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Shocker: Axelrod Blames Bush For Gitmo

An excerpt from CNN’s ‘State Of The Union’ with Candy Crowley, via a transcript from Time

Transcript: Axelrod on "State of the Union" July 11, 2010

CROWLEY: One last question, because we’ve got to run here. Guantanamo Bay prison, still not closed. Why not?

AXELROD: Well, obviously there is tremendous resistance to that in Congress. Also, we confronted, when we got there…

CROWLEY: You have nowhere to put them?

AXELROD: That’s part of the problem. But the other part of the problem is, when we got there, what we found was there was absolutely no case history on anybody there. So we had to, kind of, reconstruct exactly who these folks were…

CROWLEY: For 18 months.

AXELROD: … and now some have been transferred; others are bound for transfer; others are bound for trial; and some are still there as detainees whose — whose status is undetermined.

But in order to close Guantanamo, we obviously have to move them to a — a prison in the states. We identified a location. We have not yet gotten a consensus to move forward on that, and we’re going to continue to work on it.

CROWLEY: Will it close this year?

AXELROD: We’ll see.

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4 Responses to “Shocker: Axelrod Blames Bush For Gitmo”

  1. jambon says:

    Hard-hitting questions from Crowley…

  2. bill says:

    Yeah like who would want to make their town a terror target. The simplest things escape morons.

  3. proreason says:

    These people are all morons.

    Is there even one of them that acts like an adult?

  4. stir crazy says:

    Mealy-mouthed moronic Hitler-look-alike.

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