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Shocker: UK Terrorist Suspects Are ‘Not Scottish’!

From those defenders of the faith at BBC NEWS:

Terrorist suspects ‘not Scottish’

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Two men arrested in Scotland in connection with the Glasgow Airport attack are not “home-grown terrorists”, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said.

His comments followed searches of a number of homes in Neuk Crescent, Houston, Renfrewshire.

Mr MacAskill said the suspects were not “born or bred” here but had lived in Scotland for a “period of time”.

“For any suggestion to be made that they are home-grown terrorists is just not true,” he added…

Scottish ministers met earlier for a briefing on developments.

The summit was led by First Minister Alex Salmond and attended by Mr MacAskill, Scotland’s top law officer, Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini and the country’s most senior civil servant, Scottish Executive permanent secretary Sir John Elvidge…

Mr Salmond, who has appealed for public vigilance, has said no community should be scapegoated as a result of the Glasgow incident.

Muslim leaders held an emergency meeting in Glasgow to discuss fallout from the attack.

Scotland’s only Muslim MP Mohammed Sarwar said threats had been made towards members of the Muslim community in the aftermath of the attack in Glasgow.

He told BBC Scotland he had taken calls from people who had been threatened or targeted by abusive graffiti.

Mr Sarwar said people in the Muslim and Asian communities were “very angry”.

“They’re concerned about a backlash and that’s why the emergency meeting has been called,” he said

A member of the public is being treated in the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, in connection with Saturday’s attack.

He has been described as being in a stable condition…

Thank goodness that has been cleared up.

Still, you have to wonder who they were. And where they are from. And why they did this.

Of course our watchdog media will never willingly tell us any of these pesky details.

As far as we have any right to know these would-be mass murderers madcaps are just “members of the public.”

After all, we don’t want the round of riots and lynchings that usually follow these terrorist attacks harmless pranks pleas for social justice.

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