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Obama/Medicaid Drops Mom With Cancer

From Miami’s CBS affiliate WFOR:

Medicaid Drops Coverage For Mom With Cancer

April 10, 2010

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) ― A woman battling a cancer battle was dealt a surprise blow by Uncle Sam this month.

Diana Smith has gone through six months of radiation and chemotherapy — one week out of every month. She is in remission and had a donor for a transplant; being in remission is prerequisite for the transplant.

But her hopes of receiving the transplant were dashed in March, when she says, the Social Security Administration contacted her –without her soliciting it — and told her that her three year-old son was entitled to receive Social Security disability payments. Even though she didn’t ask for it, she signed the form and received her son’s first check check.

Why are bureaucrats so eager to give away our tax dollars?

In April, Medicaid canceled her universal health care policy because her income level had risen with her son’s payments – making her ineligible for the insurance program.

The problem is Jackson Memorial Hospital cannot provide the procedure because the risk is too high. The universal policy from Medicaid helps shield the hospital from liability in this kind of case. Without it, they are subject to liability issues.

Wouldn’t tort reform help here?

Even though Smith offered to cancel her son’s disability benefits, she was told it’s too late.

"She’s gone through six months worth of radiation and chemo, her body can’t take anymore. If they don’t allow her to have this transplant coming up right now next week, they’re in effect signing her death warrant," said her friend Tom Noonan.

"I want to live to see my son grow up and get on with my life," Smith told CBS4’s Ted Scouten.

As a result of the WFOR CBS 4 report, State Sen. Dave Aronberg is prepared to take action over the weekend. Social Security officials are also looking into the case to make the surgery happen on Tuesday as had been planned.

Where’s the outrage?

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15 Responses to “Obama/Medicaid Drops Mom With Cancer”

  1. Right of the People says:

    If I was a cynical man I would suspect the guvmint of having set this up with giving her son SS out of the blue. But they wouldn’t do that now, would they? (extreme sarcasm)

    Be afraid boys and girls, be very afraid. The ride is going to get very bumpy.

  2. proreason says:

    Well, if you can accept the report as truthful, which is unlikely since a journalist is involved, then it illustrates one of the biggest problems with government, big or small.


    Everything has to be written down ahead of time. It’s the law you know.

    She makes too much money, case closed. The fact that she was solicited to receive the money from another government bureau? Too bad. The law’s the law. There isn’t even anybody to blame. The law’s the law.

    But she should be comforted by the fact that no evil corporation is making a profit on the situation. That’s the most important thing. When her son remembers her in a couple of years, he will be grateful for that.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Right on, Pro .

      If it’s ‘published’ in the MSM, in my book it’s almost 100% certain to be spun in such a way that the truth of the matter is no longer involved.

  3. drunyan8315 says:

    Damn you, Bush and Cheney!!

  4. U NO HOO says:

    Cancer and transplant of which organ?

    Just asking.

    • confucius says:

      Ms. Smith has leukemia and was hoping for a bone marrow transplant.

      She and her friends got $133,000 in charitable contributions. (This does not include Uncle Sam’s “charitable contributions”–courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.)


    • bgee says:

      confucius, the link says nothing of $133,000. What is your source for that information?

    • confucius says:


      Follow the link I posted and watch the attached videoclip. It’s in the right column.

      In the videoclip, the reporter stated Ms. Smith and friends collected $133,000 in charitable donations for her medical treatments.

      (I was unable to get the URL for the videoclip itself.)

  5. Mithrandir says:

    Well, everyone is going to feel the cold, soul-less hand of government soon.

    What a cruel bait and switch maneuver our government gave her and her son.
    “Here, take this money, Oh….soooory, you are now above your income level to live…..thanks for playing!”

  6. MinnesotaRush says:

    I’d like to know what we’re not being told about this little fiasco. There’s probably more to the story; but, it is sick and twisted enough.

    I doubt that the 3 Stooges in o-blah-blah, Reid and Pelosi will be dragging this poor gal and her son on stage anytime soon to share their story.

    At least not until they can come up with the charming edited version.

  7. canary says:

    She has to be below a certain income to get the state of Florida’s Universal Health Care (for under income people) . (I assume each state runs different?) Having SS’s Medicaid to also pay Florida’s Universal Health Care get’s her better treatment.
    So, it appears the Florida state’s medical care hospital has determined her income put her above the line, so the state cancelled her free care, so Medicaid should still be paying for the treatment, but although Social Security, I think states have different laws. I think some states that person must go to the doctor and hospital they tell you to, and so maybe Medicaids facility does not have an organ.
    Poor reporting that’s for sure.
    She needs to write Obama. He reads letters every night from sick people.

  8. canary says:

    I think Obama stayed away from tort reform, because the govt’s insurance health care plan, you will not be able to file a tort. I think it will run such as the VA. (Also, I noticed some VA language in the 2000 bill, do not forget that Obama tried to force vets to use their own private insurance. Some may not remember this is a fact). So, your going to the government’s hospital and
    they mess up and cut your ear off. There is the VA scale, and there is a federal employee system scale, that injuries, missing parts count a %. So, you won’t be able to sue the government for cutting off your ear, they will just pay you
    maybe 50 dollars a month for the one ear for the rest of your life. Lose your arm because the govt was negligent, might get you 200 dollars a month the rest of your life. There are vets that have 300% ratings of loss limbs & organs but they don’t get more than 100%
    of their pay.

    Meanwhile, another reason Obama isn’t working on malpractice suits is so that private companies go under.

  9. U NO HOO says:

    So, where in heck is the husband/father in this apparent slut’s life?

    No offense intended, just asking.

  10. wardmama4 says:

    I find it so coincidental that she received the application for her son – just as she was finishing up her chemo and just prior to the transplant. It is just so convenient – how journalistic (high sarcasm here) of the reporter not to investigate as to how she managed to get such a great offer at such a coincidentally bad time. [As an aside, my son is eligible for Medicaid and in most other states would be on it – but he/we don’t get applications in the mail at all, ever. Could say we are the wrong color but that would be so racist of me.]

    U No Hoo – come on – she is the one group that the left champions and holds up as sacred – the single mother doing it on her own (all of it). We should laud her.

    What a crock of bs.

    • canary says:

      With the IRS running health care, keeping up with nickle & dime fluctuations , will be costly. Just think you could make 25 cents over the scale, and end up with a 500 dollar bill at the end up the year, and not even have been sick.

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