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Shocker: Mitt Romney Endorses John McCain

From a relieved Associated Press:

Romney Endorsing McCain


NEWPORT, R.I. (AP) — Officials have told The Associated Press Mitt Romney will endorse former rival John McCain.

He will endorse the Republican front-runner on Thursday. The officials have told spoke on condition of anonymity. Romney will release his 288 delegates and urge them to back McCain.

The former Massachuttsetts governor dropped out of the race last week. It became apparent that toppling McCain would be near impossible.

Well, we have missed out on a conservative, good, decent man.

The only question that now remains is for whom should Republicans vote in the upcoming primaries that allow party cross-overs? Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama?

Personally, I think everyone should vote for Mr. Obama. This may be our last realistic chance to stop Hillary.

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