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Shocker: UN Says NIE Matches Its Findings

From those champions of nuclear proliferation at the Associated Press:

An anti aircraft machine-gun is seen in front of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran.

IAEA: US Iran report matches UN agency

By WILLIAM J. KOLE, Associated Press Writer

VIENNA, Austria – A U.S. intelligence review that concludes Iran stopped developing a nuclear weapons program in 2003 is consistent with the U.N. atomic watchdog agency’s own findings and “should help to “defuse the current crisis,” the organization’s chief said Tuesday.

“Although Iran still needs to clarify some important aspects of its past and present nuclear activities, the agency has no concrete evidence of an ongoing nuclear weapons program or undeclared nuclear facilities in Iran,” International Atomic Energy Agency director-general Mohamed ElBaradei said in a statement.

ElBaradei said he viewed “with great interest” Monday’s assessment by the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate, which said Tehran halted nuclear weapons development in late 2003.

The U.S. report noted that Iran continues to enrich uranium, and senior officials in Washington said that means it still may be able to develop a weapon between 2010 and 2015…

ElBaradei said the new assessment “should help to defuse the current crisis” over Iran’s suspect nuclear program and growing fears that Washington may be gearing up for a possible conflict with the Islamic republic.

“At the same time, it should prompt Iran to work actively with the IAEA to clarify specific aspects of its past and present nuclear program,” he said. “This would allow the agency to provide the required assurances regarding the nature of the program.”

In the statement, ElBaradei called on Iran to “accelerate” its cooperation with the IAEA and for all parties “to enter without delay into negotiations.” …

What insufferable cowards and liars these people are. The IAEA blows with the wind. At best they offer opaque “reports” which are practically meaningless.

Remember, these are the same “watchdogs” who didn’t know that Syria even had a nuclear program. Or, for that matter, North Korea. Or Pakistan.

And, lest we forget, these geniuses thought Iraq had nuclear weapons. But never mind all that. That’s ancient history. They certainly have got it right now.

But you have to wonder what they are basing their authoritative assurances upon, since they are not allowed to inspect any of the facilities? Is it the way Iran has answered some of their ten questions?

(I kid thee not. This is the extent of their “investigation.” Asking Iran ten questions, some of what Iran has answered. I hope that had their answers notarized.)

When Iran tests a nuclear bomb will we be able to try and execute Mr. ElBaradei for dereliction of duty? They have no responsibilities whatsoever.

They are only concerned about where their next round of backsheesh is coming from.

Until someone can explain to what end Iran is enriching uranium, it is hard to believe that they are not pursuing nuclear weapons.

But who cares? Certainly not the UN’s watchdogs who are charged with protecting the world from nuclear proliferation.

The crisis has been defused. Let’s have lunch.

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