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Shocker: Muslims Angered By Carnival Float

From Germany’s Deutsche Welle:

Muslims Angered at Depiction in German Carnival


Some two million people took to the streets of Germany’s Rhine region for the climax of the carnival season Monday but Muslim representatives were angered by floats featuring bearded men in turbans and explosives belts.

The carnival floats in parades through the region’s cities traditionally take an irreverent look at world events, but the Central Council of Muslims in Germany condemned one float in Düsseldorf which featured fiberglass models of two bearded men wearing turbans and explosives belts and brandishing guns.

The word "Cliche" was printed on one of the men, while the other bore the word "Reality."

The depiction of Islam was "barefaced lies" and the float was "using negative images to seek attention," the Central Council’s secretary general Aiman Mazyek told Tuesday’s edition of the Westdeutsche Zeitung daily.

Mazyek said he asked himself what the float was meant to signal. "This is how I read the message: ‘We love our prejudices and we strengthen them with blatant lies if necessary,’" Mazyek told the paper. "It has nothing to do with humor," he added.

Organizers of the festivities in the carnival centers of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz had promised a return to satirical themes this year after a relatively restrained showing in 2006 in the wake of the controversy over the publication by a Danish newspaper of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed

One float in Cologne showed US President George W. Bush being spanked by the Statue of Liberty while another depicted French presidential candidates Segolene Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy as boxing cockerels…

It surely is an outrageous calumny against a noble religion and famously peaceable people.

Meanwhile, from their allies at the Associated Press:

Suicide bomber strikes funeral in Baghdad; car bombs hit city

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

BAGHDAD (AP) – A suicide bomber struck a funeral in Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least seven people as the insurgents continued to defy a major U.S.-Iraqi security operation in the capital.

The attacker, wearing a belt packed with explosives, followed a funeral procession into a tent before detonating the blast in a mostly Shiite district of eastern Baghdad, police said. Besides the dead, at least 15 people were injured.

In other bloodshed across Baghdad, a car bomb and a suicide attacker killed at least 11 people.

More than 100 people have been killed in the Baghdad area since Sunday…

More "barefaced lies."


Tellingly, the wire services of our watchdog media have yet to run any photos of this float.

Even though they have published pictures of a number of the floats, including this one of Bush and Ahmandinijad:

And the float mentioned in the article, featuring Bush being spanked by the Statue of Liberty:

Even a float depicting Adolf Hitler (also with his pants down):

But any depictions of Muslim terrorists are off limits for our courageous media.

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