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Shocker: Rushdie Knighthood Outrages Muslims

From the formerly biased BBC News:

Rushdie title ‘may spark attacks’

Britain’s knighthood to the author Salman Rushdie contributes to insulting Islam and may lead to terrorism, a Pakistani minister has said.

Such actions are the root cause of terrorism, Religious Affairs Minister Ejaz-ul-Haq told parliament.

The minister later said he had not meant to condone or incite terrorism but stress its origins.

Pakistan’s parliament has condemned the knighthood. Iran says it shows ‘Islamophobia’ among British officials.

Mr ul-Haq was speaking during a session of Pakistan’s National Assembly in which it unanimously condemned Britain’s award of a knighthood to the author Salman Rushdie and demanded it be withdrawn…

“If someone commits suicide bombing to protect the honour of the Prophet Mohammad, his act is justified,” he said, according to the translation by the Reuters news agency.

“If Britain doesn’t withdraw the award, all Muslim countries should break off diplomatic relations.” …

The resolution passed by the lower house of parliament said that honouring Salman Rushdie “hurt Muslim sentiments”.

Sir Salman’s book The Satanic Verses sparked protests by Muslims around the world and led to Iran issuing a fatwa in 1989, ordering his execution.

Iran also criticised the knighthood, saying praising the “apostate” showed Islamophobia among British officials

Pakistan’s parliamentary affairs minister Sher Afgan Khan Niazi, who proposed the resolution, said the knighthood would “encourage people to commit blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammad”… 

Like the night follows the day.

Of course the real outrage is that this non-talented hack should get any recognition.

But that’s another story.

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