star witness?

“Let me apologize,” the Rev. Al Sharpton told the committee after strolling in an unfashionable one hour and 42 minutes late. “I have been on the tarmac in New York for the last two hours, so it was the airlines, not me, that is responsible.”

Not exactly, Reverend. True, Sharpton’s 8:30 Delta Shuttle flight was canceled, but even if it had been on time, it would have put Sharpton on Capitol Hill well after the hearing’s start time. The real reason: Sharpton had to be on the set of NBC’s “Today” show in New York yesterday morning

As if on cue, Sharpton, in a three-piece suit, walked in a few minutes later and, to the tune of hundreds of camera-shutter clicks, took his seat. Conyers asked if he wished to make a belated opening statement, and Sharpton certainly did.

“It is almost like the national government is not in the country while we’re watching nooses on the news every night,” he said so loudly that microphones were superfluous. “The Justice Department,” he continued, poking his fingers in the air, “needs to step into Jena and the Jenas of this country and establish that . . . the states did not win the Civil War.”

[A]fter [Sharpton’s] arrival, the session quickly turned into an attack on the Bush administration and its representative at the hearing, U.S. Attorney Donald Washington of Louisiana, an African American himself…

Soon after that, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Tex.) exploded with rage at the U.S. attorney. “Tell me why you did not intervene,” she shouted at the witness, who clenched his jaw and fiddled with his pen. “These broken lives could have been prevented if you had taken the symbolic responsibility that you have, being the first African American appointed to the Western District,” she said, her voice breaking into a shriek at times as the audience cheered. “I am outraged.”

“I think that this is tantamount to aiding and abetting people that Dr. King fought against,” [Sharpton] determined…

[T]his is “why we’re seeing nooses all over America.”

Lawmakers piled on. “Mr. Washington, you used your discretionary latitude to decline the juvenile proceedings for the noose hangers,” Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) lectured. When Washington tried to disagree, Ellison told him: “I’m not going to let you waste my time.”

I almost fell off my chair when you invoked the name of Martin Luther King to say that you were somehow the culmination of his work,” Ellison continued.

“You hit it on the head,” Sharpton encouraged.

“Martin Luther King did not do his work so you could get a nice house,” Ellison tag-teamed.

“The height of ingratitude,” Sharpton concurred.

The hearing adjourned to audience chants of “Free the Jena Six.”

One learns something new every day from the pretend reverend:

The Justice Department,” he continued, poking his fingers in the air, “needs to step into Jena and the Jenas of this country and establish that . . . the states did not win the Civil War.”

I wonder who did win in Mr. Sharpton’s world.

Still, which the is more surprising?

That Mr. Sharpton is once again caught in a blatant lie? Or that Mr. Ellison (D-NOI) has joined Ms. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Mars) as a race-baiter?

Or that a John Conyers (D-Al Qaeda) “hearing” turned into a circus?

All that was missing was Code Pink. That is assuming Mr. Conyers had not invited them there.

But aren’t there laws about lying to Congress?

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