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Shocker: Libya Could Be Facing A Civil War

From a blind-sided Reuters:

Militias could drag Libya into civil war: NTC chief

January 4, 2011

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Libya risks sliding into civil war unless it brings under control the rival militias which filled the vacuum left by Muammar Gaddafi’s downfall, the head of the interim administration said after an outbreak of violence in the capital.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC), issued the stark warning in response to a gun battle between militias in one of Tripoli’s busiest streets which killed four fighters.

More than two months after anti-Gaddafi fighters captured and killed the former dictator, Libya’s new rulers still struggle to exert their authority as rival militia leaders refuse to cede control of their fighters and hand in their arms.

"We are now between two bitter options," Abdel Jalil told a gathering in the eastern city of Benghazi late on Tuesday.

"We deal with these violations (clashes between militias) strictly and put the Libyans in a military confrontation which we don’t accept, or we split and there will be a civil war."

"If there’s no security, there will be no law, no development and no elections," he said. "People are taking the law into their own hands."

But this is ‘how democracy works,’ isn’t it? One gun, one vote?

The militias, drawn from dozens of different towns and ideological camps, led the nine-month fight, backed by NATO air strikes, to end Gaddafi’s 42-year rule. Now though, they are reluctant to disband and lay down their arms.

They are vying with each other for influence in the new Libya, and believe that to ensure they receive their share of political power they need to keep an armed presence in the capital

Funny how there is no mention of Al Qaeda anywhere in this article. They must not have anything to do with any of this disharmony. Even though Gadhafi was convinced they were trying to overthrow him and take power.

But, instead, it’s all the fault of those damn militias. Which we armed.

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One Response to “Shocker: Libya Could Be Facing A Civil War”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    This is stunning news, absolutely stunning. is this –

    1. Psyops to lean on Congress to cough up more dough?
    2. Psyops to lean on Allies to cough up more dough?
    3. Psyops to disturb traditional Muslim clan leaders against the Brotherhood?
    4. Psyops to prep the media battlefield for Hillary to make glorious announcement?
    5. Psyops to prep the way for select American interests to get established first before European and Asian interests figure out there ain’t no civil war?
    7. Reserve Psyops in case something goes sideways, or

    Just plain ol’ psychological operations on a slow day at Reuters?

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