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Shocker: Democrats Set To Go It Alone

A press release from the Democrat National Committee via the New York Times:

Democrats Seem Set to Go It Alone on a Health Bill


August 19, 2009

WASHINGTON — Given hardening Republican opposition to Congressional health care proposals, Democrats now say they see little chance of the minority’s cooperation in approving any overhaul, and are increasingly focused on drawing support for a final plan from within their own ranks.

Top Democrats said Tuesday that their go-it-alone view was being shaped by what they saw as Republicans’ purposely strident tone against health care legislation during this month’s Congressional recess, as well as remarks by leading Republicans that current proposals were flawed beyond repair.

Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, said the heated opposition was evidence that Republicans had made a political calculation to draw a line against any health care changes, the latest in a string of major administration proposals that Republicans have opposed.

“The Republican leadership,” Mr. Emanuel said, “has made a strategic decision that defeating President Obama’s health care proposal is more important for their political goals than solving the health insurance problems that Americans face every day.”

The Democratic shift may not make producing a final bill much easier. The party must still reconcile the views of moderate and conservative Democrats worried about the cost and scope of the legislation with those of more liberal lawmakers determined to win a government-run insurance option to compete with private insurers.

On the other hand, such a change could alter the dynamic of talks surrounding health care legislation, and even change the substance of a final bill. With no need to negotiate with Republicans, Democrats might be better able to move more quickly, relying on their large majorities in both houses.

Democratic senators might feel more empowered, for example, to define the authority of the nonprofit insurance cooperatives that are emerging as an alternative to a public insurance plan…

How is this news? Even by the lowly standards of the New York Times?

The Democrats have always intended to go it alone. They only ever wanted or needed any compliant (in name only) Republicans as cover.

But they don’t even need the cover. And they certainly aren’t going to blow this once in a lifetime opportunity to expand their control over their lives over trivia about getting any temporary blame.

It simply is to laugh.

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7 Responses to “Shocker: Democrats Set To Go It Alone”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    But will they go against the will of their constituents? They can not think for one minute that these Town Halls are a fluke. Well, they are a arrogant crop of Bravos for sure and I wouldn’t bet a plug nickel against it.

    Why do they call themselves “Representatives” anyway?
    What do they represent?

  2. curvyred says:

    Go right ahead. And stop blaming us for being “obstructionists, the party of no, and all the other cute little monikers.

  3. proreason says:

    It’s really pretty scary.

    They may have enough votes to ram it through even if 100% of their constituents are opposed.

    And their leaders are fanatics. Look at it from Pelosi’s or The Moron’s perspective. Stretch will retain her seat, no matter what. If The Moron loses in 2012, he would figure he can win in 2016. They and others see this as their best chance ever to put in place the mechanism to totally control the public and the country. If a few lose their seats, isn’t it a price worth paying? The mechanism is impossible to unwind, and as its grip tightens on the country, those who lose their seats probably figure thay will be able to come back next time, and enjoy the remainder of their lives as Amerika’s permanent commissaristocracy.

    Looking at it in gambling terms, if you somehow put yourself into a position where you have a $10,000 bet with a 50-50 chance of winning $1,000,000, even though losing would be painful, you HAVE to go for it.

  4. VMAN says:

    This is a very serious crossroad for this country. Either the libs will be destroyed once and for all or they will entrench themselves permanently. God help us all.

  5. thetimeisright says:

    The picture above say,s it all. Congress is so self absorbed.

  6. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The dems had this in mind all along. The whole business of holding town hall meetings during the recess was all just a farce to make everyone think they were willing to listen to the people. Despite this glaring example It amazes me that people continue to vote them into office because they believe them to be the party of the people.

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