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Media Covered-Up Hillary Henchman’s DUI

From New Hampshire’s Nashua Telegraph:

Clinton adviser arrested in Nashua


Saturday, January 12, 2008

NASHUA – A top Clinton adviser faces charges of aggravated driving while intoxicated after city police caught him speeding through Greeley Park a day before the state primary.

Sidney Blumenthal, longtime friend and senior adviser to presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y. was allegedly driving a rented car north on Concord Street at a speed of 70 mph when Nashua Police Sgt. Mike Masella decided to stop it at about 12:30 a.m. Monday.

“That’s kinda fast,” Masella said, adding that the speed limit was 30 mph.

Masella said he activated the blue lights on his police cruiser at which point Blumenthal stopped his vehicle at the entrance to the Henri Burque Highway.

Although he was driving the opposite direction, Blumenthal, 59, told Masella he had just left Manchester and was trying to get to his hotel.

“I said ‘You’re coming from a different area,’ and he admitted he was lost,” Masella said.

Several factors, such as the smell of alcohol led him to suspect Blumenthal may be intoxicated, Masella said, and he instructed arriving officer Christopher Ditullio to give Blumenthal a field sobriety test.

Blumenthal was arrested after completing the test and taken to the police department where he refused to take a breath test and was booked on a charge of aggravated driving while intoxicated, Masella said.

The charge is aggravated due to the speed Blumenthal’s vehicle was traveling before it was stopped, he said.

Blumenthal was jailed at the department for about four hours before he was bailed later that morning, Masella said.

Because he refused the breath test, Blumenthal, who carries a Washington, D.C., driver’s license, may not drive a vehicle in New Hampshire pending the outcome of his court case, Masella said.

Notice the timeline here.

Mr. Blumenthal was caught driving (allegedly) drunk last Sunday night. He was arrested and then bailed out early Monday morning.

In other words, all of this happened before Tuesday’s crucial primary vote, but there was not one word in the news about it, despite the countless number of “reporters” scratching around New Hampshire desperate for a story.

Indeed, Mr. Blumenthal even appeared on the dais with Hillary for her Tuesday night victory speech. He was also regularly quoted in press accounts of this historic victory without a peep from our watchdog media about his DUI arrest two days before.

Now just imagine if this had been an advisor to a Republican candidate, rather than one of the Clintons’ most thuggish henchmen. This would have been shouted from the rooftops. It would have been the biggest news since the crash of the Hindenburg.

But the media always protect their masters. It’s job number one with them.

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