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Shocker: Obama Mocks Tea Party Rallies

From The Hill:

Obama ‘amused’ by Tea Party rallies

By Sam Youngman – 04/15/10

President Barack Obama struck a hyperpartisan note Thursday, telling Democrats that he was "amused" by the Tax Day Tea Party rallies.

Obama, addressing a Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraiser in Miami, did little to endear himself to the Tea Party groups protesting around the country, saying "they should be saying thank you" because of the tax cuts he has signed into law.

The president went as far as to say that this week’s special election in Florida, which was won by Democrat Ted Deutch, was portrayed by Republicans as "a referendum on healthcare, a referendum on the stimulus."

"And you know what, it was," Obama said to applause.

Obama continued to dare Republicans to run on a platform of repealing healthcare reform, telling the audience "they won’t be very successful."

Obama also continued to try to make the case that a vote against financial regulatory reform is a vote on behalf of Wall Street and against Main Street.

"Every member of Congress is soon going to have to make a decision, but the choice is going to be very simple between special interests and the American people," Obama said.

The president was returning to Washington on Thursday night.

More evidence of Mr. Obama’s promised new tone, his new bipartisanship – promise to listen to what the country is saying.

It’s tempting to say that the man is simply tone deaf. But the problem goes far deeper than that.

By the way, have you ever seen a politician trying so hard to be a populist when he so obviously has nothing but contempt for ‘the people’?

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20 Responses to “Shocker: Obama Mocks Tea Party Rallies”

  1. GL0120 says:

    “By the way, have you ever seen a politician trying so hard to be a populist when he so obviously has nothing but contempt for ‘the people’?”
    You bet, every time this moron speaks!

  2. BigOil says:

    Sure Barry…we should all just bow down and kiss your ring.

    Just stay isolated in your delusional bubble. Continue to try and ram through the socialist crap. We will deliver your thank you note in November.

  3. artboyusa says:

    BARACK OBAMA, American Patriot (yeah, right) stars in “TWOUBLE AT THE TEA PARTY”!

    As he puffed his pipe and quaffed another ale in the Ye Olde Progressive ale house Barry O’Bama regarded the roistering Bostonians outside, in their face paint and home made Indian costumes, with a languid eye and a sneer of disdain.

    “How vewy dwoll” he wisped, I mean lisped. “How terribwy àmusant. How macawoni”.

    “Pway Bawwy, what is it that has so attwacted your contempt?” queried his olde comrade Harry Reid.

    “The spectacle most odious of those chappies yonder, dear fewwow” answered Barry. “Dwessed up as if t’wer Guy Fawkes eve. Hark at them! Creating a clamour so raucous that the vewy Heavens themselves must cwy out ‘Pway silence; bold men of Boston, let calm prevail and still thy hydra-throated voices!’”.

    “Twuly” tutted Harry. “They are most unseemly in their public conduct but what other than knavery of the basest order may one expect from such low guttersnipes, many of them sodden with Barbados rum and other strong waters? Avert thine eye, dear Bawwy, lest thee be sullied indirectly and pway let us weturn to our interwupted game of draughts”.

    “I do fear these chappies intend violence against the Crown” worried Barry.

    “Evidentwy” agreed Harry, as another window at Ye Customs House was smashed and glass tinkled onto the cobblestones. “Why do not the Sherriff and his watchmen discharge their lawful office and check this riot, I mean wiot?”

    “Alas, they appear to have joined the mob and made common cause with the Sons of Liberty!”

    “That’s ‘Persons of Liberty’ Bawwy” tutted Harry. “No gender specific wanguage awwowed awound here, I pway you”.

    “Sowwy, old fewwow. Pway forgive my discriminatory ebullition, how’er unintended did it be. Anyway, the mob would appear now to be marching towards ye waterfront, with intent to do harm against the cargo vessels there peacefully docked!”

    “The vessels!” cried Harry. “Oh no! My tea! My beautiful tea! My East India Company shares!”

    “My tea too!” wailed Barry. “And my shares ditto! Quick Harry, let us become as winged Mercury and fly to ye guardhouse and alert His Majesty’s soldiery there quartered. The troops shall mow down the mob with musketry and save our endangered investments!”

    “Thou dost always know what to do, Bawwy” fawned Hawwy. “Thou shouldst be President!”

    “Twuly” agreed Barry. “What’s a ‘President’?”

  4. Petronius says:

    Dissing Tea Party racists, dissin’ Republicans, dissin’ Wall Street, dissin’ here, dissin’ there . . .

    Humor me. Let’s make a comparison of Nerobama’s background, behavior and pathologies to those of a ghetto gang leader :

    • you come from a dysfunctional, no-father family;

    • although family background is a mess, according to your parent-figure you can do no wrong;

    • the circumstances of your birth and education are shrouded in mystery;

    • you’ve never held a real job and earned a real paycheck;

    • you hang out with thugs, crooks, killers, racketeers, and assorted unsavory characters (Tony Rezko, Valerie Jarrett, Blago, Andy Stern, ACORN, Bill Ayres, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeremiah Wright, Kevin Johnson, Van Jones, Frank Marshall Davis, Kevin Jennings, et al.);

    • you take a large entourage wherever you go (took over 500 staff on his trip to Europe);

    • if somebody else has something nice (new pair of Nike shoes, gold chain, money, GM bonds, Chrysler dealership, dividends, executive paycheck, foreign bank account, Medicare), you take it away from them;

    • lying, stealing, threatening, bribery, deal-making, arm-twisting, extortion, cheating, and sharing-out spoils are all in a day’s work;

    • you like to show-off and flash the bling (Broadway date-night, fly-in $100 steaks from Japan, fly-in Saturday night pizza chef from St Louis, buzz the Statue of Liberty with Air Force One);

    • you are angry most of the time;

    • you flip the bird to your superiors (Sarah Palin, John McCain);

    • you enjoy dissing them, too (the Pope, Gordon Brown, the Queen, Angela Merkel, Jesus, Christians, GM CEO, AIG executives, the Dalai Lami, the Supremes, Republicans, Chamber of Commerce, the medical profession, insurance companies, Wall Street, bankers, CIA, Humana, Gen. Petraeus, Gen. McChrystal, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Netanyahu, Karzai, et al.);

    • you are hyper-sensitive about being dissed (Fox News, Sean Hannity, Supreme Court justices, Netanyahu, Tea Party people);

    • you don’t answer unwelcome questions, or you give an oblique answer (Brett Baier interview, etc.);

    • you like to throw your weight around and hurt little people over trivial matters or perceived slights (Joe the Plumber, Rick Santelli, IG Gerald Walpin, Sgt. Crowley and the Cambridge police);

    • rival gang leaders treat you with contempt (Putin, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Ortega);

    • you assign importance to things arbitrarily and defend them at great risk, because the risk validates their importance, and their importance validates your ego (beer summit; Obamacare cramdown);

    • you use your gang members to do the dirty work; they take the hits to prove their loyalty (Tigellinus-Holder, Dodd, Stupak, Lincoln, Van Jones, Geithner, Summers, et al.);

    • gang members who aren’t willing to knuckle under and get their hands dirty had better clear out of the ‘hood (Evan Bayh, Freddie Mac CFO David Kellermann);

    • you regard all whites as racists and as stupid people who can’t possibly understand your struggle and grievances; any disagreement by whites results from their racism and stupidity (Cambridge police, Tea Party people);

    • in your world there are no rules –– you make your own rules (too many examples to list); and

    • you are prone to unpredictable outbursts of rage, violence and cruelty (we will see more of this in days to come).

    • proreason says:

      – you are boastful of your accomplishments, which you shamelessly exagerate

      – you are addicted to a variety of substances, but of course deny it (booze, cigarettes, probably more)

      – you spend prodiguously, as if there is no end to the money available to you, but deny doing so

      – when challenged, you threaten and immediately attempt to humiliate the naysayer (John McCain)

      – you give no credit to anyone else for help in reaching your position

      – in your world, there is no truth but your truth. You define reality. Everything else is mocked.

    • jobeth says:

      Spot on guys…Perfect analogy!

    • confucius says:

      Nice lists Petronius and proreason. I would add:

      –raised by a single mother
      –raised on government welfare
      –history of cocaine use
      –speaks the dialect (even if only on occasion)
      –walks the walk (literally)
      –writes poetry
      –shoots hoop
      –raids banks
      –hates the police
      –hates “the man”
      –hates disabled people
      –fugly wife with too much junk in the trunk

      All we’re missing is a music video.

  5. jobeth says:

    “President Barack Obama struck a hyperpartisan note Thursday, telling Democrats that he was “amused” by the Tax Day Tea Party rallies. ”

    Main Entry: ar·ro·gant
    Pronunciation: -gənt
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle English, from Latin arrogant-, arrogans, present participle of arrogare
    Date: 14th century
    1 : exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one’s own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner

    Or in otherwords…OBalmy

    What a little emperor he thinks he is.

    He won’t be so “amused” in November 2010 & 2012.

  6. fallingpianos says:

    Hey Obama… don’t think we aren’t keeping score, “brother”.

  7. Right of the People says:

    Barrack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, The Won, Lil’ Barry. The Bamster, Boy King, Kinglette, etc, etc, etc is NOT my president.

  8. Laree says:

    Captain Stimulus from D.C., shows up at Missoula, Montana Tax Day – Tea Party.

    Captain Stimulus: There is going to be 5 border stations built in Montana, and they’re gonna get 77 Million dollars of the Stimulus fund. ” Those border stations, they are very busy some of them get 2 or 3 vehicles a day…..Video included.

    Yeah that stimulus money being handed out like well tax payer money not like the people handing it out earned it or anything.


  9. catie says:

    Was this the fundraiser at the home of Gloria Estefan? I never liked her music anyway.

  10. crate says:

    Hey his other comment that day was “there is nobody who cares more about space missions than me” something to that effect. he could not keep a straight face, almost laughed… just as he laughs at this.. He hates this country and us more… November, then 2012. HR4995 repeal health care ………

    • jobeth says:

      I understand that ONLY invited guests were at that speech. The workers were not admited and instead told to go home while the prez was on base.

      So all we hear is applause of the “useful” idiots and didn’t see the angst and anger of those people who’s jobs he was killinig.

      As per his usual way…the venue was massaged until they got the “squeak” they liked and the rest was barred from the door less they make less than adorning noises. The obalmy way. Lies and more lies made with the backdrop of the Space Center and adorning zombibots to convince the country that he has the blessings of the Space Center. Ummm, Ummm, Ummm.

      There was a Tea Party at the Gate of the space center. Didn’t hear a word about that of course. And I’ll bet he didn’t go near that gate.

  11. Mithrandir says:

    Pampering Black People

    A tone deaf president? How about a tone deaf generation of black people?

    White liberals have given blacks a race-shield or so long, they have been trained to ignore anything and everything that doesn’t benefit them. It is an inherent selfishness that has been ongoing for decades now.

    “It’s better to give than receive..”–except if your black. You have no guilt receiving everything. It is an entitlement race, and Obama is part of it.

    Read any of your assigned college textbooks, and see if black people account for even 1% of the blame for their own problems.

    Obama is a spoiled brat, coddled by his family and society because of his race. —-TONE DEAF—– Don’t act like you all are surpised by this….

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