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Shocker: Rich Get Best Inaugural Seats

From those champions of the little guy at ABC News:

Beyonce (R) sings "America the Beautiful" as (from L) Marisa Tomei, Shakira, Bono, Bettye Lavette, Bishop Gene Robinson, Renee Fleming and Stevie Wonder join in during the We Are One: Opening Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, January 18, 2009.

On the Money Trail: Inauguration Perks Go To the Rich

VIP-seating at the "We Are One" Concert Among the Benefits for Big Donors


Jan. 19, 2009—President-elect Barack Obama billed his inauguration an event "for all Americans." But in the nation’s capital this long weekend, wealthy visitors are finding themselves a bit more equal — and warmer — than others.

Most Americans here to see President-elect Obama make history crammed onto buses and trains, slept on floors and fought crowds and cold. But the wealthiest Americans coming to see the event are enjoying all the perks their money and power ever warranted…

While hundreds of thousands of Americans spent hours in the cold to enjoy the "We Are One" inaugural concert Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial, a clutch of Obama’s top donors could watch from a heated tent near the performers, courtesy of the president-elect’s Inaugural Committee.

Visitors who hadn’t raised hundreds of thousands of dollars couldn’t get closer to the performance. "Excuse me! You got tickets? If you don’t have tickets, you have to go to ‘General Population,’" shouted a guard at an entrance near the memorial, gesturing with her arms to turn around and head back away from the show.

The concert was supposed to be part of "the people’s party," said Shawn Paterniti, who had come with his wife Mia from Columbia, Md., to see the show. "But still, you have the VIPs who want their front-row seats. So I guess they get their tickets no one knows about," he said, as he and his wife headed to join the "general population," far away from the performances…

How long before these rare wreckers and nay-sayers will be drummed from the ranks of journalism?

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16 Responses to “Shocker: Rich Get Best Inaugural Seats”

  1. EvilConservo says:

    These are the ones who will be staying in the Lincoln bedroom regularly. But, I think there will be some tough competition between Obama and Bonebono regarding messianic status.

  2. 1sttofight says:

    Welcome to the real world, Suckers…

  3. caligirl9 says:

    Not 100 percent related to the thread, but sort of …

    I just received an e-mail from a nursing publication I subscribe to. The banner at the top says “Nurse.com presents Inauguration 2009: Where will you be on Jan. 20? Go to nurse.com/inauguration to be part of the crowd!”

    It is times like this I hate admitting I am also an RN, which also assumes I am a liberal. I do not pay for this magazine subscription.

    The e-mail continues:

    Our nurse writers and editors will be covering the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. We’ll travel by plane, train, and bus to bring you reports from…
    • A Chicago-to-the-Capitol-bound busload of nurses who knew Obama way back when
    • A special medical unit stationed smack dab in the middle of the crowd on the Washington Mall
    • And from the hottest seat in town, front and center in the media section at the swearing-in ceremony

    The coronation is inescapable!!!

    I deleted the e-mail.

    • 1sttofight says:

      Mrs. 1sttofight is a RN so don’t feel like you are alone.

    • 1laidbackRN says:

      I know exactly what you are talking about. I got my yearly invite to the Critical Care Nursing Convention and it was the first time that the keynote speaker wasn’t a high profile liberal of some sort, or like last year a review of Michael Moore’s Sicko. I guess they managed to get away from that by having it at Disney World. It’s hard enough being a male in the field, but being associated with the far left is almost more than I can bear.

      I have a sister that is a social worker and she said it’s 10 times worse than the nursing field. They were even told that jobs were in jeopardy if the didn’t vote democrat in the election because Republicans will cut off funding,

    • Perdido says:

      Few have your perspicacity. An expletive laden reply would have issued from my crew.

      Stand back. The four years of corruption and graft we are about to witness is going to be breath-taking.

  4. The Redneck says:

    The filthy rich have always been a mainstay of socialism. They realize that in a free world, they have to adapt or they won’t stay at the top, and they won’t want to adapt–they want to spend their time groping the maids and bailing their kids out of jail. The more socialist the economy becomes, the less mobile the economy is–those tawdry middle class can’t rise up and pretend they’re one of you, and your family won’t have to actually act intelligently.

    As for the gulags, the show trials, the death squads? Those are for the little people–a little money across the right palms can take care of that.

  5. Odie44 says:

    The sad part is the “millions” of minions, shivering in the cold to hopefully get a glimpse or at least say “I was there” don’t see the problem. Whether ignorance or willful feudalism – these are the same dopes believe Bambi will make everything better to their nanny-sheltered lives.

    Class warfare has existed since one man had a bigger and stronger stick. And lots of lemmons…

    These are the same fools who hate Reps because of their “wealth”, yet will step aside as some B-list Hollywood fraud or a Dem multimillionaire makes way for the heated tents. Same folks who hate “cronyism”, but are seeing 90% of the same faces.. again. Same people who champion “man made global warming”, as they drive, train, fly, etc to a 20 degree ceremony in DC.

    The are all equally deranged, lazy and stupid. Perhaps a little hypothermia can straighten them out.

  6. proreason says:

    Why shouldn’t they get the best seats?

    They created Obamy and paid for his election. And cheap it was at only a billion or two. Even a touch of taxes on their offshore fortunes would have been a thousand times that pocket change.

    Too bad the economy had to be destroyed in the process, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Luckily for them, the super rich don’t need to take risks, hide their assets, haven’t lost a dime, don’t work and haven’t lost a job, and anyway, the little people have been getting uppity in recent years. This is a bracer for the upstarts who thought they might make some real money. THAT’s reserved for the Kennedy’s, Soros’ and their lapdog politicians.

  7. BillK says:

    Better yet it proves even in the Socialist Obama administration, if you dig deep enough you find good old-fashioned Capitalism.

  8. Barbie says:

    I’m not as deep as the rest of you. I just want to know – in the above photo -why Gene Robinson isn’t wearing that cute little outfit he had on before… you know, the gold robes with the miter’s hat and the little shepard’s crook… he looked so cute.

  9. retire05 says:

    Things to make your stomach churn:

    Louis Susman, recently retired VP of the taxpayer bailed out Citibank, has donated $50,000.00 to the over indulgent Obamafest. Susman has also bundled over ten times that much for the Obamafest. Susman, and Citibank, have refused to reveal what Susman’s retirement package fully entailed.

    Penny Pritzer, whose family still owes the federal government millions of dollars for their failed bank that left thousands of customers holding the bag, has also donated $50,000 to the Obamafest. She also is a major bundler for the Obamafest.

    Now for something to make you smile:

    In 2005, the hottest ticket going was to the Texas Black Tie and Boots Ball. The tickets were sold to Texas State Society members only, and sold for $125.00 each. They were offered starting December 1st, and were sold out within an hour. Being a member of the TSS, I got mine. Almost immediately, the tickets started showing up on Ebay going for first $500, then $1,000 then $1,500 each and the last two Ebay tickets were sold the day of the ball, for $8,000.00 each. It was all over the news about the tickets going on Ebay and made national news when they sold for $8,000/ea.

    This year, tickets were still available to the Black Tie and Boots Ball two weeks ago. I must have gotten at least 10 emails offering them. Seems Texans are not too keen about going this year even though it is the only ball that has real food, not just crappy looking finger foods.

    Now, we are being told that the hottest ticket going is the Illinois Ball. Anyone heard anything about the tickets being sold on Ebay? Well, it seems that the Obama inaugural team has kept close tabs on those tickets, and they are only being given to the donor high rollers. So much for the common man. Also, it was announced that D.C. has ruled that 300,000 will be allowed access to the parade. Seems like a couple of million cold, tired, and hungry worshippers will be shut out.

    Just checked with Ebay. Two tickets to the Illinois ball, going for $700/ea are not sold. Guess there isn’t as much desire to see an empty suit for 3 minutes as their was to see a real President in 2005. Remember, sold for $8,000/ea and not sold for $700/ea.

    • Dangerous says:

      It just goes to show you that people who actually have to earn their money won’t waste it on Obama, and the Obama supporters wasted theirs long before this opportunity came along.

  10. Reality Bytes says:

    My President Just Spent 1 Trillion Dollars On The Economy & All I Got Was This Lousy T Shirt!

  11. 1sttofight says:

    BTW, Did yall see the mess these”Enlightened Winesses to the Rapture ” left on the DC Mall?

    Take a look at what the US will look like if the one has his way.


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