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Shocker: Hillary Puts The Press In Its Place

From the Chicago Tribune:

Clinton press corps tries toilet journalism…no, really

by Rick Pearson

AUSTIN, Texas—Perhaps a better dateline would be the Texas flush-handle.

Yes, it was a night where journalism turned into urinalism for the traveling Hillary Clinton press corps, which is covering the Democratic presidential candidate making a speech at a rally at a sports facility.

Ann Compton, the veteran ABC News radio correspondent, said the press digs were among the more unusual she has seen. But, she added, if it was the White House in charge of the event, they would have put potted plants in the urinals and turned them into planters.

In any event, the Clinton campaign maintains that the filing center was not a reaction to the campaign’s complaints that the New York senator has been getting a lot more scrutiny than her rival, Barack Obama of Illinois.

Yet the campaign housed the press in the bathroom/athletic training room for about 5 hours. Was that a stall tactic?

But in a campaign that hasn’t exactly been flush with success lately, and is looking to remain viable in Tuesday’s primaries, it’s not unusual to wonder what the Clinton camp was thinking. Perhaps, yellow journalism?

(Photo at right: Tribune Co. reporters Rick Pearson, in foreground, and Glenn Thrush doing their business in a setting where doing one’s business is common.)

And yet they still love her as much as ever.

Go figure.

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