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Dems Say Florida Primary Will Count After All

From her unabashed admirers at Reuters:

Democratic presidential candidate US Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) arrives in Sarasota, Florida for a fund-raising event January 27,2008.

Primary votes will count, Florida Democrats say

By Jane Sutton

MIAMI (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidates have swarmed through Florida looking for votes but a family squabble has kept Democratic rivals out of the state or reduced them to sneaking inside its borders…

“I believe that it absolutely will happen,” Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman said. “Our voices do count and we’re going to be heard and we’re going to vote.”

In the labyrinthine process to choose party nominees for the November election, the national parties set the rules and decide who goes first in the state-by-state race. Florida jumped the queue by moving up its primary election to January 29, hoping to have more of a say in the selection of candidates…

The Democratic National Committee dealt a harsher penance, stripping the state of all 210 delegates to that party’s nominating convention in August. They also extracted a pledge from the candidates not to campaign in Florida, although the candidates are on the ballot for this Tuesday’s voting…

Sen. Hillary Clinton, in an about-face last week, said she wants the Democratic delegates reinstated and counted in Florida and in Michigan, another earlier voting state where they were barred by the national party.

In those states, Clinton could stake a claim to nearly all the delegates to the nominating convention in question — more than 350

“The common goal that we all have is electing a Democratic president and that will require us to go in united,” said Thurman, the state Democratic chairwoman.

In the meantime, Democratic candidates have stealthily visited the state for private fund-raisers, which the rules allow, and prominent Florida Democrats are pleading with the party to release them from the no-campaign pledge.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink said the ban serves no purpose “except to give the Republican Party a head start for the general election.” …

Note that the quotes within the article do not quite support its headline.

But of course these votes will count and the delegates will be seated — if Hillary wins.

We are talking about the Clinton machine. It makes Tammany Hall look like a Girl Scout troop.

By the way, if a Republican candidate were breaking his party’s rules like this, would the media call it a “family squabble” and pretend that there’s nothing to it?

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