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US: Taliban Sought Wedding Party Deaths

From a suddenly more aware Associated Press:

US Official: Taliban Sought Wedding Party Deaths

US official: Tailban hoped to cause deaths at wedding party, held villagers


KABUL, Afghanistan

Taliban fighters held a wedding party captive and fired on U.S. forces in an attack designed to draw U.S. airstrikes on civilians and stoke anti-American sentiment, a U.S. official said Friday citing “firsthand” reports.

The official declined to give further details of the reported events leading to the U.S. bombing Monday in the southern Afghan village Wech Baghtu, where dozens of civilians and insurgents were killed.

But such a tactic by the Taliban could mean significant complications for U.S. forces and allies — forcing them to break off attacks and pursuit of extremists in populated areas for fear that the Taliban would try to maximum civilian casualties…

But the U.S. claim Friday represents the first detailed intelligence on an apparent Taliban strategy to bring innocent lives into the crossfire, the official told The Associated Press.

“We have firsthand knowledge that we know this was a deliberate act on the part of the Taliban to draw our forces into a fight and to cause civilian casualties, knowing that a wedding party was going on,” the official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the U.S. findings.

The official, however, did not offer additional evidence — leaving the United States open to accusations that it was trying shift blame for civilian deaths onto Taliban tactics and away from possible American battlefield mistakes

The account by the U.S. official — possibly based on intercepted phone and radio communication between Taliban commanders and fighters, or on intelligence provided by a villager — suggests a Taliban attempt to keep civilians from fleeing the village.

First, women and children at a wedding party — which are segregated by gender in Afghanistan — were told they could not leave the area, the official said. Then Taliban gunners opened fire on a nearby U.S. convoy.

The Afghan government report also accused the Taliban of seeking shelter near the wedding party. The report said 27 civilians were wounded. It said the government paid $2,000 to families of each victim and $100 to the wounded, a standard practice. The majority of those killed were women and children.

American forces dropped eight bombs, the U.S. official said. At least one landed on the wedding party…

Funny how we never heard such accounts before the ascendency of the Anointed One. Certainly not from the Associated Press.

Until today we were always assured that US forces were attacking wedding parties. Heck, even Mr. Obama has pronounced as much.

What changed?

(Just kidding.)

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3 Responses to “US: Taliban Sought Wedding Party Deaths”

  1. BillK says:

    Sounds about right.

  2. sheehanjihad says:

    Note to Taliban: you have worn out the “wedding party deaths” routine. Nobody gives a damn. Change your tune there Moo Hambone…you are like, so, yesterday.

    Oh, yeah, why do they call Camels the “ships of the desert”? ( they are full of taliban seamen.) sic. heh heh….just wanted to give the obamanite monitor something to snicker about…

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Wow, I bet it was hard for the reporter to type something other than the blantant lies about Bush or what the 1st lady elect wore after the Night of all Nights. I heard that the new seal of the Prezident Elect will be the picture of a shoe stepping on someones’ head!! As for the tactics used by the TallyWackers, they have always used civilians as a shield and will continue to do so. Everybody gets pissed at us for fighting them….where is the outrage for the way they employ the fight among innocent people? I wonder if obama has the guts to take the fight to them there or will he want the fight here? Does anyone here think he can talk them into being peace loving and drop their weapons to persue a living as a farmer or a truck driver? Personally,I’d rather kiss a rabid dog!!

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