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Shocker: The Border Patrol Postpones Furloughs

From a white knuckled Washington Post:

Border agency postpones furloughs and overtime cuts for its employees

By Joe Davidson | April 1, 2013

Border Patrol agents had been bracing for a big hit on their pocketbooks. For weeks, they have labored under a threat of unpaid furlough days and the elimination of overtime, a powerful combination that placed them among the federal employees who had the most to lose from the budget cuts known as sequestration.

On Monday, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) postponed that threat. There’s a sigh of relief coming from Border Patrol agents, but no cheers.

“For now, people can breathe easy . . . but we don’t know for how long,” said Thane Gallagher, a Border Patrol agent based in San Diego, speaking as a union member…

The CBP decision follows Thursday’s Defense Department announcement that its employees would have 14 furlough days that would begin in June, instead of 22 as originally planned. That same day, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. told staffers he is “postponing until mid-April any decision about the need to institute furloughs for DOJ employees.” …

Days earlier, Justice had announced it was canceling furloughs for federal prison staffers…

Shouldn’t all these federal employees who have been told they were going to be furloughed now sue for unnecessary stress? In fact, shouldn’t the whole country be able to put together a class action suit against the Obama administration for unnecessary stress?

Especially, our long suffering news media?

While pleased with this action, union Local 1613 cautioned its members to take nothing for granted.

“This is not over,” says a notice on the Local’s Web site. “We are like death row inmates who got a temporary stay of execution. It is a delay not a guarantee! We need to keep up the fight and keep the public and media involved and interested.” …

After all, there is nothing so much like death row than the prospect of having a few long weekends that will eventually be fully paid.

Springing news about postponing furloughs and overtime cuts on this particular Monday left some agents wondering.

“A lot of agents are still kind of skeptical on the whole thing, being that it happened on April 1st, April Fools’ Day,” said an El Paso officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss agency-related business.

Or it could be because the agencies had to wait a full thirty days from the start of sequestration before they could begin any furloughs, under union rules.

“This whole thing could happen again in another month or two.”

Gosh, they do have it rough. Nobody likes getting unplanned long weekends. It’s so hard to make plane reservations.

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  1. GetBackJack says:

    2% cut in budget!

    (shakes tiny fist)

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