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Violent AU Rove “Protesters” Get Wrist Slaps

From their fans at the Washington Post:

Rove Protesters Charged

AU Students Agree To Pay $100 Fines

By David Montgomery
Friday, August 31, 2007; B01

Six American University students agreed late yesterday to pay $100 fines to settle misdemeanor charges stemming from a raucous April 3 protest of White House counselor Karl Rove’s visit to the campus, their attorney said.

The cases were filed by the D.C. attorney general’s office last week — nearly five months after the demonstration in which one student mooned Rove’s car while some of the others allegedly lay in the street to block the vehicle. Five students were accused of crossing a police line and of disorderly conduct. The sixth was charged with crossing a police line.

The students had not turned themselves in to be formally charged when their attorney, Mark L. Goldstone, began negotiating with the D.C. attorney general’s office. Goldstone said a prosecutor proposed the $100 fines for a single charge of crossing a police line. The students would have a record of arrest but not conviction. They accepted the proposal after the close of business yesterday, but Goldstone said he was unable to reach the prosecutor to convey their acceptance. The settlement would not be official until the students appear in D.C. Superior Court early next week…

The students said the protest took place after campus Republicans had invited Rove to speak. The demonstrators crafted a plan to enact a “citizens arrest.”

We could not allow somebody of that stature who has had such a detrimental effect on the country to come to our campus and have no statement of disapproval accompany that,” said Michael Canning, 21, one of the students.

About 80 students participated in the demonstration and 15 to 20 tried to block Rove’s car, said Michael McNair, director of American University’s public safety department, the campus police.

Until last week, the students thought the activities were behind them. Then came news of the criminal charges against six of the demonstrators…

“I was pretty much in shock,” said Elizabeth Sanders, 20, a senior, of the moment she learned of the warrant for her arrest…

Goldstone, who has represented political demonstrators for more than 20 years, said it was highly unusual that no arrests were made at the time of the demonstration, which is when police usually act against suspected lawbreakers during protests.

“It’s suspicious that the government waited until the first day of school, in effect, to serve them with arrest warrants,” Goldstone said. “We suspect there was some political pressure put on the government to prosecute because of it being Karl Rove.”

McNair said the reason no arrests were made the night of the protest was because campus police and the Secret Service were taken by surprise by the demonstrators’ tactics. No D.C. police were on the scene. McNair said the priority was to remove the students and let Rove’s car exit the campus…

McNair said the campus police originally focused on using the campus disciplinary process. Five of the six students were accused of violating the campus code of conduct, and at least some were assigned community service

Here is a video clip we posted last April of the young rapscallions’ puckish pranks, via YouTube:

I guess we should be grateful for the minor miracle that they were prosecuted at all.

But just as a thought experiment, try to imagine the outcome if this had happened to Mr. (or Mrs.) Clinton’s chief of staff.

Somehow I don’t think the punishment would be limited to $100 fines or community service.

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