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Cindy’s Land Sale Violates eBay TOS – Again

From the local NBC affiliate in Waco, Texas KCEN-TV:

Group looking to buy Cindy Sheehan’s property in Crawford being denied

Jun 1, 2007

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan is ready to sell her land near President Bush’s Crawford ranch. But doesn’t want to sell it to a conservative pro-troop organization.

She announced this week that’s she’s stepping down as the face of the anti- war movement, was selling the land on E-bay, and would consider any reasonable offer.

The conservative group, Move America Forward, says has consulted E-bay experts, a real estate agent and considered bringing in a third party to purchase the land, which is exactly what Cindy Sheehan did last year.

Move America Forward says it’s not surprised Cindy Sheehan has said she won’t sell her property to them.

“There’s no reason she should be against what we want to do, we’re not using the land to hold protests or ever protest Cindy Sheehan.” but Sheehan says the opposite, she says she’s been specifically targeted by Move America Forward.

The group has held counter demonstrations to Sheehan’s anti-war movement. Sheehan’s sister Dede Miller says it will be a cold day in hell before she sells it to Move America Forward. “It’s my property, I can sell it to whoever I want, I don’t have to sell it to them if I don’t want to sell it to them and that’s it.

It’s private property I can do whatever I want with it.” Sheehan said. However, E-bay has a policy that allows anyone to bid on an auction, so Sheehan won’t be able to discriminate against bidders, and Move America Forward says it’s willing to pay any amount and do anything to get the land.

“There’s no way she’ll be able to pick and choose who bids on the property and whoever wins there’s no way she can say no you can’t have it.” when Sheehan officially withdrew from the public anti-war movement this week and put Camp Casey on the market Crawford residents say they were thrilled.

“I thought she was belittling our troops, I thought she was belittling her son who got killed in Iraq cause I figure he was a hero.” Said Crawford resident Daryl Abbe. Residents say a pro war, pro troop group sounds good. Sheehan bought the land for just over $50,000, but the starting bid will be 80 thousand.

She says improvements to the property, like a water line, new gravel road and new gardens, are the reason for the price hike.

Cindy Sheehan, who loves to call President Bush stupid and the rightwing “morons,” seems incapable of learning.

Regular readers will recall that Mother Sheehan had to cancel her earlier “Buy A Date With Cindy” eBay auction because then too she wanted to be able to select the winner based on their politics.

But she isn’t dumb. Not much.

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