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Sherrod Wants ‘To Talk To Obama’ (Hint)

From her new admirers at the Associated Press:

Sherrod says she’d love to talk race with Obama

By Mary Clare Jalonick And Ben Evans, Associated Press Writers

July 22, 2010

WASHINGTON – Former Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod said Thursday she wants to discuss racial issues with President Obama, who’s "not someone who has experienced some of the things I’ve experienced in life."

We’re not so sure. They both seem to have gotten where they are by playing more upon the melanin content of their skin than on the content of their character.

Still, maybe they can have a ‘beer summit.’ It is that time of year. (Though maybe wine would be more appropriate.)

But she also said on morning news shows she feels there is no need for Obama to apologize for her wretched week, which started with a conservative blogger posting controversial remarks she made…

The furor centered on a videotape on the Internet of Sherrod’s remarks, recalling her reluctance 24 years ago to help a white farmer seeking government assistance…

"He was willing to destroy me … in order to try to destroy the NAACP," Sherrod said Thursday of Breitbart, saying she still hasn’t heard an apology from him. She had argued from the start that her talk was about racial moderation and reconciliation, and that the Internet posting took her speech out of context.

We’re still not sure how you can destroy someone by merely posting their comments. But if there is any danger of that, perhaps Ms. Sherrod can convince the Democrat Party to stop their ‘Accountability Project’ before it destroys any Republicans.

(By the way, has anyone talked to George Allen about being destroyed for out of context comments?)

Sherrod also reiterated she isn’t certain she’ll return to the Agriculture Department, even though the Obama administration acknowledged she was done a disservice by being forced out, invited out, and then rendered cross-government apologies

Sherrod said of Obama: "I’d like to help him see some of the things that he could do in the future."

"I really regret what they did. But as I said before, he’s my president," Sherrod said. "When you get it down to where the rubber meets the road, I think you need to understand a little more what life is like. I’d love to talk to him, though, or people in his administration … to help them understand."

"I can’t say that the president is fully behind me. I would hope that he is," she added. "I would love to talk to him."

She wants to talk to him.

And a new job offer was put on the table as the administration sought to keep the embarrassing events of this week from being more than a three-day distraction.

But will Sherrod want to return to the Agriculture Department?

"They did make an offer. I just told him I need to think about it," said Sherrod in a telephone interview with The Associated Press

Ms. Sherrod is clearly aiming much higher than returning to the Agriculture Department. She definitely has that ‘new Czar smell.’ Perhaps she can be put in charge of “Fairness.” Given her expertise on media bias, she could even oversee the implementation of the “Fairness Doctrine.”

Of course, she could just end up as the Czar of “shutting up and going away.” However, failing that, Ms. Sherrod will probably settle for suing the USDA for a few million dollars. (And, of course, Breitbart and Fox News.)

Sherrod appeared Thursday morning on CNN, ABC’s "Good Morning America," CBS’s "The Early Show" and NBC’s "Today" show and on MSNBC.

Ms. Sherrod also granted her first interview to the Soros front, Media Matters. But she will not appear on that biased and racist Fox News channel!

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

25 Responses to “Sherrod Wants ‘To Talk To Obama’ (Hint)”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    Of course she wants to talk to him!
    It would provide her with an air of legitimacy and provide her with a public forum.
    Her new profile would provide more leeway to pick a plum payoff from the left.
    She can even lecture her president about knee jerk reactions and tossing his “people” under the bus; although it is more likely she will share a laugh at how they spun the whole thing to the left’s advantage.

    • proreason says:

      “they spun the whole thing to the left’s advantage”

      I wouldn’t bet on that. People will form their own opinion, and her words speak for themselves.

      And a lot more is coming out about this woman. See Steve’s other post about how she scammed a $300,000 payoff for herself (and millions for her partners) while WORKING FOR THE AGENCY that she got the payoff from.

      O’Reilly promised he would have a lot more about her on tonight’s show. Probably the $300K scam is most of it, but he seemed to imply she also has a long history of far-left loonism. For example, examples have already appeared where she is berating Republicans, even though she was in a government position.

      And as Steve pointed out, her husband was also one of the founders of a virulent, far far left organization decades ago.

      This woman is no saint. Libtards won’t care. The country will.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Another interesting development. My first instinct is “What is her game? What is she playing at?”
    I know what it LOOKS like and maybe she has the best of intentions. I will not categorically dismiss her based on what others have said.

    But I will watch it very closely and make my own assessment.

  3. oldpuppydixie says:

    Relax, Shirley. Hussein has undoubtedly been working for MONTHS on ways to destroy Breitbart and FOX news. He doesn’t need you to remind him of the danger they pose to the left.

  4. mlrm says:

    Where are your facts?
    Do you guys know who Ms. Sherrod is? Do you know her husband, the Reverand Dr. Sherrod is one of the living legends of the Civil Rights movement? He was one of the founders of the SNCC.
    Do you know the story of how he was beaten and arrested when he tried to register to vote? It was maybe his first law suit: he got a federal injunction allowing him to register to vote. Ms. Sherrod was one of the college students supporting him that day.
    He was one of the major organizers of peaceful sit ins in the civil rights movements. He was beaten and threatened with death repeatedly AND NEVER LIFTED ANYTHING BUT THE OTHER CHEEK.
    When he was almost beaten to death and prayed to God to save him a young black women, a stranger to him, threw herself over his unresisting body and begged the white thugs not to kill him.
    He worked closely with doctor Martin Luther King and was one of the prime organizers of Selma. He was the one who pioneered the no bail policy of the SNCC which was later adopted by Dr. King. He is a respected Baptist minister who crusades against drugs and preaches the healing power of God’s love.
    Let us celebrate this wonderful women and her extraordinairy fight for justice and racial healing.

    • proreason says:

      The fact is she scammed the government out of $300,000 while holding a government position.

      The fact is her husband is one of the founders of one of the most radical student organizations of the 60’s.

      The fact is that she uses racist language like she was drinking water.

      Are you a racist too mlrm? You are making a good case for it by ignoring the relevant points of this radical woman’s history and swallowing hook line and sinker the instant mythology they are creating for her.

      The NAACP knew everything about her when they quickly repudiated her. The fact is she made her racist speech TO the NAACP. The government also knew everything about her when they fired her. She has worked for the government for years. There is no lack of knowledge about her extreme radical history and con jobs to get rich. When they realized she couldn’t be hidden any longer, they acted quickly.

      But now that the national race baiting organization has jumped on the story, they have reversed themselves. Why would that be? Do you now of any other reasons than capitulating to lock-step, knee-jerk 99% voting bloc?

      Some heroine.

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      Pro, mlrm is probably a bot created by someone in the administration or NAACP to do damage control and spread positive PR for Mrs. Sherrod on conservative blogs. It’s message to sterile and consistent to be a real person.

    • proreason says:

      She is probably a person pulling scripted phrases from a list. She occasionally includes a phrase that mildly responds to a post, so she can’t be a pure bot. But there are no spelling or gramatical errors, which is impossible for someone to do in 15 or so posts. And the propaganda is definitely relentless with a very consistent tone.

      Here’s a test.

      HEY MRLM, write a couple of hundred words for us that will prove you aren’t just copying canned phrases from a list. Any reasonably intelligent person should be able to write a few paragraphs to explain who they are. Can you do that? If you can’t, we will have to assume you are just a stupid racist, with a cut system to populate posts from canned phrases.

      I’m betting on stupid.

    • canary says:

      mlrm is probably making the story up, but obviously she doesn’t understand if someone robs you, doesn’t make it alright to rob others. Doesn’t sound like Sherrod practiced turn the other cheek, not that anyone slapped her, and she got a job in agriculture when she has a degree in Sociology. And being on the Justice for Black Woman Society can show her bigotry towards men.

      Now we know why farmers struggle & we are getting more produce from Mexico where the food is grown with bad water, and not held to the standard that America farmers have to meet.

      So according to mlrm, So Ms. Sherrod was one of those who encouraged black people to cheat, rob, & mob white people, out of revenge, that led things to such as busing, where white children & teachers couldn’t walk the halls or home, without getting assaulted or robbed. Couldn’t go to school games, amusement parks, the zoo for at least a decade. Things that led white people to be wary to hire a black person.
      Obama, whose friends with the likes of JayZ whose music breeds, violence, rape, drugs, & murder. Schools having to get gun detectors, because of the gangs. Black people are killing & robbing each other, and Obama banned guns leading to the most violent city in America. Obama doesn’t want honest good black people running this country. He wants ACORN child traffickers, panthers like Van Jones, underground weather bombers. Birds of a feather flock together.
      Obama who banned black people from having guns to defend themselves against gang-bangers, did nothing about crack houses, encourages violent music by invitations of JayZ to the WH.
      Racist Obama who will put Blaggo in jail, while he and rewards his racist politicians.
      Obama is giving illegals & muslims more rights than black people. He is harming the reputations of blacks who do not share his paranoia, dishonesty, revenge, and lack of morals & lawfulness.

    • U NO HOO says:

      SNCC, Some Negoes Causing Commotion

    • U NO HOO says:

      SNCC, Some Negroes Causing Commotion

  5. beautyofreason says:

    “”He was willing to destroy me … in order to try to destroy the NAACP,” Sherrod said.”

    Nice show of paranoia. She’ll do well for our thin skinned president.

    I think the NAACP destroyed their image of racial harmony when they invited Jeremiah Wright to speak….and when their members clapped after Sherrod said she didn’t help the white farmer as much as she could. The audience didn’t yet have the context of the speech either, but they went ahead and celebrated an apparently racist act. Hypocrites?

  6. CGardner says:

    The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, where Shirley Sherrod worked for 30 years, definitely could use a bit of investigation for their role in Pigford scams. While googling, I ran across the testimony of a director there, who “personally” helped 1,000 black farmers in Alabama fill out reparation claims for the lawsuit. Interesting, that the gubmint estimated that there were fewer than 20,000 black farmers in the South who actually farmed during the years covered by the lawsuit. This group may be to Pigford as ACORN is to voting registration.


  7. pamypo says:

    I want to talk race with Mr Obama, could someone please have him give me a call.

  8. U NO HOO says:

    I’d never fire someone who spoke in my house in my presence unless I knew he/she was racist.

  9. mlrm says:

    Here is the scoop on me. My postdoc thesis is due in three weeks so I have been cruising the internet as a procrastination.
    I am writing my thesis on comparing the Florida, Louisiana, and Texas law of hurricanes and analyzing the impact of federal policy on the states’ policies. I am paying particular attention to how the Federal Flood Insurance program distorts the market and encourages risk. Twenty years ago I was a big firm lawyer (energy department). I quit to become a full time Mom.
    I have also been a professional chef and have worked for several years part time as a gardner since I love to garden.
    My father was the dean of a medical school and I have two sisters: one is a retired air force colonel and the other was an associate professor of medicine, a Mayo fellow, and is now in private practice and appalled at what is happening to the medical community. My brother is, well, sad.
    My baby starts college this fall.
    Anything else?

    • proreason says:



      I’m stunned at your education level. STUNNED.

      and on top of that, you aren’t a child.

      We are doomed.

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      Damn, I was waiting for the part where you tell us your uncle is Neil Armstrong and he personally brought you a chunk of green cheese from the moon. Missed another troll feeding session.

  10. mlrm says:

    That’s me: a women of many surprises.

  11. xdannyh says:

    Yes it is rather obvious that mlrm is a person of high learning, with a tangible ax to grind, to boot! How else can you explain her argument that Ms. Sherrod is good, because her husband was good, What has one got to do with the other. I mean we are talking about the woman here aren’t we??
    But so what!
    the tape editing still goes on, the apparent clapping by the NCAAP members at the racist remarks has been edited out, at least that is what I have been told, waiting to hear otherwise.
    I remember another case of racial tape editing for a political purpose. The R King affair, where the whole tape was never shown by the msm.
    But Hey guess what? the whole media experience is nothing more or less than a “48 hours” telecast, where the dupes in the audience are groomed to a certain opinion by selective editing.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Yes I have been hearing the version of the tape with the audience toned down too.

      And yes the moment this story stops yielding political profit is the moment the apparatchiks drop it, but not a moment to soon. It’ll be either when Conservatives’ constant defense of the truth roots itself back into public perception, when a fresher psuedo-scandal emerges they can pounce on, or when the greater narrative returns back to the regime and the apparatchiks are forced to return to circling the wagons around home base.

    • proreason says:

      This isn’t the big one.

      Not close enough to November.

  12. jrmcdonald says:

    Did she really name one of her kids ‘Russia?’

  13. caligirl9 says:

    If Ms. Sherrod had a lily-white (no pun intended) history of color-blind service in her position at the Department of Agriculture or in any of her previous positions, the NAACP would not have been so quick to throw her under the bus.

    Do you think the Catholic church would have thrown Mother Theresa under the bus if she’d missed feeding one leper ONCE? Me neither.

    Ms. Sherrod simply got caught this time.

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