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Cindy Sheehan Expected To Get On Ballot

From the San Francisco Weekly:

Sheehan Expected to Make Ballot

Fri Aug 01, 2008

By John Geluardi

It looks as though Independent Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan has collected enough signatures to challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on November’s ballot.

Sheehan submitted 13,300 signatures to the California Department of Elections, which is about 30 percent more than the 10,198 required to qualify for the ballot and certification will just be a formality, according to campaign workers.

“We found that a lot of people are upset about Nancy Pelosi funding the war,” says Sheehan who collected many of the signatures herself. “People also want to see more Democracy, more choice and more debate.” …

“Now that we have the signatures, we can start the campaign in earnest,” Sheehan says.

“And it’s pretty safe to assume the first thing I’m going to do once we received certification is challenge Nancy Pelosi to a debate.”

Given that the source for this is a hard left giveaway sheet, this might be wishful thinking on the part of the author.

But here’s hoping  she makes it. 

For our own selfish reasons, of course.

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