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Shocker: VA Report Is ‘Extremely Troubling’ To Obama

From The Hill:

VA report ‘extremely troubling’ to Obama

By Justin Sink | May 28, 2014 

President Obama found “extremely troubling” a new report from the Veterans Affairs inspector general, the White House said Wednesday.

We told you he would be pig-biting mad when he found out was going on at the VA. (But how many times does he have to find out?)

White House chief of staff Denis McDonough briefed Obama on the interim report, which found systemic problems at VA facilities where veterans were made to wait for treatment.

He didn’t have to read about the report in the newspaper? Or see it on TV? Maybe the White House is getting better at keeping Obama abreast of the news.

"As the President said last week, the VA must not wait for current investigations of VA operations to conclude before taking steps to improve care," White House press secretary Jay Carney said in a statement. "It should take immediate steps to reach out to veterans who are currently waiting to schedule appointments and make sure that they are getting better access to care now," he added.

Of course, that is already happening. Shinseki has already announced that he is expanding access to private care. Which is why Jay Carney thought it was safe to demand it.

In a statement, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said he was directing the department to triage care for the veterans waiting for appointments…


On Wednesday, Sens. Mark Udall (Colo.) and John Walsh (Mont.) became the first Senate Democrats to call for Shinseki’s resignation…

Which was pretty courageous of them. After all, how can they be sure Shinseki won’t talk if he is fired?

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3 Responses to “Shocker: VA Report Is ‘Extremely Troubling’ To Obama”

  1. untrainable says:

    Obama seems to have the memory capacity of a goldfish. His anger, and concerns last long enough to swim around the fishbowl once, and then everything is new again.

    Goldy :
    “Wow, look at that castle, I’m in a fishbowl, this is great, Wow, look at that castle, I’m in a fishbowl, this is great, Wow, look at that castle…”

    Obama :
    “I just heard about this from the media, I’m angry, we’ll find those responsible, I just heard about this from the media, I’m angry, we’ll find those responsible…”

  2. canary says:

    Obama was blasted by the DAV as to back log and delays worse than ever before 2nd election.
    He responded as Mitt Romney did “in writing and printed in their magazine ignoring all the complaints.

    1st election Obama got the cover picture of the DAV magazine, while McCain got little notice.

    McCain knew there was a problem in back log too, so I don’t know why he acts so surprised.

    The number of hospitals is up 26 hospitals and thousands of vets were never even put on a waiting list.

  3. USSFreedom says:

    That old military saying, “hurry up and wait” to nth degree.

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