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Shocker: Stupak Caves At Last Minute

From Fox News:

Stupak Says Deal Looming for Abortion Funding Ban in Health Care

March 21, 2010

The leader of a key bloc of House Democrats opposed to abortion said Sunday that he is close to an agreement that would allow him to vote for the health care bill.

The leader of a key bloc of House Democrats opposed to abortion said Sunday that he still a no on the health care bill unless stronger language barring funding of abortion is included in the Senate bill now being considered by the House.

"There’s no agreement, so until there’s an agreement I’m a no vote," said Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich. "Negotiations continue … with everybody."

Stupak has been talking with the White House on a possible executive order by President Obama saying that taxpayer money used for insurance exchanges as envisioned in the pending health care legislation will not go to fund abortion services.

Supporters hope the order, which does not require congressional approval, would shore up long-standing law barring federal aid for abortions except for cases of rape or incest or when the mother’s life is threatened. Opponents say an executive order does not have the force of law that legislation would provide.

"That is not the rule of law. That’s the rule of man. One man can sign an executive order and one man can repeal that again, the president of the United States," said Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis. "So for those of us in the pro-life movement and the — and my Democrat friends who are pro-life, that doesn’t cut it. A executive order is not something that is permanent law."

Stupak and a half-dozen other abortion opponents worked Saturday night with House leaders to craft the executive order…

No, we never saw this coming.

By the way, an executive order is practically a joke. Any future President, or indeed, Mr. Obama himself can rescind it. But Mr. Stupak was desperate for a way out.

We hope he enjoyed his brief time in the spotlight.

But it might be tough for a man of his age and limited abilities finding work in the private sector in Michigan.

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68 Responses to “Shocker: Stupak Caves At Last Minute”

  1. proreason says:

    He got what he wanted.

    We’ll find out later how many pieces of silver it was.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Right, there was some bribe there for sure, or some false promise.

      This is a Democratic trick. They have to create a crisis, make bargaining chips, into order to play them later. They knew that they would never over turn federal law barring abortions, so they put it in the bill to remove later—I am stupid, and even I sniffed this out long ago.

      If they made a perfect bill, some fool would argue against it for a bribe, or for the sake of arguing, so they throw in chips to take them out later.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Juuuuust great!
    How many demoRATS arms will will be sporting arm slings tomorrow?

    I consider this the modern “Shot heard around the world” quote.

    Welcome to the new Status Quo ala Joseph Obama.

    • Mithrandir says:

      That’s right. You can’t undo legislation anymore than you can un-ring a bell, un-flush a toilet, or put turds back in your butt, and this is a BIG turd.

      Had the Republicans did what they were voted to do when they had power: end affirmative action, reform immigration, tighten voting I.D. requirements, and basically ignore Democrats, we wouldn’t be in this horrific mess, because look what they will do now? When Dems are loud minorities, the Republicans cave in, now that the Republicans are minorities, the Dems are going to plow them over…..stupid idiots!

      The public will be sorely punished for who they voted for, but it’s too late now…..

  3. BigOil says:

    Once Barry signs the senate healthcare bill into law, it supercedes his own worthless executive order. On top of that, the EO was written by a man that has supported infanticide. Stupak is either the most naive man alive – or just a typical democrat.

    Government of the people, by the elites, for the President.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Another generation of babies sold out.
      What a hypo-crat and traitor!

    • Mithrandir says:

      Stupak or Stupid?

      Why people waste their vote on Democrat / Republican is beyond me. Vote Constitutional party, and you will limit BOTH OF THESE BOZOS so that neither one has the power to screw the other when it’s their turn.

      By voting Republican, you don’t get rid of the Democrats, or the back-scratching that goes on.

      By limiting both parties, you don’t have to worry about who’s in power, because the power is taken away from them.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Alright, well barring a miracle we’ve reached that inevitable point. Enough of Bart Stupid.

    Now the Republicans need to spend every day from here to November reminding America that it was the Democrat cabal that crossed the bridge, twice. It’ll be only more relevant as crises continue to abound.

    Step One: Judicial / Procedural gridlock.

    Step Two: Rein in Grahamnesty.

    Step Three: Firm up states’ rights. Prepare for credit rating crisis, fight over bailing out bankrupt state governments.

    • proreason says:

      Graham is slitting his own throat.

      He’s a smart guy.

      It’s beyond me what he thinks he’s doing.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Stupak and his baby killing comrades are NOT going to stay in office. As soon as their terms are up, I will tell them to not waste the money on a campaign…it wont help, it wont count. As for the other 215 Democrats….We, I have until November to launch a very loud and angry protest to weak, spineless, turncoat bribe taking public trough lickers. I am going to spend every waking hour at emails, snail mails, letters to the editors of their hometown papers, bumper stickers, and anything I can think of to defeat those lying bastards. Stupak was purchased like the rest of the scum who represent themselves, and not US. While I can actually write what I really think the solution is….and it’s too bad I cant….I am not going to rest until every last one of those self centered lice get voted out. I have f cking had it….this isnt the end, oh hell no…this is just the beginning. They mean to have a war? Then let it begin here.

  5. tranquil.night says:

    I feel you SJ; ‘this isn’t the end, just the beginning’

    ObamaCare is already in direct conflict with the state law Idaho just passed banning federal individual mandates.

    Virginia and others are going to sue within hours.

    Regarding the Senate and the Reconciliation Fix Bill, there’s questions over whether it legally qualifies to be considered under the process. It shouldn’t of course but there always seems to be a rhetorical work around.

    The White House and its allies have the media keeping the debate (and thus the Dems) so focussed on the vote that they don’t even understand the implications of what they’re about to do.

    I’m with Mike Flynn, at this point we should almost want them to pass it: “Bring it On. Let’s sort this out once and for all.”

    Pro – I think Graham must still believe this all isn’t on purpose; just Washington as usual. It needs to be made vividly clear.

    US vs them.

    • Mithrandir says:

      ……and so it begins, and it’s about 40 years over-due, as the police-state / legal state has been growing for that long. Back then, you had rights to live how you pleased, now-a-days, every thing you do from drinking on the beach, to shooting fireworks on your own property, using a seat belt, to owning a gun, to now health care is micro-managed by a fascist entity.

      I will be waiting to see if the states stand up…..

      If citizens stand up….

      If the military will stand up….

      These certainly are interesting times…..live on your knees, or die on your feet.

    • FCAFlyer says:

      Virginians wrote the Declaration of Independence and Virginians will again fire the first shot against this unconstitutional blasphemy. No way we can be FORCED to buy something (health insurance) just because we exist.

  6. retire05 says:

    Let’s be very clear here and not kid ourselves. Bart Stupak, who claims to be a pro-life Blue Dog, has always been looking for a way out that would sate his constituents. But the SCOTUS has already ruled that an EO cannot violate enacted law, so Stupak, who has been in D.C. for years, knows this. If he thinks his excuse is going to satisfy his voters, he is wrong as the Republicans are now going to beat him around the head and ears.

    As to Limpsy Graham, don’t count him out, ever. He should have destroyed his career with Shamnesty, but the people of his state voted him back in. Graham is as cocky as they come. But he just may overstep his bounds this time (hopefully) with his push to close Gitmo and another do-over on amnesty in light of the travesty that is happening today.

    What have we learned today?

    There are no Blue Dogs, only trained dogs.

    Democrats were writing the rules as they go along, as Jesse Jackson, Jr., acting speaker of the House today (and I am sure chosen for pure symbolic reasons) refused the Republicans the right to a parlimentary inquiry. (Harry Reid has refused to meet with the Senate parlimentarian to determine if the Reconciliation Bill is even permissible.)

    Executive Orders cannot trump enacted law as ruled by SCOTUS.

    The left doesn’t mind lying to achieve a goal (universal health care).

    This is going to cost more than we could have ever dreamed as the “doctor fix” is not even included and we all know that the Democrats are not going to cut their landmark piece of legislation, Medicare.

    This is a dark, dark day for all Americans.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      There are no Blue Dogs, only trained dogs. Spot on R05!!!

      That was put better than anyone could. Right now, I am at that “next to the last straw” part of my life. If they think the left was good at civil disobedience, wait until they try to force me to buy something I dont want and cannot afford. I am simply not going to comply. I have been told by countless others here that they wont comply either…come what may.

      And for the trolls and site snitches for Obama….trust me you fools…this time, they mean it. It will only remain a law as long as people abide by it. It means nothing with 60 million people telling you to pound salt in your ass. You have no idea the pandora’s box of hurt you are opening. But, you are about to discover it in spades. (not a racist remark) jerks.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      As each new “unexpected consequence” rears its ugly head, new and “better” legislation will be needed to fix problems that the fix, and the fix to the fix creates. The obvious answer is, and always has been, to let the free-market system work.

      However, this collection of socialists is determined to show everyone how their intellectual masterpiece of 2100 pages of ambiguous, legalese language is such a work of art, they will shove it up our collective a___.

      In 2014 when the real problems start to begin, and we all know they will, Stupak will, most likely, have already expired, Barry and his “cool” crowd of gangsters will be all retired, living comfortably with ghost writers taking notes in-between sips of their favorite beverages, for their upcoming novels, all strangely titled, identically, “How I Won Healthcare for America”.

      But again, the problems will cause chaos in the nation. There will have to be hearing boards, court cases, ad nauseum as we already here at S & L know. And, if you thought the DMV was bad, or going to the VA hospital….you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.

      All by design, while the people who made it happen live like royalty in “retirement”. Ironically, the democrats desire to create class hatred has worked. I hate them. The lilly-livered, manipulative, self-serving, mirror-infatuated political elite…I hate them.

      But, like many here, if they force me to buy health insurance, I won’t. Nor will I pay the fine. All of that is unconstitutional. If the tax man comes to try to take any of my (very few) possessions to “pay for the fine”, they will meet with most unfavorable results. Disobedience? The military actually taught me how to disobey properly. You state your case clearly, stick to it and don’t let anyone change your mind.

      I only wish that if this thing becomes law, that I could control the withholding on my taxes. I may on Monday, change it to 100 dependents, since that’s about where my money will go…to pay for people who refuse to get medical insurance anyhow…yet expect me to pay for it…they are now “dependents”.

      Then, until the healthcare “act” is repealed, not file any returns at all.

      Hope they enjoy sifting through all the paperwork…while I sit in debtor’s prison, where they will have to take care of me and feed me. I’m a diabetic and need thyroid meds…so…..it’ll work out for me. I’ll cost the nation about 35-40,000 a year to incarcerate and that’s not including the medical care.

      Ward of the state…..fine with me.

    • jobeth says:

      “I hate them. The lilly-livered, manipulative, self-serving, mirror-infatuated political elite…I hate them. ”

      A little while ago, I resisted this very same statement. I feel such anger and frustration right now.
      I’m usually a fairly easy going person…until this kind of stuff happens.

      If I am angry and feel such strong feelings of hate I wonder about most of us.

      Not all of us are restrained when we feel this. I think we will be seeing a lot of anger arising in the near future, because this is only the beginning where O’Balmy is concerned. He still has a bagful of commie tricks and tactics yet to go.

      Its all beginning to scare me. This is NOT how my country works.

      Look how easy it was for this bunch to come into our government and ruin America as we knew it. They are walking all over the constitution and getting by with it. I see pure traitors every time I see these weasels who capitulate to him.

      I think I’m going to have a good cry tonight.

    • catie says:

      Jobeth, I feel the same way. I have had a cry and a number of very stiff drinks. Thank God for the spell check!

    • jobeth says:

      Catie, Its good to have someone to cry with….Just wish there were no need to cry.

      And I did have to smile at your spell check comment. It’s been my best friend…even while stone cold sober lol

      I’m watching Boehner right now…and he is speaking such truth. We need more like him.
      Won’t do any good tonight but at least he speaks sense.

  7. retire05 says:

    sheehanjihad, perhaps the Obama trolls should ask themselves this:

    if the Democrats intend to hire 16,500 new IRS agents to make sure that no one is without a paid health care plan for as little as one month, and 10 million people refuse to pay the fine, how clogged do you think the courts will be with the IRS prosecuting average Americans for refusing to obey an unconsitutional mandate? And do you really want the press that will ensue when John and Mary Smith are hauled into court, with their lousey $50K annual salary, to be persecuted by the IRS?

    • jobeth says:

      Ahh, the wonders of O’Balmy’s “FREE” health care.

      I don’t think I can afford it.

      God help us if any of us have any kind of REAL court issue. Will there be room on the dockets? And you can bet that any new judge will be a Dumbocrat.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      A quote from the Greatest Generation:

      “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”

    • catie says:

      Libs demise, I’m thinking less and less of the so called “greatest generation”. They raised a passel of narcissistic fools who are now running the country. Just my opinion but a large percentage of the baby boom generation are nothing but spoiled brats.

    • Mithrandir says:

      The Greatest Generation produced the Worst Generation in world history, I guess it’s the balance of nature.

      Were the WWII vets unusually passive or aggressive in their rearing of children to create such a narcissistic bunch of America-hating apes?

      It’s like, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? The world may never know….

  8. Mae says:

    Come on, Stupid, oh I mean Stupak, gets a pension and free health care forever. Maybe he can now work as an artist like Nancy suggested and live off the rest of us for the entirety of his worthless life. He should be excommunicated from the Church.

    • catie says:

      Mae, I’m still waiting for Pelosi, et. al. to be ex-communicated from the Church. I’m ex-communicated because I’m waiting on my husband’s annulment from his marriage to the Panamanian who left as soon as she and her stupid family got their papers. Don’t know what the heck is taking so long but Stupid and the rest of the crew go to communion every Sunday.

    • jobeth says:

      catie…I know it matters to you as a Catholic but try to focus beyond the excommunication of the church and think about how Christ will deal with Nancy… and your husband’s ex… when their “time” comes.

      When I know someone has really done evil…either to me or others…I don’t try to get revenge because nothing I can do to them will ever top what their just rewards will be in front of Christ.

      I Hope to witness that meeting between Christ and Nancy and O’Balmy and crowd…It will make me happy. All the souls of those little aborted babies,and all the old that will be allowed to die, and all the women who will die of breast cancer because the meds cost too much and all the others that won’t get tests in a timely manor who will die too early…will all be held against these that author and sponsor this horrible bill. There will be pay back!

  9. GTBurns says:

    Come November 2010 and 2012m the DEMS will regret passing of this bill. Here is the optimistic thing, if this bill passes it will still remain a galvanizing issue for the GOP. If it fails the GOP and Tea partiers call victory breath easy and get complacent for other upcoming issues the DEMS throw at us.

    The DEMS engaged in what is political suicide to go aganist the public will and pass what is the leftist sacrament. What good will this victory be is they lose the ability to sustain this victory. My reading of Sun Tzu and NG training taught me that taking an objective is one thing, holding on to it is another.

    If and when DEMS get slaughtered in 2010, and then Obama loses to a hard-line Reagan Conservative in 2012, this major victory today will become ash.

    Remember it took at Jimmy Carter to give this nation Ronald Reagan.

  10. Perdido says:

    Is it time for the pirouette?

  11. mr_bill says:

    Say it with me, “there’s no such thing as a moderate democrat.” I really hope nobody is surprised by this. Here’s a man who vowed to stand on principle for life, but sold out at the eleventh hour. I’ve heard of hit-men with more scruples. When amnesty comes around, just remember, there’s no such thing as a moderate democrat.

    • RightWinger says:

      Amen mr_bill. A moderate democrat is nothing more than a sellout in sheep’s clothing. They talk fiscal responsibility to get elected and then sell out their constituents for the sake of the party. I am very angry right now I could spit nails.

      Tomorrow I will go into work and hear the Barry supporters whooping it up. Too bad the joke might be on them if this stays a law. The company I work for has a new CEO and so far his steps make me believe he’ll turn over every stone looking to save a buck. That of course will mean jettisoning the company health care plan to save money by paying the fine instead.

      Then when the Barry supporters have to go out and purchase insurance on the open market and have to pay through the nose for the “one plan fits the entire nation” plan, then they’ll sing a different tune. Thanks Blue Dog traitors! Hope Barry has a good bon voyage party for all you in November!

  12. Laree says:

    Hey Michigan’s 1st District Looking for A New Representative to
    Replace Stupak?

    Dr Dan Benishek wants to be your new Representative.


    This needs to go viral Ole Stupak needs a permanent vacation.

  13. Nimblicity says:

    Then: “This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine…. ”

    Now: “Today the President announced he will be signing an executive order. That executive order will be signed after the healthcare legislation…”

    The American unborn now have their very own Neville Chamberlain. Rep Stupak has certainly “preeformed” his duty (to his party). He richly deserves an imminent retirement “pakkitch.”

  14. retire05 says:

    Greg Abbott, Texas’ Attorney General, who won the Ten Commandments case before the Supreme Count, has announced on his FaceBook page that he is organizing a conference call among AGs all across the nation to discuss litigation against the health care bill.

    Fly your Gadsten flags, laddies and lassies, this ain’t over (from my lips to Gods ears).

  15. proreason says:

    Game on.

    Anybody on this site quitting?

    • JohnMG says:

      Death before dishonor!!

    • sheehanjihad says:

      In the words of an American Patriot ,pro….”I have not YET begun to fight”.

      One thing though, is that Stuprick and his ilk think that once they retire they wont be held accountable for their traitorous votes. They had better think again. There is no statute of limitations on open, willful treason.

      This bill violates the Constitution. If they refuse to obey the laws, do they think that we should even if they thumb their noses at us?

      I don’t think so. Rusty has a great idea…. I figure about 657 dependents due to this legislation, and as for their mandated purchase of health care…….well, don’t depend on it from me. I just don’t give a shit anymore….and that isn’t a good thing to have on the other side of a door when you come knocking…..

    • mr_bill says:

      Would Patrick Henry quit? Hell no! Balls to the walls and full steam ahead. We may be witnessing the last outing of the democrat party. The consequences of this vote will bring a lot of careers in politics to an end and rightly so. If the NerObama wants to foment [more] open resistance, then consider me a dissident. I’ve always had strong opinions on politics but I have never felt the need to be as involved as I am now. Its a god***n shame what the president and his cohorts are doing to this country and every voice of opposition is needed.

    • jobeth says:

      Quit? Not so long as there is breath in my body.


    • TwilightZoned says:

      In war there are many battles. This war has just begun. Monday morning the lawsuits will start flying. My hope is this makes it to the supreme court, before Barry turns the bench communist, where it will be deemed unconstitutional. Perhaps that will be the nail in the coffin to finally shut socialized medicine down forever.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Only when I assume room temperature and emit
      a rancid smell can you ever count me out!!


    • TerryAnne says:

      Quitting what? ;)

      The game has just begun.

    • Right of the People says:

      All the way!

      To steal a line from history, “I fear we will awaken a sleeping giant.” Admiral Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

      Baby, there’s over a hundred million of us out here and we aren’t going to take this crap anymore.

    • proreason says:

      “I fear we will awaken a sleeping giant.”

      Good memory RB.


    • MinnesotaRush says:

      “Give me liberty .. or give me death!”

      “And in support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on Divine Providence, we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

      There’s committment. The committment we’ll all need.

      God Bless America!!!

  16. FCAFlyer says:

    What a weasel!

  17. proreason says:

    Throw out the criminals.
    Overturn the illegal action in the next congress.
    Defeat it by lawsuits via the states.
    Impeach the president
    Amend the Constitution if that’s what it takes.
    And if that isn’t enough, 1776 informs of the proper course.

    For those who prefer living free lives instead of laying down like serfs.

  18. jobeth says:

    I just heard Michael Steel come on Fox and tell us to go to Gop.com and sign a petition to “Fire Pelosi”. I went there within 3 seconds of his request. The site had already crashed. Ummm, me thinks a lot of people are fed the heck up!!!!!.

    • bullforever says:

      I am sure everyone here is aware, but it takes a butt load of traffic to take down a web server and big as the one being used by the GOP…While not Google, nor Microsoft, I am sure the GOP can handle more than a few thousand requests per minute.

      So, either WE THE PEOPLE have just found our new revolutionary rallying cry, of we are, unbeknownst, witness to the first signs of a complete progressive takeover of everything, including the intertnet. The night of the long knives only took one night, so…After watching Pelosi prance around with her gavel today, one must wonder which is the case…my 1911 colt is under my pillow, and my .410 is loaded with a slug and propped against the mantel as I type….

    • TwilightZoned says:

      Tried to get on also and won’t stop until I do!!!

    • jobeth says:

      I got in and its mainly a request for money for the GOP.

      However…I did find something I found really interesting. They color code the map of the states as to which state has donated the most. Red being the most and various shades down to dark blue for the states donating the least.

      CALIFORNIA is RED!!! Ummm says a lot!

      Well, I for one will donate…although truthfully I am really sick of the way the Repubs have behaved. That being said we have to stay with them for the time being because we can’t risk splitting our votes. We MUST get conservatives in. Or at least Repubs. We need to work at the primary level to get the right Repub candidate in to run in the main race.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Oh great, the second half of the two party system must be tickled pink (or Red) at the flow of money that squeaked to a stop about 2 years ago. Every crisis costs us money, and every candidate and issues needs millions in order for the wheels to start moving.

      We have to spend millions of $ to pay for something to get done, or pay for something to stop! We are already paying your salaries, DO YOUR JOBS! –I don’t care what the crisis is, it cost me $0 to vote, I don’t need these vampires circling overhead trying to suck the money out of my wallet.

      As far as revolution…forget it. You need about 80% of the population to have strength enough to wipe out the other 20%. Right now, 50%, the liberals, will fight and die for this socialist paradise, and the gov’t will be right there to help rub you out in the process. So, put your guns away, it ain’t gonna happen.

  19. Nimblicity says:

    This battle was lost back in Nov 2008 (if not 2006).

    219 Democrats, no Republicans for.

    34 Democrats, all 178 Republicans against.

    “All against” is hard to fit rationally into the template “all the same.”

    Those sitting it out this coming November shall vote with their posteriors for less liberty and more tyranny. Those who sacrifice their vote to the symbolism of a third-party campaign-hobbyist should be satisfied with purely symbolic freedoms.

    And sorry, I unintentionally helped crash the GOP site. I was corrupting the political process by contributing soft money. (Their homepage graphic: “FIRE PELOSI” with a too-big picture of her wreathed in flame (ala the Eye of Sauron, but scarier).

    • Mithrandir says:

      We are at a cross-roads where the U.S. should split into two regions. However, this would not have happened if people voted for the Constitution Party, so that we could have avoided this tit-for-tat power grab. The oscillations of revolution will get stronger as one party over-rides he laws of the previous Congress/Administration, and so on and so on, until the vibrations get so strong, that this will happen:

      1st: large rallies that turn violent, both political sides claiming oppression
      2nd: unreported murders, anarchy
      3rd: reports of political factions burning or blowing up this or that
      4th: Congressmen becoming belligerent and/or violent on the hill
      5th: small scale militias roaming and taking over sections of cities or whole cities
      6th: states passing laws over-riding federal law- semi open rebellion against the actions of gov’t
      7th: fascist gov’t organizations patrolling streets and cities with martial law
      8th: lone wolfs taking revenge for past gripes
      9th: whole counties or states declaring themselves independent, imprisoning dissenters
      10th: eventually the military will have to take sides: support the gov’t and smash dissent with totalitarian force (like Iran), or side with the people and help form a new government (like Romania did with Ceaucescu)

  20. BillK says:

    Told you all we’d never stop this.

    A number of interviews with people upset about this have already revealed that people are going with the “We must vote these people out – except for my representative, who got additional funding, so he’s OK – I’m going to work to reelect them” mentality they usually do.

    Don’t count on Democrats losing any more than a token number of seats this fall – it’s a long time away and people will have largely forgotten all about it by November.

    After all, American Idol is on this week!

    Told you there was no point in protesting or calling; it accomplished precisely nothing.

    Americans got what they deserve.

    Pity those of us who understood the issues had no voice in the matter.

    Oh well, best see your doctor now before they quit and/or there’s a two month queue.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      You may be right, Bill. But one thing’s for sure: This adminstration that was so loudly calling itself “the great uniter” has certainly done just that. United the conservatives against anything democrat. I, for one, am going to try to figure out exactly how to fight against this tyranny. if it comes down to manipulating my taxes, so be it. It’s a HUGE violation of The Constitution. And, they’ve only voted on the Senate bill….the “reconciliation” bill that is SUPPOSED to adjoin to it, will never be considered. So, the democrats have even screwed their own party. O-dumbass will sign the bill, then gleefully go on vacation. The bill that has all the amendments and changes that supposedly got all the deals? File 13. Never to be seen or heard from again.

      I also noted how the news is reporting it as “historical” and a “major victory for O-hole after much heated debate” Yet, there was NO debate. The republicans were shut down if any debate arose. And, this notion we have about it all being about the O-hole….we were right. Saves his precious little ego. I would never have believed in my whole life that such BS could happen. The people in the AP news blogs who were for it are having orgasms. Wonder if they will stop when they are denied government-run healthcare. That day is coming for us all and they will feel the pain as we all will…but…they will be happy in their “equal-ness”

    • jobeth says:

      Bill, I understand how disheartened you are right now, and I am a bit fatalistic about a lot of things, but I will protest and call and do what ever it takes to fight.

      I will never lose for doing nothing to help myself. I would really deserve what I would get then. Most of us would rather go down fighting than to save our energy.

      That is what gave us the horror in Germany.

      We only lost the battle…not the war. Unless we don’t fight every chance we can.
      They are going to have to go through this same kind of hell with everything they try.
      Sooner or later we will win…so long as we don’t just hand it over without a fight.

      WE are Americans. THEY are NOT

    • BillK says:

      I’ve said before, I have no one to protest or complain to:

      My Congressman and Senators are hard left Dems who have been fighting for this, amnesty and everything else I hold abhorent; the last Republican to run in my district got 11% of the vote.

      My Governor? Hard left.

      State Houses? – Both veto-proof majorities of Dems.

      My city government? To “combat shortfalls” caused by closing businesses, they’re going to raise business taxes.

      I’ve stated before, the response to complaints I get is “You didn’t vote for me last time, you won’t next time, so why should I care what you think?”

      I literally got an email stating “You lost – now go cry in a corner” from my representative on the City Council.

      So once again, what does protest change? Nothing.

      You have to have the votes to elect people who have the gonads to enforce your will, regardless of what protesters say.

      The Dems have proved they do, regardless of what the people have to say.

      Republicans, though they’ve held together on this, generally will fold if their invitation to the next cocktail party is in jeopardy or if the NY Times writes a nasty piece on them.

      Michelle Bachmann is great, but I don’t have good hopes for her reelection given the amount of money George Soros is going to spend to make sure she’s defeated. Sarah Palin? Seen as a joke in the eyes of the country as every liberal with a microphone, printing press or blog makes sure that remains the case. Newt Gingrich? I don’t like him.

      EIght months is forever in political time. Bush’s approval rating fell from “God” to “Satan” in eight months.

      By November, I guarantee you most of the American public will have forgotten all about this aside from the perhaps 20% of Tea Party and Conservative voters. The other 80% will vote for whomever promises Federal cash for road projects, increased unemployment compensation and make-work jobs – oh and whomever is willing to “tax the rich” to pay for it. They don’t care how economics works, just in the platitudes they’re fed and what the Federal Government will give them. I don’t want to make it on my own, I just want to “live in my parents’ basement” and get “my allowance.” That’s what Americans want today. Not freedom. Not succeed or fail on their own. But to be “take care of.”

      I call this the Glenn Beck theory – namely that Glenn Beck has a huge TV audience – but there are several times more hard left Democrats than his entire viewing audience living just within a five mile radius of the Fox News studio from which he broadcasts. There are more hard left Democrats living in D.C. alone than the number of protesters that showed up over the weekend. And so on.

      Does the fact that the middle of the country is pro-life matter when the majority of the population lives on the coasts and is pro-choice? Not if the left eventually gets their popular vote for President changes imposed.

      I think enough education has been done on the subject and, as I said in 2008, the American people get the Government they deserve as, for the most part, they voted them into office.

      I do my part, I support who I can.

      Unfortunately, they’re not enough.

      Now Republicans will look once again to “leaders” like Mitt Romney for hope in 2012, when he imposed this exact same mess on the people of Massachusetts and is unrepentant about it.

      Yeah, that makes sense.

      The sad thing is oppressed people of the world have always had America to escape to for respite.

      To where can oppressed Americans go?

      I don’t mean to sound fatalistic here. Just realistic.

      We’ll do what we can but really, if we couldn’t prevent socializing 1/6 of the US economy, what hope is there for stopping amnesty or cap and trade?

      While we were busy whining about this, Obama killed all off-shore drilling for oil, and no one but Fox News said a peep.

      Americans just don’t care as long as you don’t take their American Idol and Dancing with the Stars away.

      Hell, I’m sure most Americans spent the weekend more concerned about poor Sandra Bullock’s future post-Jessie James than about the future of the country post-Obamacare. I bet a comparison of hits between conservative sites and People/E! Online/TMZ would back me up on that one, too.

      The Founding Fathers were right – people don’t care about things they were given, just about things they’ve fought hard for.

      Freedom is now just a joke, something they were given.

      I honestly don’t see how we change that any time in the next 50 years, not with the indoctrination machine the left has spent the past 50 years setting up and getting tuned to the perfect pitch.

      It’s the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water, and we’ve just noticed it’s mighty hot in here.

      We know we should jump out but that doesn’t mean we have any say whatsoever over the heat setting on the stove.

    • jobeth says:

      .Bill, My heart goes out to you. An awful lot of what you say about the average person caring more about the mundane than what goes on in DC is all too true.

      I certainly can understand how down you are because I’ve experienced that too.

      My cousin keeps wanting to know why I don’t move to LA. I won’t even consider it because I don’t want to be surrounded by the far left. So I understand that in your letter as well.

      I have good friends who are lefties and that alone is more frustration than I want to deal with.

      So while I’m not giving up fighting till my last breath…and I expect it will be directly due to this health care bill…I do get why you feel like you do.

      I just hope you get some benefit from the knowledge that there are others who feel much like you and have the same values here on S&L.

      My thoughts and prayers go out to you and all of us as we grieve our country’s troubles. Don’t give up hope yet. We have taken a gut punch but we are tough and don’t lay down for a pipsqueak like the 3 mouseketeers and their minions.

      The sun will rise

    • BillK says:

      Please don’t misunderstand – I’m not trying to be overly depressing here.

      Rather this is no different from the “War on Terror.”

      We have to concentrate on what we can do.

      The schools are, for now, a lost cause as they indoctrinate our children.

      Health Care will become single-payer. There’s very little we can do to stop it.

      In all likelihood both amnesty and cap-and-trade will pass, no matter what we do.

      But what can we do now?

      Yes, we can run conservative candidates, but is the American electorate too far gone now to care? Even if they are elected, we live in an age where Palin can be driven from office by the politics of personal destruction at all costs. Really, what conservative would dare to run for office knowing there is no depth to which the left will not go to drag their families through the mud as well as them? If you’re a conservative, you know you will be anal-probed, but are you ready for your 18 year-old child’s ex to be paid $100,000 for the story of what happened on Prom Night? I’m surprised Palin’s daughter’s sleazoid ex hasn’t been paid six figures yet for that article on “Bristol’s Favorite Sex Acts.”

      Do most Americans care what the Founding Fathers have to say (keeping in mind they will need to be taught what they had to say first?)

      Even if Democrats lose seats in Congress, there’s no hope of a 2/3 majority in both houses to overcome an Obama veto – and that’s ignoring the poll bump Obama’s getting from this.

      In a very real way we’re in the same situation that the US was in the Pacific in early 1942. Hawaii attacked, huge swaths of the Pacific having fallen to the Japanese.

      Can we pull off a Midway? Or is conservatism doomed to irrelevance?

      We won’t be able to do anything in the next six months, perhaps next year to change anything.

      But what of 2012? 2014? 2016? What of 2032?

      That may be what it takes.

      After all, having lived through the “hell” of the Reagan era, the left patiently waited, indoctrinated, and struck when the time was right.

      They realized, like their friends in al Qaeda, that this is a long term war.

      Do we?

      The entire GOP and a majority of the American people failed to stop this from being rammed down our throats.

      Meanwhile in San Francisco, Pelosi’s constituents want to run a candidate against her in the primaries because they feel she hasn’t accomplished enough for their cause.

      That should show us just how little power we have, and what is left to do.

      I understand not wanting to move to LA, but where would you live? Any major city in the country save possibly Dallas is hard, hard left. Even once hard right Orange County, CA is now solidly in the hands of the hard left.

    • Right of the People says:


      In response to your last comment. Why the hell would any thinking person want to live in a big city to begin with? I grew up in Cleveland in the late fifties,sixties and early seventies when it still wasn’t too bad and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I’ve gone back for visits but I will never live in a big city again.

      At this moment I don’t know what to do but I’m sure as hell going to try to figure it out. I plan on retiring within the next 5 to 7 years and I don’t intend to spend the rest of my life living in a socialist shit hole. I could move 5 miles north to Canada if I wanted to give up my rights and my guns.

      Live on your knees or die on your feet. We need to take this sucker back!

    • jobeth says:

      Right of…

      Exactly why we live smack in the middle of a National Forest.

      99.5 % “inner city type” free.

      -able to leave my doors unlocked if I want to.

      -able to leave “stuff” in the yard without fear of theft.

      -able to give several of our neighbors keys to our house if we go away.
      -we have the keys of several of our neighbor’s houses.

      -good neighborly help anytime we need it.

      -NO roving bands of young thugs running the neighborhood.

      On the negative side…. heck there is no negative side.

      We came here from Jacksonville Fl. Not exactly Detroit, but doing it’s best for the cause.

      I wouldn’t go back for all the world.

      BTW….EVERYONE of my neighbors are gun owners and conservative.
      What’s not to like.

      One other plus…Apparently the “inner city” type don’t like to come into the forest…especially at night. Nothing actually happens to them, we have travelers going through all the time on the main cross state hwy, but seems years ago it was populated with people who caused them trouble.
      They still don’t like the place. Consequently its quiet and a nice place to live.

      Having said that…our “inner city” in the near by town, isn’t bad at all. For the most part they keep their behavior to themselves. And even then it isn’t too bad.

      I do have one friend who does live here. She couldn’t be nicer. It’s the flavor of our area and she fits right in. Even views most things conservatively. Rare…and nice.

      Our one fear here? Gotta watch for the bears! lol

      So…for the lurkers..it isn’t the race. Its the behavior. Get it?

  21. bobbys says:

    Day after day, Alone on a hill…………..

  22. Mithrandir says:


    I downloaded the .pdf torrent, you can have a copy, travis_simps@yahoo.com

    (How radical of you not to pay for it)

    • jobeth says:

      Rule 11: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame

      Obama, Reid, Pelosi….anyone care to add to the list we should Identify? I’m sure the list is as long as the democratic party….at least plus a few more.

  23. Liberals Demise says:

    WH, Senate, Congress………… DC as a whole.

  24. Reality Bytes says:

    I don’t remember any of Jesus’ miracles being an abortion. Just a thought.

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