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Shootings Due To Anti-WalMart Flyers?

From a suddenly non-judgmental Associated Press:

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Walmart shooting leaves 2 dead, 2 deputies hurt

Monday, January 24, 2011

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. — A shootout in front of a Walmart in Washington state left two people dead and two sheriff’s deputies wounded Sunday afternoon, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

One of the dead was a man who shot at deputies, said Scott Wilson of the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office. The other victim was a young woman who died after she was taken to a Tacoma hospital, he said.

Tacoma police said the deputies were both shot in the torso and were in satisfactory condition. They were being kept overnight at Tacoma General Hospital.

Details were still sketchy Sunday night, but the sheriff’s office received a call about a suspicious person at the store in Port Orchard, Wilson said. The man ran and started shooting when three deputies tried to talk to him, he said.

The deputies, including the two men who were wounded, returned fire, Wilson said.

Destany Droge, 22, of Bremerton, and Emmili Jones, of Federal Way, 20, told The Seattle Times that they noticed two deputies confronting a heavyset man in the parking log. The man, they said, took off running toward a wooded area. Then, in midsprint, he pulled out a gun and fired behind his back without turning.

The officers were about 30 to 40 feet behind the suspect when he started firing, witness Ray Bourge told KOMO-TV. "Five or six shots were fired. … I just went and took cover," he said…

Witness Victor Meyers told the station that he heard the first shot, then six more in rapid succession…

The man who ran from the deputies died of his wounds in the parking lot, Wilson said

The store was immediately locked down. Customers in the store were being allowed to leave after investigators questioned them, and the store closed for the night, Wilson said.

The investigation "is real basic right now," he said, adding that officers don’t know why the man fled and began firing.

"The big question of why is unanswered now," he said

Why isn’t the heated political rhetoric and the atmosphere of hate that has been whipped up against WalMart by the unions being blamed for these shootings? Indeed, flyers being handed out in our nation’s capital put WalMart in the crosshairs. (See above.)

Who is to say that the shooter did not mistake Washington, DC for Washington state?

Just over the weekend, a developer who wants to open a WalMart in Washington, DC had his house picketed by angry and threatening crowds – twice. From the Washington Examiner:

Group pickets pro-Walmart developer’s D.C. home

By Freeman Klopott 01/20/11

A group of about 25 people protesting Walmart’s imminent arrival in the District gathered Thursday night in Woodley Park by picketing the D.C. home of a developer who has publicly said he wants to open stores for the big-box giant in the city.

Walmart announced in November that it is going to open four stores in the District, part of its national plan to expand beyond the rural and suburban markets it has come to dominate. The new urban model calls for smaller stores focusing on grocery items. The company says it plans to open the stores by 2012: two in Northwest, one in Northeast and one in Southeast.

But a group called "Wal-Mart Free D.C." doesn’t want it to happen. They say Walmart will drive wages down and raise unemployment by squeezing out locally owned businesses. The group also claims Walmart has stood in the way of the District’s statehood by funding the campaigns of conservative congressional candidates.

Thursday night’s turnout was a mix of college students and residents. There is no union involvement [sic], although the group is delivering a pro-union message, said one of the protest organizers Jessica Hall, a 26-year-old Ward 5 resident and second-grade teacher at a D.C. charter school.

"We’re here because Walmart closes local businesses and the jobs are anti-union," Hall said.

The protesters carried anti-Walmart signs and chanted "Keep D.C. Walmart free!" outside the home of developer Dick Knapp, who does not yet have a deal with the corporate giant

How come the Associated Press and the rest of our watchdog media have not made the obvious connection here?

(This is a rhetorical question, of course. We know why.)

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7 Responses to “Shootings Due To Anti-WalMart Flyers?”

  1. confucius says:

    Come on. This is not MSNBC.

    Without more information, it’s a stretch to tie this shooting to the flyer and unions.

  2. proreason says:

    Paul Krugman, Dec 2005:

    “there’s every reason to believe that as Wal-Mart expands, it destroys at least as many jobs as it creates, and drives down workers’ wages in the process. Think about what happens when Wal-Mart opens a store … The new store takes sales away from stores that are already in the area; these stores lay off workers or even go out of business. Because Wal-Mart’s big-box stores employ fewer workers per dollar of sales than the smaller stores they replace, overall retail employment surely goes down, not up… And if the jobs lost come from employers who pay more generously than Wal-Mart does, overall wages will fall… ”

    5 years of hate accusations against Wal-Mart make Paul Krugman a murderer.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    I blame the men who paved the streets in front of this Wal-Mart. If the streets weren’t paved, you couldn’t drive there, so its obviously the fault of the asphalt paving company.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    From Erick Erickson at redstate.com, April, 2010:

    The Democrats and many talking heads in the media have gone so far as to say that any and all acts of violence against the government are to be blamed on Republicans. The Pentagon shooter from a few months ago turned out to be a registered Democrat and 9/11 truther who hates conservatives, George Bush, and the right in general. But the right’s “rhetoric” caused the guy to shoot up the Pentagon.

    Across the board, every bad poll number for the Democrats and every word by the right has been tied together by an angry horde of the seditious, a call to violence, and a warning that when and if any violence does occur against any elected official or the government in general it is the right’s fault because of their words.

    So if someone blows up a Wal-Mart tomorrow or attacks an employee for Exxon, a pharmaceutical company, or another corporation is that the left’s fault?

    Nope, this narrative hasn’t been tactically used against us for years. Nor did Frances Fox Piven call for Greek-style riots in America. There’s no such thing as a Climate of Hate from the Left. Move along now.

  5. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    “two deputies confronting a heavyset man in the parking log. The man, they said, took off running”

    Not to worry, it was just part of Michelles new fitness mandate.

  6. canary says:

    The Unions hate Walmart. Walmart is top of their list not to shop at. I imagine Obama’s new official partnership with Walmart has to upset the unions. Obama said they will build the “desert stores”. Michelle called them “desert stores” when she was on Huckabee talking about congress regulating our food. I just can’t believe this is going to save Walmart consumers 1 billion dollars. Walmart prices keep getting higher.
    A supervisor told me a couple of years ago, Walmart is going total green. When the clouds pass over in their new ones, the store darkens. Their prices have all gone up at least 1/3 to 1/2 on everything they sell. Period.

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