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Sherrod, Victim Of Breitbart, Fox ‘Racism’

From the lickspittle stooges of George Soros at Media Matters:

Sherrod: I’m a Victim of Breitbart, Fox ‘Racism’

July 21, 2010

Shirley Sherrod, the former Agriculture Department Georgia Director of Rural Development, says she is a victim. A victim of poor reporting and, as she contends, clear bias and racist coverage from both Andrew Breitbart and Fox News.

"When you look at their reporting, this is just another way of seeing that they are (racist)," Sherrod told me about Fox in a lengthy interview Tuesday night. "But I have seen that before now. I saw their reporting as biased during the Bush Administration and the Clinton Administration." …

In the edited tape, she spoke about how she had not initially helped a white farmer as much as she could have in 1986 when he was going to lose his farm…

"It was a time when I realized that they did some of the same things to white farmers that they did to black farmers," Sherrod said about the speech. "I thought that all white farmers got the best treatment, but I found out in this case that was not so."

Explaining the speech further, Sherrod said, "I am trying to say to the people there that it is time for us to move forward. We do not want to forget the past and be in a position that racism is there and we don’t see it. We want to move together. Our area of the state cannot grow and thrive until we learn to get along."

But after Breitbart posted the video clip, Sherrod said the lack of context and explanation sparked anger against her. She said she found out about the clip when someone e-mailed a link to her and asked about it.

"I couldn’t believe it. I found this out when someone sent me (a link to) the tape, people who follow him, who put it out there," Sherrod said about Breitbart. "I got crank calls right away. Someone sent me an e-mail and link and said ‘shame on you’ and other stuff. I was sitting in a meeting and I was really upset.

"I texted back that they were so wrong and that they need to know the message and they got it wrong."

Sherrod said Cheryl Cook, USDA deputy undersecretary, called her Monday and said she had to be on administrative leave."

She adds: "People were calling and writing the Department of Agriculture in Athens, Ga., and Washington to tell them about it. That I needed to be fired. That a racist like me had no business working for the department. That is the way they intimidate people and it worked." …

Lest we forget, Mr. Obama was the first Presidential candidate to call for the firing of Don Imus. Of course he was joined by the entire chorus of the left.

Sherrod, 62, said her first reaction was shock that, after a career working for civil rights and as the daughter of a father murdered by racists, she would be seen in such a terrible light.

"To have people say that I was such a racist was unbelievable," she said of the fallout from the video and Fox coverage. "My whole life, if you look into what I have done, my father was murdered in 1965. If you look at all of us, we all hurt with that and we got involved into the movement and channeled our effort into good, instead of hating.

Even by her own account, Ms. Sherrod was a racist 24 years ago. So why was it possible then but impossible now?

"I am getting hate calls and e-mails at this point. I got one call last night at my house at 12:30 a.m. that said ‘you lost your job, good for you’ and ‘bitch’ There are people out there who will believe that I am a racist person, even though the story is getting out there."

She said her husband, Charles, and her two children, who also live nearby in Athens, Ga., were surprised, but have been toughened by years of seeing her work in the civil rights movement: "They had to grow up in the movement so they have had to deal with stuff like this through the years. We did not always take the easy road. They have some thick skin as a result."

Charles Sherrod was one of the founders of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The SNCC quickly evolved from a non-violent group to a pro-violent group under Stokely Carmichael and H. Rapp Brown.

It’s unclear how or when, but sometime in the 1960s Shirley and Charles Sherrod established ‘New Communities,’ the largest tract of black-owned land in the country at the time. In 1969 New Communities received a planning grant from Office Of Economic Opportunity and “was encouraged to expect substantial funding for implementation.”

New Communities subsequently joined the ‘black farmers’ class action suit, Pigford v Glickman, which alleged that the USDA discriminated against blacks in their farm loans “from 1981-85. (President Reagan abolished the USDA Office of Civil Rights when he became President in 1981.)” 

New Communities is slated to receive $13 million for loan discrimination from 1983 to 1997. The Sherrods are to personally receive $300,000 “for pain and suffering.” This is the largest award so far in the Pigford settlement. So things haven’t been too tough for the Sherrods.

By the way, one has to ask how Ms. Sherrod ending up working for the very agency that she sued? Also, one might well ask what the USDA is doing handing out loans in the first place. Are there no banks?

But the clear damage to Sherrod comes from Breitbart, who posted the tape without context, and Fox, which ran with the story and did not seek to confirm it.

"The news media should tell it like it is and not the way they want it to be," she said.

Amen. But how odd that she would say this to Media Matters, who are perhaps the worst twisters of words in the entire nation.

Sherrod said Breitbart never contacted her before posting the video clip to ask about it.

"I never heard that name until a few minutes ago," she said Tuesday night about Breitbart. "He never contacted me. I think they intended it to be what it ended up being, a racist thing that could unite even more the racist people out there who follow them."

It sure sounds like Ms. Sherrod is calling Mr. Breitbart and his readers racists.

She also said Fox News never checked the facts with her before posting a story and the video clip.

"Not before they reported it," she said of Fox’s negligence. "They have called me today and initially I had said yes (to an interview), but I thought about it and I did not think they intended to be fair in their reporting. They are going to say what they want to say regardless of what I say."

So Ms. Sherrod is criticizing Fox News for not getting her side of the story, while refusing to talk to them because she knows they won’t tell the truth about her.

She said Fox showed no professionalism in continuing to bother her for an interview, but failing to correct their coverage.

"I think they should but they won’t. They intended exactly what they did. They were looking for the result they got yesterday," she said of Fox. "I am just a pawn. I was just here. They are after a bigger thing, they would love to take us back to where we were many years ago. Back to where black people were looking down, not looking white folks in the face, not being able to compete for a job out there and not be a whole person."

Again, this is quite a sweeping charge to make against an entire news network.

In actual fact, the original Fox News article, published on July 20, included the passage: “The point of [Sherrod’s] story wasn’t entirely clear; only an excerpt of the speech is included in the video clip. ‘It was revealed to me that it’s about poor versus those who have,’ she said, suggesting she had learned that race is less important.”

Which, it turns out, was correct. So it is hard to see what Ms. Sherrod is complaining about.

Still, Fox continued to push for an interview with her, Sherrod said.

"It was unbelievable. I am refusing to be on there. They have been calling me and calling me. I have refused to do an interview because they are biased," she explained. "I don’t think Fox News does it fairly. It is worse so now. I have sat and listened to the way they cover the news even before this administration and I saw what was going on."

Ms. Sherrod said this during an interview with Media Matters.

Sherrod said this situation has worsened her view of racism in media coverage.

"I think it is race. You think we have come a long way in terms of race relations in this country, but we keep going backwards," she said. "We have become more racist. This was their doing, Breitbart put that together misrepresenting what I was saying and Fox carried it."

Sherrod said she has gotten no future job offers and believes this will scar her reputation forever, even if all the facts come out.

"There will be people who always think of this," she said. "I can see in the future whatever I do, this story will be recounted, no matter what. This will be brought up. People will constantly be trying to point out negative things."

This is the way people talk before they contact a lawyer and begin to sue ‘for pain and suffering.’

Have other job offers come up? "No, no one. People are afraid of me now, I guess, with all of this. That is the other fallout from this. Anyone would be afraid of me, maybe I am a troublemaker, a racist."

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said he is reviewing the matter, hinting that Sherrod could possibly get her job back.

Asked if she would return if asked, she said: "I think I would have to go back for a short time, even if I did not stay for a long haul. I would need to prove a point, that I can be bigger than them. I was doing a lot of good things. People had access to that office that never did before. I had reached out to the poorest counties."

Despite that, she plans to carry on.

"I will go back to doing what I was doing before, working with people, trying to build," she said. "There are a lot of projects in Georgia I have been involved in creating. I will get busy with that again."

Sherrod said she is considering legal action, perhaps against Breitbart, Fox or the federal government:

"I don’t know enough to know. I wish I did. I would love to sue. I am going to talk about it. I have been getting calls from all over the country. I don’t want to leave one stone unturned."


Sherrod said she has been helped by many media outlets, such as CNN and others that have allowed her to explain the truth, enough so that the NAACP retracted a statement Tuesday that had denounced her.

Again, Ms. Sherrod is simultaneously refusing to talk to Fox, but then complaining about how they won’t allow her to “explain the truth.”

She said that has convinced her to trust some media outlets, noting she had plans to be on Good Morning America and NPR Wednesday.

And, of course, she has given her first interview to Media Matters, whom she knows she can trust implicitly.

"The only one I refused to do is Fox," she said, adding the fair coverage by others "makes me think highly of some of the media, but not any better about Fox. It is a bad taste in my mouth dealing with them. It would help some if they apologized and say they were wrong, but I don’t see that happening."

Ms. Sherrod thinks she is going to score big in a lawsuit. Against Breitbart, against Fox News, and against the federal government. She clearly believes that somebody is going to give her a big payday.

And, it’s only fair she would think this way. After all, it’s how she got to where she is today.

But yes indeed, Ms. Sherrod is clearly qualified for a top level highly paid government job. Probably in a civil rights capacity. It’s clear that she has is completely objective and bias-free in her views.

Just ask Media Matters.

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56 Responses to “Sherrod, Victim Of Breitbart, Fox ‘Racism’”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    This has become a typical tactic of the left, or radicals if you will, accuse the other side of the very thing of which you are guilty and for which you are receiving condemnation. She wins the hat trick for this interview:

    1. Fox and Breitbart are racists.
    2. They are biased.
    3. They are liars.

    I stand by my early assessment, this woman is a racist. Everything to her is about race, and how unfair and inequitable the ‘system’ is to her.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    Sherrod threw a stone long ago and her glass house now has a media spotlight on it.
    Just because she got a pass for gaming the system (and whatever else dirties her hands) doesn’t mean she will get a pass now.
    Her past record of taking huge amounts of cash from the taxpayers won’t play with the folks right now.

  3. untrainable says:

    Sherrod is definately a racist. Some people who hide behind (not work within) the civil rights movement don’t understand that “civil rights” don’t just apply to minorities. Civil rights are for everyone.

    “I thought that all white farmers got the best treatment, but I found out in this case that was not so.” Hmmm, so she made a racist assumption about the treatment of whites versus the treatment of blacks. And realized “in this case” that her assumption was wrong. Only in this case?

    Ms. Sherrod obviously looks at the entire word through the prism of race. Her initial assumptions will always be that white people are bad because they all discriminate. Guilt assumed before any of the facts are in. Before any homework is done. Sound like anyone you know? “… I don’t know the facts… but police acted stupidly…” Every thought goes through a race filter before any other consideration. To me that pretty much defines racism.

  4. proreason says:

    Racist, Scam Artist. Affirmative action baby. Government Leach. Race baiter. Lawsuit junky. Abuser of Power. Mentally challenged. Liar.

    Gee, this woman has it all.

    She could be our next president.

  5. oldpuppydixie says:

    For decades it’s been obvious to all but the most feeble minded–you know, liberals–that the true calender of the MSM has been the unabashed advancement of the leftist agenda. Actual news and information are scrupulously ignored or professionally “polished” lest a few loose grains of fact be accidentally released to the neanderthal public. So thank GOODNESS Media Matters–a bastion of non-biased reporting– has finally granted Shirley Sherrod access to the airwaves. Countless offers by FOX were obviously nothing but thinly veiled attempts to further discredit her, after all. And the things we’ve learned from this poor, misunderstood victim of universal contempt and racist derision! First, we have discovered that she actually worked for FOX news, not the USDA as was so widely misreported! For clearly it was FOX which fired her, at the unqualified command of Andrew Breitbart. Yet the media went to great lengths to convince us that it was the White House, using it’s absolute authority over the USDA, which made certain that Sherrod was removed from her position post haste! And the media deified only Barak Hussein Obama and the NAACP’s Ben Jealous, claiming that as the avenging angels of anti-racism, they were determined to immediately remove this HATER from her post. Breitbart was given only the most insignificant of roles in her lightning-quick dismissal. Yep. Thank you, Mrs. Sherrod for setting the record straight!

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    After hearing the accusations of racism, reading her words and then re-reading the complete version, I am somewhat in a quandary.

    On the one hand, it does seem that Sherrod did desire to make the point about her racism. However, I wonder as to why she chose to tell the story the way she did. That is, using phrases like, “take him to one of his own kind” repeatedly. I will never know if she intended to invoke those feelings from her audience for the purpose of them having a “self-critiquing” moment, or if she wanted to tell the story to garner allegiance from racist attendees with the kicker conveniently placed at the end to say “I was wrong for what I did”.

    When I first learned to give speeches, I was told numerous times that you have to keep the audience’s attention, but don’t let the message get lost by trying to do so. In other words, how you tell a story is just as important as why as well as the story itself.

    So, if it were me telling the story, I would have introduced it thus: “Years ago, when I had a difference set of beliefs, I did some things that I now regret. I was perhaps the most racist human on the face of the earth and I will tell you this story in that context but bear in mind, as I relate this to you, I have changed my position, most assuredly and no longer think or feel the way I did back then. So when you hear me say, “his own kind” or “other white people” I am telling the story in the first person as it happened and as I felt about it back then. ”

    So preparing people for what they are about to hear is important. When giving speeches, one has to be extra careful that the message doesn’t get misunderstood.

    Is she a racist? I don’t know. I would have to spend time with her and observe and learn.

    Is her statement worthy of excusing? Again, I don’t know but, in the interest of good relations, I’ll say a guarded yes.

    Another contextual factor is, of course, the group she was addressing. That being the NAALCP. The moments of enthusiasm and applause are most telling. They advertise a collective “we hate white people” which, of course, is just as bad as the time when it was white who “just hate black people”.

    Racism is not confined to any single race. Inasmuch as it’s a basic human behavior trait, it takes education and maturity and objectivity to eliminate it and therefore it will never disappear completely. Notice I said “education” not “intelligence” because I have met very intelligent people of ALL races who have bigoted notions. Education about whatever “them” they despise can often go a long way to making better relations.

    Then that comes down to the heart of the matter about what equality really is. And it’s NOT having a separate entertainment television channel, or separate study areas and dorms on college campuses, etc.

    The NAALCP has been complicit in exploiting separation from whites under the guise it “pollutes” their purity in holding fast to their culture. Of course, thinking people know what it really does.

    So, as long as they fight to be separate, and separate in the sense that they detest white “society”, then they are as bad as the people they claim have discriminated against them.

    And, we’re probably a long, long way from every getting it fixed. Personally, the whole thing annoys me on a level that makes me just ignore them and their crocodile tears. When I deal with blacks on a one-on-one level, I am no more polite, nor rude than I would be with anyone else. Often there is common ground to chat about. If not, I have no problem abstaining from overcompensating and trying to be overly nice and making them feel better about themselves. The same as I would ANY OTHER PERSON.


    • proreason says:

      Give her the same benefit of the doubt that Wapro gave George Allen.

      The same benefit of the doubt that the msm gave Scooter Libby.

      The same beneifit of the doubt the media gave Trent Lott.

      The same benefit of the doubt that Karl Rove got.

      Yet the conservative press has been virtually stunned into submission because the film clip is old and because she isn’t as mean-spiritted about her racism as Rev Wright.

      You aren’t the only one influenced by the left’s drumbeat about this scam artist Rusty. Even Ann Coulter, for some reason, gave her a pass on Hannity last night. Very disappointing.

      Don’t let them cow you.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I’m not giving her a pass. I’m highly suspicious of her. My initial post probably didn’t make that very clear. To summarize, what she FAILED to do in her speech was to set it up with a preamble explaining her motivation. Since it was absent of this, it throws her entire moment of storytelling into question and raised my doubts as to why she told it the way she did.

      But, before I jump to conclusions, I also said I needed more time to observe and then evaluate what I’ve learned.

      I had many people I worked with and around and some who worked under my supervision who were angry black people. Putting on a good front but the moment their racism had the opportunity to come out, it would. One of my subordinates referred to me as a “typical white officer born with a silver spoon in his mouth”.

      He did not know that I came up from the enlisted ranks. His eyes got big as saucers when I told him, though. But, of course, it did nothing to better the working relationship and he continued to play the race card but never again directly at me.

      So it’s nothing new to me. Whites do it, blacks do it, hispanics do it…Like I said, it’s part of human nature. But by truly being objective and even self-critiquing, most of us can get over it. This is exactly what the NAALCP does NOT want. They want “their people” angry and divisive. I won’t even say it’s for economic reasons because, just like any movement, cause or other group assemblage, they need a common thread, mantra, catch-phrase….something, anything to bind them together and racism or the perception thereof is the path of least resistance.

      As SG and many others here have noted 99.9999% of the time, under close scrutiny, allegations of racism don’t hold up. However, when the NAALCP does it, they are indeed easily found to be so. But also, working against the common good is the newly exposed flexible interpretation OF racism itself. If a guy (who’s black), applies for a job that requires physical dexterity and the applicant is missing a leg and a half, and can’t see out of one eye and doesn’t get the job…even if there were many other black, hispanic, asian and arab applicants, they run to the ACLU/NAALCP and brother Al and Jesse and the cries of racism begin.

      What most people accurately called years ago shakedown. Now they have the court of public opinion neatly housed in the alphabet media who want nothing to do with the truth. They are agenda-guided and results oriented in the sense they want to manipulate public opinion to meet their desires or the desires of the ruling class.

      Then, we go right back to high school and find the answer to eliminating that type of behavior is to ignore it. As you have stated many times. The subject of racism is a fool’s errand if you ever get into it with a “person of color” (oh brother).

      Then, if you try to explain how other nations do business, for example, China….you will be met with deaf ears. To the black man, in general, racism is a white person affliction only….they will not hear of any such bigoted behavior of the Chinese, say, the way they treat westerners in certain parts of China, or…even among the Chinese themselves, the caste system is still very much alive and well and was even a huge problem in the US when they emigrated here.

      But, no.

      The blacks cling bitterly to the injustices of the past, but inappropriately use it as leverage to get things and money they should otherwise have to WORK for….just like EVERYBODY ELSE.

      So, no…I’m not giving Sherrod a pass. I said clearly I am suspect of her behavior and motives. Her past behavior has indicated that so far, she is a card-carrying “victim” in the postmodern definition of the word. She has become wealthy by stealing money, and having control over certain outcomes.

      It takes a real adult to not use the past to justify poor behavior for the present. And those who never left high school are incapable of doing so.

    • proreason says:

      For the record, I said you were “influenced” but that Ann Coulter gave her a pass.

      Ann explicitly said that Breitbart was punked (don’t think she used that exact word), and said nary a word about the racist woman’s language or history, which is extensive and goes beyond racism to abuse of power.

      Here is Andy McCarthy’s take on it.


      Andy’s about the only conservative I’ve heard from, other than Hannity, who goes right at the racism angle. Everybody else, including Rush yesterday, have refused to say the obvious, that the womna is a racist and more. Perhaps Rush will have a different cut about it today, now that he has more information.

      I haven’t done a throrough survey on this. There could be more conservatives holding their ground, but I’ve read far too many that just hold up their hands and say “no mas”. Coulter doing so is the most unnerving of all.

      It tells me that people aren’t ready to take the country back.

      I expect Hot Air to confess any day now that Lindsey Graham sure does sound good on just about any topic.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “What we’re seeing is not transcendence but transference…

      With an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy assuming overlord status in what used to be private industry and private matters, are we supposed to feel better that this particular bureaucrat’s disdain, though once directed at all white people, is now channeled only toward successful white people … most of whom — like successful black people — worked very hard to become successful? Are we supposed to forget that when the Left says, ‘It’s always about the money,’ you don’t have to have a whole lot of money to find yourself on the wrong side of their have/have-not equation? Are we supposed to take comfort in having our affairs managed by bureaucrats who see the country as a Manichean divide beset by institutionalized racism?”

      Andy sure as hell nails it there.

      Pro, we’re in agreement regarding Coulter’s comments. This is an emerging worrisome trend in addition to how she basically restated Michael Steele’s Afghanistan comments. I don’t know if she’s fallen out of touch because she’s too deep in the game or what.

      But I do agree with her theory and Rush’s mind is clearly pondering it too. Breitbart got stung; they’ve been after his credibility since AcornGate. This was an orchestrated distraction. At first I thought the White House blew it with the impulsive hypersensitivity in Sherrod’s firing but I think even that was planned. Nobody goes into panicked meltdown over a video that’s only been seen online.

      So if there’s one thing to say to Mr. Breitbart it’s that I hope this episode taught him the true nature of the game he’s stormed into like a bull in a glass shop; and that he’ll think these consequences through. He keeps quoting Mary Francis Berry, “Having one’s opponent rebutt charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessnes.” Yeah? Well what have we all now had to do? We don’t want any part of this. Our country is being destroyed because of the content of a group’s governing ideas and the force of action they’re putting behind those ideas.

      Conservatives don’t have secret cliques and Journolist serve group therapy sessions and so our platform is never going to be dominated by a marionette of meticulously constructed talking points. But let this serve as a warning: it has to be understood that our side doesn’t have the will or capacity to accomodate ego. The stakes are simply just too great for such amateurs.

    • proreason says:

      tn, one problem with your theory is that Breitbart says he had the clip for months and didn’t know what to do with it. And then it came to him that it would be useful to counter the continual screams of racism about the Tea Partiers. That means the White House would have had to sit on its scheme for months. Possible I suppose, but it seems like a stretch to me.

      And then the White House and NAACP aren’t exactly covered with glory, even for people of a mind to give them credit for reversing themselves. a) It’s amazingly weak to fire somebody and then reinstate her. They look like the Keystone Cops. b) Fox had said nothing about the clip when they fired her. c) the woman carries LOTS of other baggage. Some has already appeared. The $300,000. Her radical husband. Abuse of power. Maybe there is even more. Is she lying about her father being killed by the KKK? What are the odds of that…..there is a better change you will be killed by a meteorite.

      And who knows what else Breitbart has on her. About ten shoes dropped in the Acorn scandal. He’s pretty smart. It’s hard to imagine that he could be snookered by a doctored video tape. Possible, sure. Likely, no.

      I’ll read what Rush has to say tonight. He is right 99.6% of the time.

    • confucius says:

      This might settle the question of whether or not Mr. Breitbart was duped: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAka43H_eZ0.

      It might also settle the question on motivation.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Read Rush, his monologue on the matter was transcendent. Breitbart didn’t have the video but he knew of it those months ago. Fortunately it’s why there’s veracity to this when he says his intention in posting it wasn’t to just call out Sherrod but the NAACP.

      It all echoes McChrystal to me which also broke well after the fact and at a time of absolutely dismal public discourse about the regime. Obama’s PR team has daily multi-hour long media strategy sessions basically on how to subvert and discredit our control over information. The orders go out to Media Matter and the rest from there, who keep the clique informed over juicy finds. Obama himself is kept in the dark so the fluidity of the con is believable. Standard M.O. anytime the mob needs a job done and a fall-guy to pin it on.

      I agree with all three of your counterpoints against the theory but respectfully I’m not sure how much they matter considering that the duelling narratives have already been set and the ruling class is just chomping at the bit for any excuse to silence us by government means. Now if the Conservatives were to look into Ms. Sherrod’s personal history at the USDA – or even pursue any questions that clearly need to be asked in light of this about the policies at the bureaucracy and if there’s waste, fraud and abuse – then the racist meme would come out in even greater force. The Left scored points on this one, despite the truth. The best this whole debacle can be called is a distraction. Now we have to swollow it and move on because this will tear people apart faster than an ObamaCare debate.

      I’d have done one thing differently as Breitbart before posting: contact the source for comment.

    • proreason says:


      The libwit’s case has ten ppints:
      1. A Tea Party person was asked to resign (because he is a bad satirist)
      2. Breitbart is a liar because I say he’s a liar
      3. Breitbart is a liar because I say he’s a liar
      4. Breitbart is a liar because I say he’s a liar
      5. Breitbart is a liar because I say he’s a liar
      6. Breitbart is a liar because I say he’s a liar
      7. Breitbart is a liar because I say he’s a liar
      8. Breitbart is a liar because I say he’s a liar
      9. Breitbart is a liar because I say he’s a liar
      10. Breitbart is a liar because I say he’s a liar

    • proreason says:


      Here’s the main takeaway from Rush today.

      Ms Sherrod has a child named Russia….R U S S I A.

      That tells you everything you need to know about the entire story.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “R U S S I A”

      Bingo, eh Comrade?

      I’m starting to like your line of thinking on this woman: where the heck was she during the Dem Primary of ’08? Not only does she have street cred with the struggle but she’s a hallmark black FEMALE Liberal success story – a heroine even!. Endured racism, got into activism, went to government, got her royalities and works in basically a redistribution agency. She’s got way more credentials in private and public work than Obama! Is there any question why she’s telling the NAACP to cool down on the heated public racism and channel that hate rather into a focussed support for Statism?

      Maybe Democrats with like-minds to Dingy Harry thought that Ms. Sherrod’s negro dialect would be too much of an encumberance for a national candidate trying to follow a teleprompter.

  7. bousquem says:

    I remember reading the comments section of the fox news articles when it initial came out and then when the “full” tape was released, talk about an invasion of the trolls from the MSDNC site coming in to bash FOX, conservatives, and the tea party. With so many comments of “I never watch Fox news or read it online!” and cries of racism, I makes me wonder why are they then on fox reading the articles to post comments on them (if they even read the articles). I don’t like MSNBC or other media outlets like them so I don’t go to their sites, so no comments get posted by me. I also have to wonder if most of the trolls are DNC funded/affiliated groups that pay people to be trolls on conservative blogs and news sites.

  8. TwilightZoned says:

    Based on the article entitled, “Sherrod Wants ‘To Talk To Obama’ (Hint)” to

    “Sherrod, Victim Of Breitbart, Fox ‘Racism’ I’d say she already has.

  9. Natural Born Citizen says:

    There is more to this story to come out. She has recieved 13M plus in a lawsuit against USDA (Pigford vs Glickman) shortly before her appointment to the USDA by the Obama administration in July 2009. The Pigford case was about suspected discrimination against black farmers seeking USDA loans. The problem is there were more applicants who filed for relief then the estimated amount of black farmers known to be actively farming. Initially 1 billion dollars have been spent and Obama just appropriated 1.2 B more in February 2010 for additional compensation. Each farmer was suppossed to recieve $50,000. She and her husband personaly recieved $150,000 each for “pain, and suffering” which along with the undisclosed amount of any excused debt and the 13M totals as the largest amount recieved among all the reciepients. Shortly after recieving the compensation she was hired by the USDA? Is she a racist? Apparently so, ( she called all Fox news, or Andrew Britebart viewers racist) or is she a Marxist? Her conversion now was about poor vs rich. This lawsuit looks bogus, and perpetuated to redestribute the wealth. Maybe that explains why she was forced to resign so quickly so the back story would not come out. Also her husband a long time civil rights activist has ties to the original creator of the original Black Panthers. What a small world we live in.


    • mlrm says:

      Know your facts.
      Reverand Sherrod broke with the SNCC when Stokely Carmichael came on board and was known to be against the Black Panthers. He preached a very different message.
      Umm, a little history lesson.
      By systematically offering white farmers loans and grants and other subsidies, that were specifically denied to black farmers, the federal government’s programs led to heart breaking loss of the black family farm which had been a staple of the black southern economy.
      Ironically this is at heart a story of how federal dollars political pay offs favoring one group over another had tragic consequences. And 30 to 40 years ago it was whites preferred over blacks. And that is just the historical facts. Federal intervention caused the problem in the first place by having policies that made an un even playing field.
      Why aren’t I laughing?
      Why can’t you celebrate that we can now appreciate the uniquely American story that is Ms. Sherrod’s?

    • tranquil.night says:

      “Ironically this is at heart a story of how federal dollars political pay offs favoring one group over another had tragic consequences. And 30 to 40 years ago it was whites preferred over blacks. And that is just the historical facts.”

      And yet from the very post you were replying to:

      “Initially 1 billion dollars have been spent and Obama just appropriated 1.2 B more in February 2010 for additional compensation.”

      By your own words don’t political pay offs favoring one group over another have tragic consequences? Of course not, in your eyes these are just necessary reparations today for injustices of yesterday.

      There is no end except by continual disaster when the cycle continues this way. Ask the Middle East.

  10. Natural Born Citizen says:

    All I know is that Charles Sherrod was affiliated with the SNCC and had supposedly changed from a non-violent philosophy to a pro-violence as the leadership of the SNCC changed. Supposedly as early as 1965 many in the SNCC were contimplating a change in philosopy. As far as your second point it would not surprise me if there was some discrimintation of black farmers by the USDA securing loans however the point I was trying to make is that initially it was estimated there were 4,000 black farmers affected. The amount of payout was suppossed to be $50,000 a piece. There is little evidence that every black farmer in existance in the US, (or the south) was discriminated against. In fact there have been several thousand more applicants than known black farmers. That is fraud. With Obama adding an additional 1.2B on top of the 1B allready allocated to distribute to black landowners only is perverting the justice system to redestribute the wealth. Besides why is USDA giving out loans? That is what a bank is for. As a federal official do I think Shirley Sherrod would be un-biased in how the loans were distributed? That according to video proof is questionable at best but at the very least is a big conflict of interest.

    • Natural Born Citizen says:

      Actually no maybe you should check your facts, Charles Sherrod left the SNCC in 1967, one year after Stokley Carmichael took over leadership,
      and two years after a change in philosophy was proposed. Stokely kicked out all white members, and the SNCC started arming themselves. It took Sherrod upwards of two years to leave after the proposed, and eventual change in philosophy.

      Guess who supported Stokely? Obama’s best buddy, and neighbor “Bomber” Bill Ayers! They all wanted to start a race war to bring down the U.S., and capitolism.

      Let me just say though with all that has been reported about all the atrocities the Sherrods encountered through out there lives I do not blame them for their predjudices. That of course does not excuse any prejiducial retaliation on their part. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • proreason says:

      “all the atrocities the Sherrods encountered through out there lives”

      They wouldn’t embellish, would they?

      Certainly they have as much personal integrity as the president has.

  11. 64dodger says:

    There is only one reason she has the job. The color of her skin. I bet she was making $80,000 to $100,000 per year from this welfare position.

  12. Natural Born Citizen says:

    Most of the shenanigins seem to appear in the Pigford lawsuits. The lawsuits were extended several times and the details on face value are fishy.
    Apparently the application for a claim was being distributed throughout the black community as there oppurtunity to recieve, ” 40 acres and a mule”
    Not only does this appear to be restributing of wealth but also an attempt at slave reparations.

    It also is being reported that after Shirley Sherrods resignation the new post offered is a promotion?

    • proreason says:

      Well, she did suck the air out of the Journolist scandal, the Gulf fiasco, the Financial Payola bill, the HealthDiktat bill, the refusal to enforce immigration laws, the Black Panther scandal, and the Moron’s efforts to destroy the country, and of course his overall incompetance and radicalism and congenital lying.

  13. proreason says:

    Why do you say that?

    There is even more evidence of the Holocaust than there is of Ms Sherrods racism and her husbands radical past. I’ve never heard anybody on this forum deny the Holocaust. Actually, most people here are fervent supporters of Israel in its quest to survive against the anit-semites throughout the world, and now in the US government. Do you know whether Ms. Sherrod is an anit-semite as well as a racist?

    Mentioning the Holocaust must be the way you have been told to call us Nazi’s, since you aren’t allowed to call us racists.

    But you never answered me. Are you a racist? Do you hate white people? Do you think that redistributing a billions of dollars to haters like the Sherrods is the right thing to do with the money we have worked all our lives to earn?

    btw, how did Mr. Sherrod make his living when he was plotting full-time with Bill Ayers to overthrow the US government and kill white people?

  14. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    The only thing I deny is the objectivity and candor of one Ms. Shirley Sherrod, a person who has been foisted into the spotlight as a poster child of the simmering racism and resentment that is pervasive in race obsessed groups such as the NAACP and the socialist left. It may not be as obvious as a burning cross, but her brand of racial identity and divisiveness are just as dangerous and just as intolerable.

  15. proreason says:

    You shouldn’t have gone off script mirm.

    The holocaust remark is a strong marker of low intelligence. It simply doesn’t fit into the discussion. Clearly you are lashing out in frustration, and in a kind of, to be blunt, stupid way.

    You can’t actually think that our disbelief in the sainthood of Ms Sherrod is akin to 7 million people being incinterated in the Holocaust, can you? But that’s what your remark seems to imply.. And it doesn’t get any better if you are challenging our knowlege of her husbands violent and radical past.

    To be clear, we aren’t denying the humanity of anybody. What we are denying is your effort to convince us that radical racists are worthy of our admiration. And we certainly aren’t advocating ovens for anybody.

    Using the term is out of context, inapplicable, inexplicable, inappropriate, and stupid. But then, racists ARE stupid, so it makes sense from that perspective.

    You should jump back in and apologize to the people you have smeared with your dumb remark.

  16. proreason says:

    I find it highly unlikely that Ms Sherrod’s father was killed by the KKK. She is about 60 which means her father was alive in 1950, or more probably after that, long after the KKK was regurlarly murdering people.

    Moreover, she would be extremely famous in NAACP circles and even beyond if it were true. Vilsek or somebody on his staff would have known it. Jealous would have known it. Ms Sherrod would not have been thrown under the bus so readily with that such an event in her past.

    A quick google scan turns up lots of hits, but they are all by people wondering if it is true. Apparently the “evidence” is her word. How convenient.

  17. proreason says:

    People like you are putting the greatest country in the history of mankind at risk.

    We are the people who defeated the Nazis and the Communists. Yes in WWII, Britain and Russia played great parts. But they would have lost but for us.

    You have bought totally into the racist / victim / class warfare / kumbay’ism that the Communists have been using for 60 years to undermine the only bastion of freedom in the world. What you are seeing with the Sherrod fiasco is a classic operation. It’s what they live for. Drive a wedge, divide people, race warfare, class warfare, propaganda, control the communication channels, agitate, cause incidents.

    Get over it. If you aren’t lying about having a kid, that kid will have to live in this world.

    Do you really want the world to be controlled by people who will do anything to gain and stay in power, including perverting the undeniable blood and sweat of MLK and others who really did fight for Civil Rights, not just stage crises and incidents that can be used to further a divisive agenda and further their own power.

  18. confucius says:


    I like your last two sentences of this post. You should have led with it in your very first post.

  19. canary says:

    mlrm, there is no evidence at all of your that Sherrod fell on top of a Rev. Dr. Charles Sherrod or married one.
    And perhaps your story telling comes from your ex-mother saying she kissed Hitler. Did she save her little black hankie ?
    It might explain your defending the Hitler mentality of ridding the entire race of the light skinned people and murdering baby’s when their heads come out, because global warmers are so afraid the earth can’t withstand too many people.
    in getting rid of an entire race of light skinned people across the globe, by aiding muslim countries.

    Obama only chose Rev Wright because of Wright’s muslim roots; the least painful church for Obama to attend to appear the Christian family man as he claimed from his early campaigns to be a Christian.

    Shouldn’t Sherrod be the one to apologize to the public; ask Christ for forgiveness?

    Her racism to innocent farmers that never lifted a finger to her or her family; farmers trying to grow food for her and her family’; farmers who lost their homes & farms; whose families starved.

    P.S. MIRM. Why on earth did you did you marry a racist?

    As a Christian, why would you marry a Jew, instead of someone you are more equally yolked with? Problems might pop up.

  20. Mae says:

    Attorney General Holder wanted us “cowards” to have a dialogue on race. Well, he’s getting it, isn’t he. The only problem is that he would never read the blogs to find out what people are thinking and writing in a stream of consciousness manner. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that Obama is not interested in dialogue but in dictatorship. Those in his Administration cater to their boss’s dictats and the rest of us are expected to fall in line. Ms. Sherrod’s initial reaction to the white farmer was, indeed, racist. That she had a change of heart to the position of rich vs. poor does not mean she no longer is a racist. More likely she is now a racist elitist Leftist scammer. She certainly ain’t poor. All the while the entirety of the tax structure is geared toward forcing money out of us to spend on scams such as Pigwhatsis, we are getting worse off each day and our taxes continue to skyrocket to pay for all manner of further federal scams. I have no idea whether Ms. Sherrod is someone to admire. From the interviews I’ve seen plus the whole and part video versions of her NAACP speech, she is not someone to admire no matter how much she may have “suffered.” Numerous friends of mine have suffered much more and haven’t scammed anyone. Her biases are so knee-jerk. I do agree that Breitbart should have contacted her for comment or the NAACP for the full video version plus their comment; but his expose should still have run. Having been a Leftist for 40 years, I know that whine, bitch and moan is their Trinity. The more disciples they can get to join in, the better. But what you won’t find is anyone who has a better moral, economic or spiritual life by being a Leftist. Thanks to all of you who have refused to participate in their charade. While 40 acres and a mule may have been promised, remember also that Liberia was also promised as a new homeland. Look what a bastion of civility and progress that country is today. No, rad liberalism and leftism killed and continues to kill more humans than the South’s philosophy and exploitation ever did. Now that’s a fact to ponder.

  21. fallingpianos says:

    And just how does one go about making Dick Cheney look like a left-wing pinko?

  22. canary says:

    MIRM: I still do not believe Ms. Sherrod was married to a Rev Dr. Charles Sherrod, while I understand now that another woman fell on top of him.

    I still don’t believe your mother-in-law was kissed by Hitler.

    As far as her teaching you about Nazi’s, anyone can read some of the same commie books Obama read. Si, your very old mother-in-law may have made up things she never should have bragged about. Just like Obama’s mother was a poor role leader for him, all that communism, and disowning white people.

    I don’t believe Sherrod had a cross burned in her front yard.

    There is probably more to Sherrod getting fired than just her comment. Perhaps her files show evidence of racism in the work she does today.

    • mlrm says:

      The fact that Ms. Sherrod is married to such a famous civil rights figure is what makes Obama’s actions so despicable. Where is the MSM?
      As to My lovely exmil:
      You don’t have to believe it. She was a teen age girl and she and her mother had gone shopping in Berlin. This was in the thirties when Berlin had those fancy department stores with the elegant restaurants. They were having lunch and Hitler came in with his whole entourage including Goebbels. Hitler was doing the political press the flesh thing and when he stopped by their table he kissed the pretty girl on the cheek. Could have happened to anyone. She died this spring.
      In comparison, one of my Mom’s biggest thrills was when John Kennedy shook her hand.

    • canary says:

      mlrm, I’m saying he isn’t that famous, never heard of Rev Doctor Charles Sherrod,
      People should not get priority for jobs based on who they are married to.
      Obama is despicable (spelt with an e) for hiring so many friends to be CZARs.

      Glad to know you have such a good memory and can tell the story in first hand knowledge details. Obama has that knack too, even quoting people before he was born. . Sounds so grand & romantic. Hitler’s whole entaruage (it’s spelled entourage) coming in some fancy elegant restaurant would make me want to puke. I can’t see a story to get dreamy over. Hitler was a monster. Your memory is so good, what was the name of the elegant restaurant so I can go out of my way to visit a place where Hitler actually took a meal.
      Gosh too bad she died before she could get kissed by Osama bin Laden in some sandy romantic spot.

  23. mlrm says:

    It was not fun being married to the son of a Nazi bitch. The memories of her are not warm and fuzzy.
    We all have our crosses and it is only by forgiving and moving forward that we can have peace in our own hearts.
    And even if you disagree with every one of Ms. Sherrod’s policy positions her story of redemption has captured many imaginations.

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      What a shame because you sound like you’d be an absolute breath of fresh air to spend some time with.

  24. wardmama4 says:

    -‘And even if you disagree with every one of Ms. Sherrod’s policy positions her story of redemption has captured many imaginations.’-

    i.e. The ends justify the means – now I understand you completely.

    How scamming job(s), money, the true mission of her position and being a willing tool of the JournoList distract and distort tactic to obfuscate The Won’s current takeover and invasion of every single financial transaction, every single person in the US does by this non-story of a racist declaring her overcoming her racism to now be an elitist and propagator of class envy and adjusting her sites onto a Poor (black) v Rich (white) – as some commendation of this woman is beyond my grasp. It stinks as much as the hollyweird leftists support to make Tookie Williams a lifer rather than executed simply because he ‘wrote’ a book telling kids not to join gangs – how in any stretch of imagination does that take away from the fact that he killed (at least) 4 people?

    Just because in this one speech Ms Sherrod ‘claims’ to have overcome her racism – does nothing to me for her scamming, money redistributin’ (most especially to herself and her ‘kind’) ways.

    When one has a true conversion – their entire lives change – not just the words they use.

  25. canary says:

    Glenn Beck showed FOX NEWS did not do Sherrod story until “after” the firing of Sherrod.

    I think there is more to the story as to what Sherrod was doing at her job.

    One can only imagine now, how much more prone Sherrod will be towards
    hating white people.

    Maybe Michelle will hire her to choose the places out in the middle of nowhere to build her new grocery stores.

    Sherrod will know where all the rural minority owned farms are to give them the grocery stores first.

  26. wardmama4 says:

    I am not outraged by any CEOs bonus – he is hired for a reason, he has a board of directors and shareholders – not to mention the bottom line of his corporation to control him.

    Congress has created the entire mess from ACORNING forced (bad) loans to Fannie & Freddie to sweetheart loans for the Friends of ________ to bogus (i.e. slush funds) TARP and Porkulus bills – without accounting, without responsibility and without apparent recourse from We The People who are going to see our taxes sky rocket for eternity to even consider being able to pay for one percent of this unnecessary, wasteful garbage.

    You don’t solve a past situation by punishing the future. Because the past can never be undone – Learn from it, grow up and get on with life.

    I did not do a damn thing to any farmer – no matter what the color – Why should my tax dollars go to someone who claims this type of discrimination? Farmers should join forces with the Tea Party to end this corrupt and dangerous takeover of every single business in America – farmers aren’t any more special than anyone else. And I really, really am angry that this Administration – pits every citizen against everyone else – in the name of victimization. And step by step Obama & Congress is taking over and invading more and more of every single second of every single citizen’s life.

    No entitlements, no handouts, no ‘claims’ paid to anyone – fine the damn companies and put the instigator in jail – then perhaps in the future – they won’t do sloppy work. I am so sick of the Legal Lottery gettin’ yourcheck for you – It all comes out of the pocket of the working American taxpayer.

    Keep crying, keep filing claims, keep passing legislation – and in the near and dear future – the entire American economy will collapse.

    I can survive – can you – and do you think that very many of the entitlement crowd will?

    Maybe it’s what is needed to clear out the deadbeats.

    Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  27. canary says:

    “after a career working for civil rights and as the daughter of a father murdered by racists”

    Sherrod’s long vague story telling of a man who murdered her father leaves many questions to the listener. The charges were reduced on the man to violating her father’s civil rights by two white sheriffs.
    She may avoid the detail to protect her father’s image, and the hand he had in his own murder.
    A poor neighbor who had a few cows lived next door to Sherrod’s large farm land of food & cotton.
    On occasions the cows would wonder onto their farm. One day, her father
    would not give the cows back to the poor cowman, telling him he’d have to go to court.
    This may have something to do with losers weepers, finders keepers. Possession is ownership. Most people call it “stealing”.
    So, it’s possible the stealing of his cows, the tormenting that he would have to go to court and prove the cows were his, and he needed them to feed his poor family. Whether or not, the cattle rustler threatened to shoot the cow owner if he came on his property to retrieve his cows, well, we just don’t know if racism caused him to be murdered, or if the victim of theft, lost his head over losing his bread & butter to feed his family.
    Now, of course the cattle rustler’s civil rights were violated as he was entitled to be innocent until proven guilty. It’s a thin line in those days, as to where if someone came trespassing on your property rustling cows, you could shoot them. We just don’t know what really happened. And of course we all remember in the early 1900’s when you would hang a horse thief, no matter the color. These days you can’t even shoot someone who breaks into your home as you sleep, unless they pose a danger; laws vary state to state. And it’s time to move forward. There are many many many laws to punish racists. There are no laws to protect reverse racism. And I think that might be why our schools are going back to the busing days when the minorities would beat the white children up in gangs. And of course there are rotten white skinned thugs. Evil comes in all colors, professions. People of all colors want fairness and some think fairness means they all deserve their big homes, and don’t see the unfairness of those with little homes having to pay for others to have big homes.

  28. tranquil.night says:

    Dear mlrm:

    Across the entire span of this thread and the other (the only two you’ve engaged here at S&L) the only consistant theme you’ve presented is a fondness for people’s personal history (most notably your own) and how it should dictate what other’s opinion of a person should be. Frankly, I know more about you than people I’ve been debating with here for a year and a half.

    Every cut&pasted “fact” you’ve presented has come tinged with a tone of didactic arrogance, right from the beginning when you came out shooting. When you get challenged you resort to explaining how your personal experience makes your argument morally superior. You’ve managed to complain about practically every issue you’re personally invested in and have peddled Leftist talking points about many topics, most to all which are irrelevant to the title of this post.

    I was about ready to let you be, convinced you’re a nice lady iredeemably lost to decades of dumbing in academia until you gave this equivocation in stealth response to my reply:

    “Well, I happen to be much more outraged by the bailed out banker welfare elitists ripping off 1.6 billion dollars in bonuses in one year than I am concerned about small family farmers getting less money in settlements to compensate for past decades of overtly racist policies”

    First you’re not outraged at all by the latter situation, that’s why you’re offering an equivocation as an argument. Next, why are you equivocating these two issues when you know damn well the conditions are nothing similar? Or maybe you do think there’s similarities. Maybe a bailout for the rich (white/Jewish) bankers is exactly an example to you of the continuing policies of the past. That’d make you at least as racist as Ms. Sherrod and the Liberal Democrats today.

    But I don’t think that’s you so we’ll go with the idea that your schtick is really against Big Business. Let’s take this example:

    “The feds have structured our laws so that I cannot legally invest my capital in her business without substantial penalties. Likewise, when some local properties were mega deals because of foreclosures, I could not use that money to invest in them. The government would rather make me invest in stocks.”

    First this is terribly vague and hard for a reading audience to juggle with because unless they have personal experience in the matter, one simply does not know if this is true. This is classic obfuscation, your professor overlords have taught you well.

    But if it is true then learn from your own admission:

    The government would rather make me invest in stocks.”

    The Gubmint. Big Government. GovCo. That’s where “our current Enronized moral atmosphere” is causing the real problem.

    And it’s what the ruling class on your side of the aisle are increasing the size of at a nightmarish pace.

  29. proreason says:

    Sorry, spell an 80% investment in Enron in 1999 as G R E E D Y. Stupid too, to put 80% of one’s net worth in any one thing, but G R E E D Y far outweighs stupid in this case

    Enron at that time was pumping up its share price with all sorts of illegal activities and the share price was shooting through the roof. Lot’s of greedy people were jumping in. But only the most greedy and most stupid, put 80% of their net worth in it

    No sympathy. Your father got what he deserved. It’s the equivalent of someone who has watched a gambler hit 5 numbers in a row on a roulette wheel, and then mortgaging you house to the max to place it on his next bet.

    The only moral of the story is that greedy people often get their just deserts.

  30. Steve says:

    “What I hate about Big Government is it is the tool of Big Business and the power elite.”

    The US has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. (And, given the vagaries of Japan’s system, it is really the highest.)

    You aren’t fooling anyone.

  31. U NO HOO says:

    Someone speaking to the NAACP is by definition a racist.

  32. canary says:

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  33. canary says:

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  34. canary says:

    “God has a sense of humor. Now I oversee some of my former enemies,” Sherrod said in a written statement at the time Obama appointed her, and she once referred to white people as the devil, according to AP.

    I like the part where she blames “”flaky” “volunteers” (???)” & droughts that caused her giant mega firm farm to go bankrupt.

    AP: .”Father’s 1965 shooting death was turning point for Shirley Sherrod, fired by USDA
    by Greg Bluestein July 22 2010 .

    ATLANTA, Georgia — …. Shirley Sherrod was a black 17-year-old in rural Georgia brimming with righteous anger over her father’s shooting death. She blamed a white neighbor squabbling over some cows, but the law did nothing.

    By the 1970s she and her husband had led other black families in creating a sprawling communal farm, an effort that failed in part because of federal discrimination….

    Sherrod received… a phone call from President Barack Obama on Thursday after her full speech was widely disseminated.

    ….She remembers her father, Hosie Miller, sometimes argued with a white neighbor over cows that wandered into her family’s pasture.

    When her father told the man they could settle the argument in court, she said the neighbor shot her father dead.

    ‘We are all facing the devil’

    As she put it: “We were all facing the devil and had to support each other in those years.”

    “Her and Charles are really some of the architects of the New South,” said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who worked with the couple….

    The Sherrods began mapping out plans to gather the descendants of poor black sharecroppers to form a communal farm.

    They even journeyed to Israel to study the communal farms that had taken root there.
    By 1969 they had secured a land trust for thousands of acres that they would work with other black families. They called it New Communities.

    At its height, about a dozen families lived full-time in the sprawling 5,700-acre community, one of the nation’s largest black-owned tracts of land. They had a farmers market by the highway, a sugar cane mill that attracted visitors, a smokehouse on the side of the road that sold processed meat from the hogs they raised. They planted thousands of acres of corn, peanuts and soybeans.

    Shirley Sherrod said local officials dragged their feet on helping her community get an emergency loan…

    By 1975,…. A severe drought had damaged their crops,…

    the volunteer labor they relied upon was flaky at best,
    and state and federal officials often ignored their appeals for loans for farming equipment or irrigation.

    (canary note: I can think of a lot of farming suffering today in rural states thanks to all the irrigation govt. b.s. California is an example)

    When the money did come, it was often too little and too late for the harvesting season.

    (canary note: like the withered crops in California)

    The members were forced to file for bankruptcy in 1985,

    Last year New Communities was awarded a $13 million settlement…and more than $300,000 in pain and suffering.

    (canary notes “Last year? Under Obama & Holder)

    Sherrod began a new career,….The nonprofit group helps family farms in the South, especially black-owned farms,…

    That’s where Sherrod was working when, a year later, the white farmer she spoke of in her now-famous speech walked in. It was the first time a white farmer sought her help.
    Sherrod worked for decades for nonprofit agriculture groups before

    Obama appointed her to the federal job last year.

    She made a reference to past struggles when she took the job.

    “God has a sense of humor. Now I oversee some of my former enemies,” she said in a written statement at the time.


    Can you imagine if a whites only started a mega co-op farm like this?
    Or a community neighborhood for whites only?
    And won a settlement they were victims of racism because blacks wouldn’t help?
    I think Sherrod is calling the volunteers flaky because they accused of being treated as slaves, or were promised pay they didn’t get. Perhaps Mexican?

  35. hushpuppy says:

    I am constant amazed at how much anger, resentment and racism there is ‘out there’… towards whites, towards the gubmint, towards them that has. I never thought in terms of black, white or whatever until Nobama was elected and then over the last 18 months there was endless examples of how those that have (to use Sherrod’s word) aren’t worthy of keeping it and must be handed over to them that hasn’t.

    The only thing Obama hasn’t done – yet – is to hand over farms belonging to white farmers over to the blacks. Like in South Africa, like in Zimbabwe so the blacks can show us typical white folk how things are properly done.

    Obama is like the typical African dictator – the best of everything for himself, family and posse – and to hell with the whites who made those two countries profitable. They’re just white devils.

    So now King Barry Soetoro I will continue to hand out largesse and make sure we white devils learn to know our place on the plantation formerly known as America.

    Remember the words of that idiot Black Panther at the polling station: “Now you gonna learn what it like to be ruled by the black man.”


    • proreason says:

      “I am constant amazed at how much anger, resentment and racism there is ‘out there’ ”

      The resentment you are talking about has been taught, over many decades, in order to exploit minorities for political purposes…specifically, to make minorities totally dependent on handouts, and thus a 98% voting bloc for the Ruling Class and its Marxist masters.

      But Obamy has been a great teacher himself.

      In 18 short months, he has taught the white middle class (‘the country class’) where the Ruling Class and its Marxist masters are coming from. He has ripped the curtain away from the magic act, and now it’s plain to see by everybody what their goals and strategies are.

      The only question that remains is what we are going to do about it.

  36. hushpuppy says:

    Proreason – Some people prefer to be victims, especially of real or imagined ‘racism’ – it often pays big dividends. Just ask those two media whores: Jesse Jackass and Al Not-so-Sharpton who have a way of injecting themselves into any situation where stupid white folks who actually believe they are God’s representatives stick microphones in their faces and record the verbal halitosis that emanates from the hole in their faces. They are no more real ministers than my dog is King of England. They are just professional shakedown artists, pure and simple. And racist. The only color they’re happy with is the greenback that smoooothes all the hurts and booboos that the nasty white devils are responsible for.

    Breitbart put black against white racism on the front burner and showed everyone how racist the blacks can be – and how much of a knee jerk reaction the politically correct media have. I have to hand it to Breitbart!

    But getting back to Shirley-girl – she was racist, is racist and will always be racist – and so is the NAACP. How they gave her a standing ovation, laughed when she said she didn’t give the full force of what she could do for the white couple, sent him over to a white lawyer so they could deal ‘with their own kind’, etc.

    She’s still as anti-white as she ever was, no question about it. No ‘on the road to Damascus’ conversion where she learned we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ, co-equal heirs with him and that melanin and the abundance (or lack thereof) doesn’t mean a damn thing because it’s not important!!

    • proreason says:

      “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7 KJV)

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