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Shocker: Obama Plan Not A Priority For Reid

From the Washington Times:

Obama’s jobs plan isn’t top priority for Reid

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

President Obama still is pressing Congress to pass his jobs stimulus bill immediately, but his own party leaders in the Senate, where Democrats have a majority, have pushed that vote off yet again.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, said Monday night that when the Senate returns from a weeklong vacation, the chamber will work instead on a bill that would push to label China a currency manipulator, which would make retaliatory steps in order.

“I don’t think there’s anything more important for a jobs measure than China trade,” Mr. Reid said.

Late Monday, before he closed down the Senate, Mr. Reid locked in an early test vote for when senators return next week.

Lest we forget, these hardworking Congressmen just returned from their five week August recess – which actually carried into September.

Mr. Obama two weeks ago sent Congress legislation he said would create jobs by extending and expanding temporary tax cuts and boosting infrastructure spending, which he offset by increasing taxes over the long term.

Legislation that still has not been introduced in the House. Though it has been in the Senate, by Mr. Reid himself. Without any co-sponsors. However, it is our understanding that, as a spending bill, it has to originate in the House.

The president has been traveling the country demanding that Congress act immediately, but even his own party has not been keen to rush the legislation.

Mr. Reid is the Senate sponsor of the measure, but he said there are other priorities.

“We’ll get to that, but let’s get some of these things done that we have to get done first,” he said.

Which once again just shows that this is all for show. The Democrats want to put off the vote as long as possible, so they can demagogue against it.

Of course, when the vote finally comes, even the Democrats will vote against Obama’s plan.

On the House side, GOP leaders, who control that chamber, have said they are waiting for an evaluation of the bill from the Congressional Budget Office and will then send the legislation through the committee process

This is a new one. As we recall, the CBO has normally been able to produce these kind of evaluations in a matter of days. It’s been two weeks since Obama sent Congress his ‘jobs plan.’

The China currency legislation, meanwhile, is sponsored by a bipartisan group of senators, and Mr. Reid said he’s confident it can pass the upper chamber.

“China trade is a jobs bill. It’s long, long overdue,” he said.

The legislation would push the Treasury Department to declare that China manipulates its currency in order to seek an edge in international trade.

And that Treasury declaration and five bucks will buy you a small chai at Starbucks. (In other words, this will be a meaningless gesture, at best.)

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2 Responses to “Shocker: Obama Plan Not A Priority For Reid”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    So any minute now we’re going to hear a speech from Captain Zero about how the democrats and Dingy Harry are “the party of no” and that they “keep standing in the way” by failing to “engage in a meaningful discussion”? OK, I’ll hold my breath.

    As long as they know they have the media’s drooling approval, the democrat party can (appear to) do no wrong. But someday, that love-affair will end. They always do, and when it does, and the cover comes off this fetid rotting mess in the dish, it’s really gonna stink up the place.

  2. kennyg7 says:

    The dem.s in the senate have more important things to do. Like rearrange their sock draws. I think O set him self up for a laugh on this one.

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