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Shocker: Reid Will Push For Public Option

From a gladdened (but slow to catch on) Associated Press:

Reid will back public option if GOP barrier fails

Fri Feb 19

WASHINGTON – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he will support allowing the government to sell insurance in competition with private industry if the White House and Democratic leaders push a health care bill with no Republican backing.

Many conservatives and some moderates oppose the so-called public option. It’s in the House bill, but not the Senate version. The White House is trying to reconcile the two bills before Thursday’s bipartisan summit.

Reid’s office said Friday he will work with the White House and Democratic lawmakers to try to craft a public option that can overcome obstacles such as a bill-killing GOP filibuster.

Some congressional Democrats say they doubt the White House would include a public option in the proposal it will unveil Monday.

Why is this even considered news?

Not only has this been the plan all along, the SEIU reiterated that this was the plan even after the Scott Brown election -– twice.

The SEIU says “jump” and the Democrats say, “off which cliff?”

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5 Responses to “Shocker: Reid Will Push For Public Option”

  1. proreason says:

    Ann Coulter says the Health Scare is dead.

    She has a good track record.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Try as they did to hide it, the democrats let the cat out of the bag and now too many people know what’s in the proposed legislation: rationing, forced insurance, death panels, etc. They are also privy to the fact that a democrat “compromise” by forcing the republicans to sign off on it is no compromise at all.

      Still, some people I’ve talked to think that it was all about making healthcare more accessible and affordable. When I asked them where they heard that, they always said it was from the alphabet media. They refused to believe that “the news” would have some sort of agenda and that they simply transmit the lies the government tells them to.

    • jobeth says:

      “When I asked them where they heard that, they always said it was from the alphabet media. They refused to believe that “the news” would have some sort of agenda ”

      These folks make my head spin. They don’t look that stupid but sometimes I just wonder about that. They must sit in front of the MSM tv at night and lift the top of their skulls and mindlessly say “Filler up”

      I also think its probably dead ( I pray) but I think they will make the one last weak effort, hoping against hope….and if they don’t get any traction and they can get the Repubs involved, they can blame it directly on them, making the Repubs the bad guys in the minds of the mindless.

      They are looking for some kind of consolation prize by bringing it back for a retry. They are spending a lot of time looking for something…we’ll see just what sooner or later.

  2. GTBurns says:

    Health Care is dead but Obama is set on dragging this dead horse through the streets while Reid flogs it. It is like Obama has chosen which hill he wants to die politically on.

  3. crate says:

    They are going to do anything to pass this evil thing. They do not care about us.

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