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Shiites Attack Kurdish Offices Over Comments

From the terrorist lovers at Reuters:

Gunmen storm Kurdish offices in southern Iraq.

KERBALA, Iraq (Reuters) – Gunmen angered by criticism of a Shi'ite cleric ransacked offices of President Jalal Talabani's Kurdish party in southern Iraq on Friday, while hundreds in Basra took to the streets in protest.

Jameel Zangana, a senior official with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Kerbala, said gunmen smashed windows and doors of the PUK office in the city.

In the nearby city of Kut, police said a guard was injured during a similar attack by about 50 men on the PUK office. Photographs taken by Reuters showed light damage and the burned remnants of office furniture in front of the building.

The attacks came after Fadhila — a Shi'ite party powerful in Basra — demanded an apology from Talabani for an article in the PUK's official newspaper accusing Fadhila's top cleric, Sheikh al-Yaqoubi, of "pouring oil on fire to inflame a war between Arab Shi'ites and Kurds" in Kirkuk.

Kurds claim the oil-rich city, but it is also home to many Turkmen, Sunni and Shi'ite Arabs.

Fadhila spokesman Sabah al-Saeidi said on Thursday that the article, published in the al-Ittihad newspaper on Tuesday, had insulted the cleric and warranted redress.

"The party demands an apology from the president of the (PUK) and to publish it in the same newspaper which did wrong to Sheikh Yaqoubi," Saeidi told a news conference.

Talabani's office issued a statement saying that he regretted the incidents and had not been aware of the newspaper article. The Basra marchers dispersed peacefully after they were informed of Talabani's remarks, the PUK said.

I guess the followers of the Religion Of Peace have never heard the adage about "sticks and stones."

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