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Reuters Is Now Calling Terrorists “Islamists”

From the normally ever so genteel folks at Reuters:

Black smoke billows as Lebanese flags flutter atop wrecked buildings at the besieged Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared in northern Lebanon.

Four Islamists, 2 troops killed in Lebanon camp

Wed Aug 8, 2007

By Nazih Siddiq

NAHR AL-BARED, Lebanon (Reuters) – Two Lebanese soldiers and four al Qaeda-inspired militants were killed on Wednesday in pitched battles at a Palestinian refugee camp, taking the death toll from nearly 12 weeks of fighting to 267.

Security sources said the men were killed in overnight and morning clashes at Nahr al-Bared camp in north Lebanon during which artillery, rockets, grenades and machine guns were used.

Troops made some advances inside, seizing a number of buildings, they said.

The military control a large part of the camp and its vicinity, home to 40,000 refugees before the fighting, but Fatah al-Islam militants have been putting up fierce resistance…

Fatah al-Islam, which split from a Syrian-backed Palestinian faction last year, has Lebanese, Palestinians and other Arabs in its ranks, including some who have fought in Iraq. It says it supports al Qaeda’s ideas, but has no direct links with it. 

Remember, this is a ‘news organization’ that notoriously insists on calling Muslim terrorists “militants” or “insurgents” or — when they are being especially naughty — “gunmen.”

But suddenly now we have “Islamists” applied to this story:

Two Lebanese soldiers and four al Qaeda-inspired militants were killed on Wednesday…

So “Islamists” = “al Qaeda-inspired militants.”

And they have even done this before, such as this headline from July 28th:

Islamists kill 2 Lebanese soldiers in battle

Maybe Reuters is at last seeing the light.

But it is more likely just because the terrorist group involved uses the word Islam in their name.

Still, it is slightly amazing that Reuters would even acknowledge that.

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