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Shocker! Obama Outspent Mitt Romney After All

From the Politico:

President Obama outspent Mitt Romney in last days

By DAVE LEVINTHAL | December 6, 2012

In late June, his fundraising machine struggling, President Barack Obama darkly declared to supporters, “I will be outspent.”

So much for that: As the presidential election reached its climax, Obama’s campaign spending dwarfed that of Romney’s campaign, outspending its Republican counterpart by more than $71 million between Oct. 18 and Election Day, according to documents filed Thursday night with the Federal Election Commission.

Such spending, coupled with the late, but heavy support from friendly super PACs and union groups, boosted Obama’s fortunes in key swing states such as Florida, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada and Ohio, all of which he won…

The $111 million raised by Obama’s committees and the Democratic National Committee in the weeks immediately before and after the election also boosted their collective fundraising total to more than $1.12 billion..

Romney’s committees and the Republican National Committee raised about $86 million during the same period, federal records show.

We get this is the same exact story every four years, once the elections are safely over. And yet we’re always told during the campaign that the evil rich Republicans are going to out raise the poor Democrats. But somehow it never happens.

The Democrats always end up getting a lot more money. And this doesn’t even include the ‘in kind’ contributions from the unions, and of course, the news media.

As of Nov. 26, Obama’s campaign committee had $5.4 million remaining in its account versus $7.22 million in debt, his filing shows.

Which is also typical.

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One Response to “Shocker! Obama Outspent Mitt Romney After All”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    Expect the FEC to report (sometime in 2014) about ‘transgressions’ in Obama donations from ‘unconfirmed’ sources.

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