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Shocker: Assange Turns Against Everyone

From Australia’s News.Com:

WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange turns on everyone

December 21, 2010

JULIAN Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks, today launched a wide ranging series of attacks on both his enemies and allies as he defended his public and private conduct.

In his first UK newspaper interview since releasing hundreds of secret diplomatic cables last month, Mr Assange told The Times he predicts the US will face reprisals if it attempts to extradite him on conspiracy charges.

Which sounds remarkably like a threat. In fact, it is not unlike what every day run of the mill terrorists say.

He accused his media partners at The Guardian newspaper, which worked with him to make the embarrassing leaks public, of unfairly tarnishing him by revealing damaging details of the sex assault allegations he faces in Sweden.

Isn’t irony ironic? But as they say, ‘people who live in glass houses — shouldn’t live in glass houses.’

He insisted that the women behind the claims were motivated by revenge.

Which, you will note, is quite a change of tune. Previously, Mr. Assange had gallantly claimed that these women were CIA minions. But that was when he was using the patented Marion Barry, ‘the bitch set me up,’ defence.

Mr Assange said he had enough material ready to destroy the bosses of one of the world’s biggest banks.

Isn’t this blackmail?

Speaking from the English mansion where he is confined on bail, the 39-year-old Australian said that the decision to publish incriminating police files about him was "disgusting".

The Guardian had previously used him as its source for hundreds of leaked US embassy cables.

Mr Assange is understood to be particularly angry with a senior reporter at the paper and former friend for "selectively publishing" incriminating sections of the police report, although The Guardian made clear that the WikiLeaks founder was given several days to respond.

Mr Assange claimed the newspaper received leaked documents from Swedish authorities or "other intelligence agencies" intent on jeopardising his defence.

Mr. Assange seems to be quite oblivious to the irony here. And much else.

"The leak was clearly designed to undermine my bail application," he said. "Someone in authority clearly intended to keep Julian in prison."

Mr. Assange is starting to refer to himself in the third person. Which is a hallmark of megalomania. — As if we needed any more evidence.

He denied allegations of sexual assault and said that the allegations by two Swedish women he met in August "came from nowhere"

Not the CIA?

When asked if he was promiscuous, he replied: "I’m not promiscuous. I just really like women."

This would appear to be something he feels compelled to prove to himself on a regular basis. (Cf. ‘Don Juan complex.’)

Mr Assange also confirmed that WikiLeaks was holding a vast amount of material about a bank which it intends to release early next year.

Shares in Bank of America recently fell after speculation spread that it was the target.

"We don’t want the bank to suffer unless it’s called for," Mr Assange said. "But if its management is operating in a responsive way there will be resignations."

Apparently, there are no laws against this kind of blackmail if it involves an evil bank. Even a bank that happens to be one of the major funders of Hollywood.

Still, what a rich source of entertainment Mr. Assange is turning out to be.

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5 Responses to “Shocker: Assange Turns Against Everyone”

  1. JohnMG says:

    …..”When asked if he was promiscuous, he replied: “I’m not promiscuous. I just really like women.” ………..

    This is hilarious! Now, let’s re-frame the debate and issue the following;

    “When asked if he was bigoted, Bubba Joe replied: “I’m not bigoted. I just really hate Mexicans.”

    I still think this guy’s real name is Julie Anne.

  2. proreason says:

    The more I hear of Mr. Assange, the more I realize he is a run-of-the-mill marxist / progressive.

    His anger and hatred is palpable. You vill submit or you VILL suffer.

  3. wardmama4 says:

    Mr Assange is understood to be particularly angry with a senior reporter at the paper and former friend for “selectively publishing” incriminating sections of the police report,

    Ironic isn’t it – the Leaker gets Leaked and doesn’t like it

    Man up Julie – opps, my bad, Julian – If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

    What a liberal schmuck.

    pardon my redundancy.

  4. mr_bill says:

    Have you ever seen an addict confronted on the Intervention TV show? When they can no longer deny they are an addict and they are faced with the reality that they must go to treatment or there will be consequences, they act exactly like JuliAnne. They lash out at everybody in the room for every perceived offense, contorting the truth to fit their diseased, distorted view of the situation. They swear at their family members who have supported their sickness and turn on the friends who bailed them out when they had nowhere else to turn.

  5. NoNeoCommies says:

    The one thing about this that will hurt him the most is that he is losing the “cloak of cool” that used to help him talk women into going back to his room.
    Now he is just a whiny, blackmailing misogynist.

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