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Shocker: Bill Clinton Backed Colombia Deal

In the rush of events we almost missed this nugget dug up by a reader of the Politico:

Bill Clinton backed Colombia trade deal: ‘Estoy a favor’

By Ben Smith

A reader in Latin America turned up a June 23, 2005 article from the news portal Terra (reprinted (.doc) by the Bogota government) that quotes Bill Clinton offering unambiguous support for the free trade agreement with Colombia.

The article is in Spanish, so what follows is a translation of a translation, but the gist is unmistakable:

“We need your help to expedite the signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the EU is very important to give a clear signal of what the relations between the two countries should be,” President Alvaro Uribe said yesterday to the former president of the EU Bill Clinton, during Expogestion 2005.

“I will raise your point when you return to the United States,” Clinton replied. “I am in favor of the free trade agreement and it is my hope that we will find the right formula to reach the agreement.”

The story also reports that Clinton received a two-minute standing ovation after “applauding Colombia’s perserverence for the progress made in the Free Trade Agreement negotiations with the United States.” …

UPDATE: More from Clinton in Colombia in 2005 here, with him regretting the loss of momentum for Andean trade, and saying the failure to reach agreement would be a “mistake.”

UPDATE: A Clinton spokesman notes Bill has publicly backed free trade with Colombia since 2000.

Sometimes it almost seems like Mrs. Clinton is a liar and a hypocrite.

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