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Cindy Sheehan To Go Back To Texas

The latest from El Cin, via Zsa Zsa Huffington’s hate-America site:

Cindy Sheehan  

Coming Back to Crawford

I’m coming back to Crawford for my son. As long as the president, who sent him to die in a senseless war, is in Crawford, that is where I belong. I came here two and a half weeks ago for one reason, to try and see the president and get an answer to a very simple question: What is the noble cause that he says my son died for?

The answer to that question will not bring my son back. But it may stop more meaningless deaths. Because every death is now a meaningless one. And the vast majority of our country knows this. So why do more young men and women have to die? And why do more parents have to lose their children and live the rest of their lives with this unbearable grief?

The presidency is not bigger than the people’s will.

And when the people speak out, it’s the president’s reponsibility to listen. He is there to serve us, not the other way around.

This isn’t about politics. It’s about what is good for America and what’s best for our security and how far this president has taken us away from both.

I’m coming back to Crawford because — now and forever — this is my duty for my son, for my other children, for other parents, and for my country.

But lest we forget, national defense expert Mother Sheehan doesn’t believe any war has everbeen justified:

"There has always been excuses for wars, but NONE of them have been good or valid."  — Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Usenet Post

Unsurprisingly, Cindy likes to sign her emails, "Peace in our time."

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