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Shocker: Aussies Institute Citizenship Test

From an outragedBBC NEWS:

Australia unveils immigrant tests

August 26, 2007

Australia has unveiled details of a new citizenship test for immigrants.

They will be asked questions about history, institutions and culture – as well as committing to Australian social values focusing on “mateship”…

Critics believe the requirement of an English language exam discriminates against non-English speakers…

The prospective citizen will have to give a correct answer to 12 out of 20 questions – drawn from a total of about 200.

Some elements will almost certainly be beyond the knowledge of many ordinary Australians, says the BBC’s Nick Bryant in Sydney…

Applicants who fail the test will be allowed to re-sit the examination.

But Kate Gauthier, national co-ordinator of refugee support group A Just Australia, criticised the government for introducing a citizenship exam.

If they want to have Australia be more integrated they should spend more money on programs that achieve that instead of punishing people who are having trouble achieving that [integration] because they have language barriers and are recovering from things like torture,” she was quoted as saying to the Sunday Herald Sun newspaper…

For the first time, the draft guide lists 10 essential Australian values every citizen must embrace – focusing on “mateship and a fair go” and including tolerance, compassion, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and secular government, equality of men and women and peacefulness…

“A mate can be a spouse, partner, brother, sister, daughter, son or friend. A mate can be a stranger.”

The formulation caused controversy in 1999 when voters rejected an attempt by Prime Minister John Howard to have the concept written into the preamble to the constitution.

It was criticised as too sexist, or inappropriate for a formal document.

Thank goodness the BBC went to experts to decide whether these questions would be fair or not:

Some elements will almost certainly be beyond the knowledge of many ordinary Australians, says the BBC’s Nick Bryant in Sydney.

Here is a list of possible questions from Sydney’s Herald-Sun:

Citizenship test – Questions

Can you pass the Aussie test? The questions below have been derived from federal government’s new Becoming an Australian Citizen pamphlet.

1. When did Australia’s first European immigrants arrive?
2. What event in the mid-19th-century, attracted an average of 50 000 free settlers to Australia?
3. What is Australia’s national language?
4. Of which two peoples does Australia’s Indigenous population comprise?
5. How many states and mainland territories does Australia have?
6. What is Australia’s Capital Territory?
7. Where is Canberra located and when was it established?
8. Where does the name ‘Canberra’ originate from?
9. Does Australia have an official or state religion?
10. When is Australia’s national day celebrated, and why?
11. What is depicted on the Australian Coat of Arms?
12. What are our National colours?
13. What is Anzac Day?
14. Who, or what, are diggers?
15. What is our nation’s biggest sporting event?
16. Which famous horse won many races during the Depression?
17. In what year was there a proposal to change the Aboriginal sections of the constitution so they could be counted in the nation’s census?
18. Who is Australia’s Head of State?
19. Name three of Australia’s strongest industries?
20. What are Australia’s biggest exports?

Luckily the poor immigrants can keep taking the test until they can guess right on 12 out of 20 questions.

Or until the “immigrant rights” advocates get a hold of all 200 questions.

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