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Sheriff Arpaio Is Sued For Enforcing Identify Theft Laws

From a cheering Reuters:

Immigrant rights groups sue Arizona sheriff over workplace raids

By Alex Dobuzinskis | June 18, 2014

(Reuters) – Immigration rights groups in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday accused Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio of overstepping his bounds as a local official by using anti-identity theft laws to target undocumented immigrants in workplace raids.

Puente Arizona, an immigrant rights groups, filed the lawsuit in federal court, along with two women who were arrested by Arpaio’s deputies last year and a local minister who contends the sheriff is squandering his tax dollars by conducting the operations.

So now the open borders crowd are trying to stop illegal aliens from being prosecuted for identity theft. And they are doing so by trying to associate it with the evil Sherriff Arpaio.

And he is being sued by people who are in this country illegally, who are breaking our laws, and who are probably engaging in identity theft.

And they are suing a public official for simply doing his job enforcing our laws. To quote the late James Traficant, ‘Beam me up, Scotty!’

The lawsuit represents the latest challenge by advocates for immigrants against Arpaio, the sheriff of Maricopa County who bills himself as "America’s Toughest Sheriff" and has become a divisive figure in the national immigration debate.

Arpaio is the only local law enforcement official in Arizona enforcing state laws that make it illegal for a person to use information belonging to someone else, such as a Social Security number, to obtain employment, said Dan Pochoda, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, which is one of the groups representing the plaintiffs.

Even if that is true, and it almost certainly isn’t, shouldn’t Sheriff Arpaio be commended and the others punished for their dereliction of duty?

"We know from past experience that when the (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office) gets into the business of immigration enforcement, it’s a recipe for discrimination and abuse," Pochoda said in a statement…

Even though the ACLU have never been able to prove any discrimination by Arpaio, after countless attempts to do so. By the way, aren’t there any laws about harassing a public law enforcement officer? Isn’t it a form of bullying?

Arpaio, in a phone interview, said the lawsuit is frivolous, and that his office has arrested over 800 people in connection with identity theft by employees. "Identity thieves will not get sanctuary in Maricopa County as long as I am sheriff,” Arpaio said. "This is a very serious crime, identity theft.”

Arpaio said his office does not specifically intend to target illegal immigrants with the operations but that many of those arrested turn out to be undocumented.

And identity thieves.

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3 Responses to “Sheriff Arpaio Is Sued For Enforcing Identify Theft Laws”

  1. canary says:

    Puente Arizona, an immigrant rights groups, filed the lawsuit in federal court, along with two women who were arrested by Arpaio’s deputies last year.

    They call “two women arrested” work place raids?

  2. canary says:

    Down to earth Al Gore got some face lift. He looks like an UFO alien or the devil.

    • canary says:

      I’m not being mean. The articles picture of him and then two years ago with his new younger girlfriend. Shocking
      difference. His brow and eyes were drooping and chin bigger than his face, and now his brows and eyes look like the devil’s.

      Oh. I guess it’s his second time to have work done, because global warming melted his first lift down too fast.

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