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Shocker: Union Workers Sleep On The Job

From the New York Post:

Subway workers caught snoozing on the job


July 4, 2010

… Three transit workers who should have been fixing hydraulics in the city’s aging subway system instead decided to catch some winks.

The Post caught subway maintainers Frank Ryan and Robert Malandrino taking a two-hour snooze downtown when they should have been working on broken station equipment.

Ryan and Malandrino were spotted entering the underground NYC Transit crew pit on the corner of Mercer and Houston streets at 11 p.m. Thursday, the start of their seven-hour night shift.

When the duo resurfaced about 90 minutes later, they returned to the cars that they’d left parked around the corner.

The men, who earn about $33 an hour, zoomed down Mercer Street, before turning onto a dark block on Broome Street to settle in for a two-hour nap.

Ryan, in a four-door Mercury Sable, immediately put a large sunshade in front of his windshield, creating a cozy cocoon in his car, then put his seat back and wrapped himself up in a blue blanket.

His fellow Rip Van Winkle, Malandrino, read for about a half-hour in his Dodge Caravan SUV, then shut off his console light and reclined his seat, as well.

The two men didn’t move until a Post photographer approached at approximately 3:30 a.m. and snapped pictures of them snoring away.

Malandrino, protected by his dark, tinted windows, barely stirred, rolling over once. Ryan was startled awake. The two men drove off soon after.

Another transit worker was spotted conked out on the corner of Wooster and Prince streets, stretched out in the front seat and so dead to the world that he didn’t stir when a noisy trash truck rumbled to a stop and workers collected garbage nearby.

Sleeping workers are a familiar nighttime sight along the streets of NoHo and SoHo around the Angelika theater, which is next to the transit crew entrance

Over several nights last week, The Post observed a crew of transit workers arrive for the 11 p.m. shift, disappear briefly into their below-ground station, then reappear on the street, chatting and smoking for up to an hour at a time.

Then they paired off and disappeared in their cars — some to go on their work assignments, but others to find a quiet place to rest their underworked-but-weary heads.

Several of the cars lined up on Mercer Street had pillows and blankets on the back seats

Union heads at Transport Workers Union Local 100, which represents the subway maintainers, couldn’t be reached for comment

Of course none of this is really news.

But it is good to keep these kind of stories in mind we you read about the need to pump billions more tax dollars into preserving the absolutely vital jobs of these public sector union ‘workers.’

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8 Responses to “Shocker: Union Workers Sleep On The Job”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Now if we could get Congress to do this we’d all be better off.
    It would cut down on 2,000+ page laws that nobody has the slightest idea what’s in it!!

    • proreason says:

      We need a law that restricts new laws to no more than 1 page per day worked by congress.

      Which will be about 100 pages per year.

      For a busy year.

  2. More than that, when something happens – God forbid – on the subway system because these men didn’t do their jobs, the cry will be, “See, we need more tax dollars to avoid accidents like this!”

  3. Chinnubie says:

    This also shows just how over-paid these bums really are. If they needed to show progress as part of their compensation I’m sure there would be no sleeping workers anywhere on the subway lines. That’s the evil of unions no merit system in place just the ability to be “present” kind of like a certain former Senator from Illinois.

  4. BigOil says:

    Keep in mind the $33 per hour wage is the tip of the iceberg. After benefits, likely including a cadillac health plan, they are probably pushing $50 per hour. Also, since they are sleeping at night, I would not rule out they may have a day job as well. Don’t forget about the ridiculous pensions that far exceed anything in the private sector…worth easily over a million dollars.

    These union workers should not only be fired, they should be in jail for theft of our tax dollars.

  5. NoNeoCommies says:

    It’s too bad that all of the union workers that really do work hard and even lean to the right are always “represented” by scumbags like this.
    The unions encourage this behavior by shielding union workers from real world consequences of their actions (or inactions), and shielding them from economic downturns as well.

  6. AmericanIPA says:

    Maintenance workers making $33/Hr.? Wow, I would love to make something near that on overtime hours alone. And I actually wasted a few years of my life getting a freaking college diploma.

    Now imagine what their supervisor makes.

    • Chinnubie says:

      The supervisor is the one with the college degree and probably does not make anywhere near what these clowns are pulling down. I’m sure he has a salary that does not pay him any overtime which he probably reasons not to care if the people he supervises are working or sleeping.

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