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Shocker: Hillary Sees Giants Win As Omen

From her cheerleaders at the New York Times:

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) poses for a photograph while watching the NFL’s Super Bowl XLII football game with supporters in St. Paul, Minnesota February 3, 2008.

Clinton’s Post-Game Show

By Patrick Healy

ABOARD THE CLINTON PRESS PLANE – Before taking off to New York late Sunday night, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton hailed the New York football Giants and made a few quips about Senator Barack Obama and the people of Massachusetts, who vote on Feb. 5.

Told that Mr. Obama was supporting the Patriots – the home team of his supporters Edward M. Kennedy, John Kerry, and Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, Mrs. Clinton grinned and said, “Hm, I wonder why.”

And reminded that she had two campaign stops in Massachusetts on Monday, she joked: “They can redeem themselves on Tuesday – they can vote for a winner.”

Otherwise she took the Giants’ victory as tidings of things to come.

Well, I think this is a real omen,” she said…

Let’s hope it is ominous. The Patriots were “inevitable,” too.

Of course it is only natural for Hillary to identify with the football team.

The New Jersey Giants have about as much to do with New York as she does.

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