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Shocker: N Korea Talks End Without Deal

From those lovers of Communist dictators at BBC NEWS:


Korea talks break up without deal

High-level talks between North and South Korea have broken up without agreement after a rift over Seoul’s decision to delay rice aid shipments.

Both sides said they would continue to “study issues aimed at promoting peace on the Korean peninsula”, but did not give dates for the next round of talks.

Seoul has linked resumption of food aid to progress from the North over its pledge to shut down a nuclear reactor.

But the North has not moved forward due to a dispute involving frozen assets.

Pyongyang has refused to honour its February promise to “shut down and seal” its Yongbyon reactor until it has access to its funds in a Macau bank.

Work has been ongoing since February to unblock the money – which the US had claimed was tied to money laundering and counterfeiting – but the North has still not withdrawn it…

South Korea insisted it had made clear to the North that its 400,000 tonnes of food aid – the first shipment of which was due in late May – was linked to its February pledge.

But Pyongyang is reported to have protested strongly that the two issues were unrelated – and accused “foreign powers” such as the United States of interfering with the rice deal.

The stand-off prevented progress on other inter-Korean issues such as the formal opening of cross-border railways and greater economic co-operation.

There was speculation that the North had threatened to suspend family reunions between North and South Koreans…

It looks more and more like Mr. Bolton was right.

Of course the only real news here is that South Korea would actually suspend its food aid.

How dare they not feed their mortal enemies?

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