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Shocker: Hillary Leads Fundraising Horse Race

Though it really shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone who is sitting up and taking nourishment. Most would realize she was a Hsu-in.

Still here is the breathless news, from a giddy Reuters:

Clinton reports raising $27 million

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday reported raising $27 million in campaign money in the third quarter, surpassing all other candidates in the race.

“Hillary wanted you to know that this was our best quarter yet,” said an e-mail from her campaign manager, Patty Solis Doyle.

Her top rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, reported raising $19 million for the primary election season and $1 million for the general campaign in the quarter that ended September 30.

Clinton’s $27 million included $22 million for the primary race that begins in January and the rest for the general campaign ahead of the November 2008 election.

Doyle said the amount was “substantially more than any other candidate in the race.”

This story epitomizes just about all you need to know about our watchdog media.

Mrs. Bill Clinton has been up to her lifted eyelids in the worst fundraising scandals in history, but the news that she has raised so much money is presented as a triumph by Reuters. 

Yet this “reporter” felt no need to mention any context. She is ahead. You see, she is loved. She is inevitable.

In fact, the selfsame media that decries the corrupting power of money in politics is always more interested in reporting who is ahead in the fundraising horse race than they are on giving us any real information about the issues, or the candidate’s actual records. Or their scandals.

To them it’s all a big game. And of course they have put their little all on their favorite.

And they are doing all they can to assure that she wins.

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