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Shocker: MoveOn Partnering With The USO?

From a delighted Associated Press:

Deal with MoveOn irks some USO directors


WASHINGTON — The chairman of the United Service Organizations defended its decision to pair with MoveOn.org to provide phone cards to U.S. troops after some USO board members were outraged by a partnership with a group that opposes the Iraq war.

At least one board member, Vietnam veteran John Gioia, called for USO President Edward Powell to be fired over his decision to accept more than $350,000 from MoveOn’s members to buy phone cards for troops overseas…

There were rumblings of discontent over Powell’s decision last month to accept MoveOn’s offer to e-mail its 3.3 million members soliciting $15 contributions to pay for the phone cards.

"USO is partnering with an anti-war, anti-administration organization that castigates the efforts of General Petraeus and our troops – past and present – who have served in Iraq," Gioia said in an e-mail to other USO directors and employees. "I am disgusted by this action."

William Moll, chairman of the USO’s board of governors, defended Powell’s decision, saying in an e-mail to fellow directors that the organization welcomes contributions regardless of the political slant of the donor. He said special steps were taken to make sure MoveOn didn’t make partisan or controversial statements when soliciting their members to give to the USO.

The Associated Press obtained the e-mails from a USO official who requested anonymity because the messages were not intended for wide distribution…

In a brief interview, Gioia said Wednesday that he hopes the USO will come to the conclusion that it was a mistake to team with MoveOn and return the money raised through the group.

"I think we have a chance to solve it internally," Gioia said.

USO spokesman Mark Phillips said Powell stood by his "carefully considered" decision.

"They were eager to work with us with the caveat that of course it had to be nonpartisan, and of course it was," said Eli Pariser, executive director of MoveOn.org’s civic action program.

The USO should not be working with MoveOn.org. The people behind MoveOn hate our soldiers and want to see them defeated.

Let them keep their money and use it to support their real friends, the terrorists and every other enemy of America.

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