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Sheriff Joe Biden Offers More Illegal Gun Advice

From U.S. News & World Report:

Biden Advises Shooting Shotgun Through Door

Virginia Beach man charged for doing exactly that

By Steven Nelson | February 28, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden told Field & Stream magazine in an interview published Monday, "[if] you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door."

Coincidentally, a 22-year-old man in Virginia Beach, Va., was charged Monday with reckless handling of a firearm after doing just that a couple days earlier.

Local TV station WAVY 10 reports that the man observed two masked men leaning into his bedroom window. The men allegedly had weapons and told him to close his bedroom door. He stepped outside of his bedroom and did as instructed, then fired his shotgun through the closed door and then several more times at the window.

According to the news report there were no injuries and the suspects were not apprehended by police.

Biden’s comments to Field & Stream came as he summarized a hypothetical question in which someone from California pondered "when the end days come" or if there’s an earthquake.

Earlier this month, Biden told an interviewer that he had advised his wife, Jill, "if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house."

According to Delaware attorneys contacted by U.S. News, in Biden’s home state it is only legal to use deadly force if there is reason to fear imminent loss of life. Shooting a gun in the air could result in felony reckless endangering and aggravated menacing charges, in addition to misdemeanor charges, the lawyers said…

A spokeswoman for Biden did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Lest we forget, Joe Biden is the man that Obama has put in charge of ramming through more gun control laws. Even though it is painfully clear that Biden doesn’t even have a clue about the laws that are already on the books.

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7 Responses to “Sheriff Joe Biden Offers More Illegal Gun Advice”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Sheriff Joe.
    Where he goes, nothing grows.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I’ve forgotten where I first heard this but it so aptly applies to this ass-hat.

    “Whenever he opens his mouth to speak, he withdraws from the sum of human knowledge”.

    But then, much the same can be said of most any national socialist. From Waters to Pelosi to, well, any of them. The engine for these gaff-driven machines is the collective thinking that has worked so well for them. The go-along types who not only refuse to think for themselves but are now so damaged intellectually, they actually do believe they think for themselves.

    I’m sure we’ve all seen the type; When you approach them with an idea, they must “consult” with someone about it….they talk to friends, family, spouse. Once in awhile, this is understandable but with every single thing or idea you can’t help but believe they are very concerned what the group would do or consider acceptable.

    But it’s only one symptom. Others include fashion, what type of car they drive, shows they watch, etc. Even down to which sports teams they support and why. But therein lies the makings of the “off-the-rails” stupid remarks like an island capsizing because it has too many people on it, looking for the flag (on Mars!) left by Neil Armstrong, 57 states, and so much more. Why, Letterman had so much fun with his “presidential moments” during Bush’s terms, I can’t hardly see why it’s suddenly no longer funny when national socialists do it.

    Another statement from the ages: “Time. It never ceases to move forward but man never seems to follow it.”

  3. bousquem25 says:

    I don’t think Joe ever took a basic physics course. What goes up must come down so all those shot pellets are going to come down somewhere. Worse is firing a rifle or pistol because of the larger bullet size.

  4. canary says:

    And to think Joe Biden has been deemed a National Security Threat, because a Navy SEAL said he acted like a drunken Uncle at a family Christmas gathering.

    I think Obama chose a VP that was willing to lie 24/7 with a grin on his face, or perhaps as the throne joker for a barrel of laughs. They should hold a roast for him.

  5. yadayada says:

    just one more example of a lib knowing not of what he speaks

  6. Astravogel says:

    Ol’ Joe reminds me of the cartoon of Slick Willie with a
    grenade in his mouth throwing the pin. “How hard can
    this military stuff be?”

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