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Shocker: Tea Party Crashers Chicken Out

From the Politico:

Tea Party crash fizzles out

By: Kenneth P. Vogel
April 16, 2010

After several days of hype and hand-wringing about liberal plans to infiltrate Thursday’s tea party rallies, the great 2010 Tax Day Tea Party Crash did not produce much of a bang in Washington.

To be sure, a handful of obvious crashers engaged in some mostly non-confrontational back-and-forth with tea party activists at a Thursday evening rally that drew thousands to Washington’s National Mall near the Washington Monument. And some less overt crashers subtly mocked activists from amidst their ranks at both the evening rally on the Mall and an earlier event at Freedom Plaza near the White House. And there could have been other infiltrators who evaded immediate detection.

But activists and organizers interviewed by POLITICO said the mischief was nowhere near as widespread or disruptive as they feared earlier in the week, when a wave of attention focused on a website called CrashtheTeaParty.org that encouraged liberals to pretend to be tea partiers, attend rallies and voice fringe sentiments to marginalize the movement (the website appears to have been stripped of most of its content Thursday)

A small group of folks from CrashtheTeaParty were rumored to be in the crowd on the Mall Thursday night with a sign disparaging lower income people.

And a group of five American University students, who were on average probably at least 25 years younger than most attendees at the FreedomWorks rally, waded through the crowd with signs ranging from the direct and challenging (“Embrace the state”) to the satirical (“I have a sign” and “Loud noises”) to the malapropically mocking (“No $ 4 educatoin. I don’t wnt it”)

Note to Mr. Vogel, those are not malaprops.

But aren’t these signs far more damning of their makers than they are of the Tea Party?

Kurt Beyer, a 21-year-old student at Pennsylvania’s Muhlenberg College wearing a short-sleeve flannel button down open wide enough at the collar to expose an infinity cross tattoo on his chest, was a little more subtle.

He attended with two of classmates and held aloft a sign reading “Palin 2010. One people. One Nation. One Leader.” Not only is Palin not running for anything in 2010 (she’s rumored to be considering a presidential bid in 2012), but the slogan is a translation of one used by Adolph Hitler in 1938

And a self-described infiltrator at the afternoon rally, who dressed as a monk and carried a sign reading “God Hates Taxes,” said many tea partiers lauded him for his sign.

“I thought I’d be getting drummed out of here by somebody who just thought I was here to agitate and start trouble,” he told a POLITICO videographer. “In fact, it turns out it’s very empowering. People really love this sign,” he said, adding “the whole idea that God hates taxes is an absolute absurdity, however it’s always good to know that God is on your side.” …

We suspect that God is against any injustice, which is what the Tea Partisans were protesting.

Brooks Alexander, a 23-year-old Olney, Md., hotel worker and Obama supporter who wore an Obama t-shirt to the evening rally, said infiltrators were being disrespectful.

“They’re doing a disservice not only to themselves, but to the people who are here trying to express their views,” said Alexander, who is African American and said he traveled to the rally to verify for himself liberal accounts blasting the tea party as racist.

“All my friends told me I was crazy to come down here in an Obama shirt,” he said. “Obviously I have political disagreements [with the tea party], but I cannot lie. I cannot say that people have been anything but nice to me. They have been shaking my hand. One guy told me I had a lot of [guts] for coming down here. I will definitely walk away from this with a new understanding of the tea party.”

Good for you, Mr. Alexander.

But you can be sure that the media won’t have learned anything from the exercise.

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7 Responses to “Shocker: Tea Party Crashers Chicken Out”

  1. bill says:

    We had about 5000 tea partiers, there were two, count them two commie counter demonstrators. They must not have liked the odds so they left early.

  2. canary says:

    Same think happened when some who disagreed walked over to our 9/12 tea party. People clapped and cheered and the guy at the mic, called out welcome, come join us. cheers & clapping. Tax party last year, a few in opposition came with signs, no problems. And one of the biggest lies is Pelosi saying Republicans are behind these tea-parties.

    Also, saw on O’Reilly who had Senator (R) Tom Coburn guest after his “Pelosi is nice”,”the people in Washington are nice”, as American’s haven’t met them, like he has; telling us is, don’t believe in Fox’s myths (not sure that means the enormous time FOX has given Senator Tom Coburn to speak on their net may have been myths.)
    And Coburn apologized to Fox. Still Americans are waiting for the apology that we don’t know Washinton. He owes them an apology for isolating one news station as spreading myths. Not even CNN was mentioned. Why, FOX who has been one of Coburns main supporters.

    We know Washington. Maybe some secret Washinton backdoor deal, where Coburn’s part was to diss Fox? Wonder what the pay off is. Yep, we are not dumb to think an occasional child girl smile means nice. Pelosi actions are more like those of a gestapo.
    Oh well, as usual it will be the voting of the lesser of two evils. We don’t put anyone on a pedestal, and someone like Obama who put’s himself on a pedestal is a character trait that shows one who is looking out for himself only.

  3. canary says:

    Glad I read this. Now I realize we had a poser with a questionable sign.

    Forget the Palin sign to throw them off. Next party I’ll dress like a pinkie with a shocking radical sign, to prove nothing will happen to me. ;)

  4. jobeth says:

    At our tea party…at the town square in our small central Florida town…as the tea party crowd was assembling a woman (who happened to be black) was already occupying one of the middle seats on one of the benches. She appeared to be asleep so no one disturbed her.

    As the hours went by she continued to quietly sleep so it became clear the woman was truly sleeping VERY deeply from either drug or alcohol.

    First leaning forward, then leaning back with her head dropping back and then leaning to the right into the seat next to her.

    NO ONE said anything to her or bothered her in anyway. She continued to quietly breath and sleep as she shifted positions however she never awoke.

    Even when people sat on either side of her and she would lean into them, these folks continued to chat among themselves in normal tones, never expressing irritation or bother..

    Where are all the mean hateful racist tea partyers? Where are all the “rich” uncaring people who “hate” the homeless? Where are all the tea party people who are rude and and show no respect to those who live off the state?

    I have to say…I was so proud of our crowd. There were many knowing smiles between tea partyers. But no one tried to give her grief or disturb her in any way.

    Seats, being scarce, people still understood her “right” to be there just as they were. They sat down next to her and accepted her presence as readily as they accepted everyone else’s.

    Having said all the above I will have to admit there were a few folks who found the site a bit amusing and snapped a photo of the dichotomy of the situation. (At a time when she had leaned forward so her identity couldn’t be seen).

    She was there when we got there and was there when we left.

    She seemed to be in control of her balance and did not appear to be in any distress, breathing evenly and quietly.

    If she hadn’t been there for such a long time I would have thought she was a plant to try to bring out ire from tea partyers.

    We brought our own seats and were sitting next to the bench so we witnessed a wonderful side of our tea party brethren. The real side. Not the MSM’s description.

    All in all, we had a great day.

  5. oldswimcoach says:

    Thread jack alert, but the “Pelosi is nice” comment is probably more accurately stated as Pelosi is pleasant. Nice implies a base concern for others and a moral framework. Frequently, serial killers are described as “nice” by the neighbors when interviewed by MSM news crews. In today’s world, nice does not equal… well… nice!

    It could be said “Hitler was nice” too, but it is a misuse of the word nice, and confusing nice with other words like charismatic, pleasant, charming, etc. And, Hitler meets more of the lefts threshold for being “nice” – he was a vegetarian, loved dogs, enjoyed the arts, implemented national health care, social welfare, etc., etc., but I don’t think I was supposed to notice the connection between the national socialist movement in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s and the left’s holy grail agenda items of today.

    Now I’m not calling Nancy Hitler, Hitler was a socialist, Nancy I believe is a communist philosophically. For the record, NAZI’s were socialists using fascism as an implementation and governing method… Hmm… maybe the Democrats should do some honest soul searching about their causes, their methods, and the ultimate direction they are taking the country. This could end badly. Just sayin”…

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